Not So Dreaded Housekeeping

Usually I hate housekeeping. I have not been kidding when I’ve said I get bored very easily. That’s why I was such a good fit for IT and new product placement. But it means I hate maintenance, and housekeeping is maintenance. When I first started the blog, I knew there would be maintenance, and so I’ve tried to make it fun, but this time around, I’m really enjoying it. Oh gosh, I cannot believe Richard Armitage has also made me enjoy this. If he could bottle that, he would be a trillionaire.

So what the heck am I talking about? Well, I thought I would group my FanstRAvaganza posts in one place and do a few other things while I was at it. Of course when I do something like that, it means I have to pull up the post, and I sometimes will read them again. Not always as I don’t have the time, but I’ve been listening to the recordings again. What a treat, and I’m certainly not limiting that to Richard Armitage. All of you who have sent me recordings have been such a pleasure to listen to, and there will be more for readers in the following days. I plan to wrap up sometime this weekend if not sooner, but the way things are going, it will probably be this weekend. LOL!

I’m placing all of my FanstRAvaganza posts here so they will be much easier to find and hopefully enjoy.

Until next time, a picture:

Click to enlarge

I thought this one might get your attention, and you can click on it to enlarge. Ohcheemama!! See what I mean about Richard Armitage making housekeeping fun? :D And I received an alert this morning about RA being discussed on a student site. It was rather interesting to “hear” the college girls talking about him and the guys. *smirk* I couldn’t help but think of two college girls near and dear to me. One thinks he’s the hottest thing she has ever seen, and the other one is scared of him but thinks he is very handsome. They’ve never seen this picture. I’m not sure what they would think, but I know if I had a been a college student and happened to see that standing off in front of me, I would be in a daze. Truly. He is that good looking in this picture. Hell, I’m almost in a daze now.

Oh, I have to stop. This picture is probably worthy of another post. Um, yeah, I’ll have to talk about this one again later, and if this is your picture, please let me know. I’ve been saving this one for a long time (couple of years), but I would really like to use it (well, I guess I have). I just like to give proper credit. So let me know!


Photo courtesy of @kuchinggirl on Twitter, and what a photo it is!

404 Not Found?!!

Since you have landed here, that means you have probably clicked on a cache of a category or tag that I trashed. Before you get upset, you can always try the search function instead. It’s to your left on the sidebar unless you’re on a phone, and then it should be at the top right.

If you have read this far, I’ll grace you with a goodie (subject to change due to my mood). Today it’s an excerpt from RA’s most recent audio book:

Convenient Marriage excerpt

[note to regular readers of this blog: I could do this housekeeping under the covers, but this is much more fun. Proving that under the covers is not always more fun.] This is my continuing public service to all of Richard Armitage’s fans. See how good I am to you. I take care of you even when you hit a dead end. ;-)

Screencap courtesy of ArmitageDaily on Livejournal.

Audio courtesy of Naxos Audiobooks who released The Convenient Marriage and two other audio books by RA — Sylvester and Venetia.