Not So Dreaded Housekeeping

Usually I hate housekeeping. I have not been kidding when I’ve said I get bored very easily. That’s why I was such a good fit for IT and new product placement. But it means I hate maintenance, and housekeeping is maintenance. When I first started the blog, I knew there would be maintenance, and so I’ve tried to make it fun, but this time around, I’m really enjoying it. Oh gosh, I cannot believe Richard Armitage has also made me enjoy this. If he could bottle that, he would be a trillionaire.

So what the heck am I talking about? Well, I thought I would group my FanstRAvaganza posts in one place and do a few other things while I was at it. Of course when I do something like that, it means I have to pull up the post, and I sometimes will read them again. Not always as I don’t have the time, but I’ve been listening to the recordings again. What a treat, and I’m certainly not limiting that to Richard Armitage. All of you who have sent me recordings have been such a pleasure to listen to, and there will be more for readers in the following days. I plan to wrap up sometime this weekend if not sooner, but the way things are going, it will probably be this weekend. LOL!

I’m placing all of my FanstRAvaganza posts here so they will be much easier to find and hopefully enjoy.

Until next time, a picture:

Click to enlarge

I thought this one might get your attention, and you can click on it to enlarge. Ohcheemama!! See what I mean about Richard Armitage making housekeeping fun? :D And I received an alert this morning about RA being discussed on a student site. It was rather interesting to “hear” the college girls talking about him and the guys. *smirk* I couldn’t help but think of two college girls near and dear to me. One thinks he’s the hottest thing she has ever seen, and the other one is scared of him but thinks he is very handsome. They’ve never seen this picture. I’m not sure what they would think, but I know if I had a been a college student and happened to see that standing off in front of me, I would be in a daze. Truly. He is that good looking in this picture. Hell, I’m almost in a daze now.

Oh, I have to stop. This picture is probably worthy of another post. Um, yeah, I’ll have to talk about this one again later, and if this is your picture, please let me know. I’ve been saving this one for a long time (couple of years), but I would really like to use it (well, I guess I have). I just like to give proper credit. So let me know!


Photo courtesy of @kuchinggirl on Twitter, and what a photo it is!


  1. Yummmmmm! He’s beautiful. I could imagine myself just gawking at that with my poor mouth hanging open.

    If only regular housekeeping could be made so much more enjoyable by Mr. A!!

  2. I get bored easily, too, BTW, and the fact this man still fascinates me after three years is a testament to how special he is.

  3. Dear Frenzy, I like all your photos and comments. I simply love your choice of Guy’s photo: wet and muddy, crushed but never battered. This is and obsession to me!
    And what about today real shot in the street? Friendly, easygoing Richard… I can just imagine him – exactly like this – passing along the supermarket gangway for shopping!!
    I can’t wait your analysis in the following post. Ciao!

  4. Are there NO bad angles to the man’s face?!?

  5. He is beautiful.

  6. And I have never seen anyone who could wear sideburns like that. I’ve always hated sideburns. Seriously, I couldn’t stand them, and now, well, let’s just say I’ve softened a bit in my stance toward them. :D Oh, heck, I’m diggin’ sideburns now. LOL!

  7. RA rocks the ‘burns, rocks the long locks, rocks the beard—and of course, the stubble.

    The elegant planes of his face and the pattern of beard growth mesh beautifully, methinks.
    Yeah, he’s beautiful. I wonder if his mother ever sits back and thinks, “Wow. I gave birth to a masterpiece of manhood. Good on me!” :)

  8. If housekeeping would return such treasures, I’d be a lot more inclined to get it done, that’s for sure! :D

  9. @Angie – you had me howling with ‘masterpiece of manhood’ – but you ain’t wrong! YUMMY! I wonder if his brother is as gorgeous. Has anyone ever found a picture of him? I shouldn’t invade the poor man’s privacy, just curious I guess.

    And as for Mr. A helping with regular housekeeping…he does. Try listening to his audiobooks while passing the vacuum or ironing, etc. I’ve finally found a way to smile while doing housework. Today, I listened to Clarissa for the very first time (I cherish the first times with him as I’ve seen and heard almost all he’s done so until CA comes out there won’t be many firsts to look forward to) while doing my taxes. I had to stop every time Lovelace was on…He was too yummy and wicked, and sexy, altogether way too distracting….

  10. A long time ago someone sent me a picture of his brother — at least I think it was his brother. I felt so guilty about having it, that I erased it. The guy in that picture was not as nice looking, but he wasn’t bad.

  11. @Frenz – good call! We really shouldn’t invade his privacy.

  12. I did what I would want someone to do for me. In other words, if I were famous, it would not be appropriate for one of my fans to have private pictures of my extended family. Simple decision really.

  13. I wonder if this picture belongs to someone whose handle is “trudsp”? I ask simply because I think at some point I found a picture from the same shoot, and I posted it uncredited and asked for anyone who wanted credit to be in touch. She was, but her email didn’t work. Anyway, just guessing.

  14. Mmm. So this is from Spooks?

  15. @Servetus,

    No, I think I’ve ruled her out as owner. She posted her stuff on C19 and Ali had some as well but seems to think this isn’t hers. But if I’m wrong, I hope Trud lets me know.

    @Judi, Yeah, Spooks 7.

  16. @judiang HaHa, yes definitely some skullduggery involved :)
    @Frenz, agree the right thing to have done to erase. Definitely in the realm of family privacy.

    Mr. A might be the ONLY man who can wear sideburns – back in the sideburn era, men generally looked rather silly. On this chap, they just define the cheekbones and general shape of face…

  17. hmm nice photo, and RA as usual so beautiful. I wonder, if I had the opportunity to meet RA (which certainly remains in the area of my dreams),whether I would have enough lucid mind to take a picture?

  18. Fitzg, Yeah, RA is the only one I like sideburns on.

    Ania, I’ve often thought that. As much as I love photography, my hands would be too shaky not to mention my mind. LOL!

  19. I love photography and take photos as part of my job, but yes, I fear in that moment I would forget how to operate the darned thing.

  20. so maybe a good option would be to always walk with someone who doesn’t love RA as we are and of course,who could make good pictures ;-)

  21. Masterpiece of manhood, indeed! Good on you Mrs. Armitage!! :-)

    Looking forward to more of your hidden treasures, RAFrenzy!

  22. Yep ! I recognise that photo. It’s mine ! :-)

  23. I’m so glad to know! :D I thought I updated this post after we talked the other day, but I guess I just imagined that. Gone to edit!

  24. Ania, glad you like the photo. I love RA too…but thankfully my hands always remain steady when I take pics of him.

  25. Do you take a lot of pictures of him, kuchinggirl?

  26. She did! and if you’re patient, I”ll be posting them in the very near future. LOL!!

  27. No, only when I’ve met him, servetus.

  28. But for today, I’m going to post the larger format of the picture above. Just thought I would give you all a warning so you won’t keel over when you click on it. :D

  29. Yes, look out for more pics of RA ! :-)

  30. One of them might knock you over ! Clue :- it’s a close-up shot. You’ve been warned !! :-D

  31. There are a couple that might knock you over. LOL!!

  32. […] are the bomb. First it was housekeeping you made me enjoy, and now grammar?! I can’t stand this much bliss. I may expire if you send any more missives. […]

  33. Ohcheemama!!

  34. Yes, indeed. :D

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