Now That I Have Your Attention

I have just a few more things to say before my first anniversary of blogging passes. This was going to be at the end of my last post, but I’m putting it here to ensure it’s read. Not that people skip over posts. No, of course not. :D

So there are a few people I have to thank for being encouraging to me in blogging, writing, just general creativity, and joy.

Heather, Elvira and Angela (aka Spikesbint) were the first people in the RA universe to bring me such pleasure and spark something creative in me. They don’t know that, but it’s true, and I wonder how many people they’ve inspired. It must be legions. Might not be a bad idea for RA to pay them a fee for such great promotion. Oh, I know they do it as a labor of love, but what untold benefits it’s reaped for many of us. Bccmee is another who has challenged my creativity. It’s amazing to me that she was “never creative before” her encounter with RA, and she’s just funny.

For sheer joy, I have to give Iz4blue credit. She is an encourager. It’s just who she is, and that upbeat attitude had a great effect on me. Just when I was about to throw in the towel at six months, she continually made upbeat comments and made jokes, and well, here I am six months later. :D

Pi also gets credit for talking to me about writing and deigning to encourage a hack like me. If some of you haven’t heard me say it, I’m saying it again here. I love her writing and would be glad to read anything she writes — RA or no RA.

Servetus is another one who has been a great encouragement to me. She was one of the reasons I started blogging. I enjoyed reading her blog immensely. It challenged something in me that I had let go dormant. Most of us who blog or comment know that she’s upped the bar on how we approach a subject, and I for one love this. Aside from all of that, she’s just a sweethearted person, and I wish her all the best in the world.

But frankly :D, I would not be doing this blog if it were not for Natalie. She is an inspiration and like Richard Armitage, is obviously a class act. Yes, she’s really as funny and clever and sweet when you talk to her as she appears to be in her blog, and I cannot leave this post without saying that I suspect most (perhaps not all but most) of the current RA bloggers would not exist if not for her. At the time her blog popped up, there had only been one other RA blog to my knowledge. It was run by LuvDemBrooders, but had not been active in awhile. So glad that void was filled by Nat, and I hope Richard Armitage is smart enough (when he’s not too busy) to look at her stuff. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that if he doesn’t, I might think him a fool (ducks). Not sure that I would indeed think him a fool, but I might. :D If he doesn’t look at it, I may really write him a letter. LOL!

Oh, and Nat, I love my Stick Figure Richard t-shirt. Need to get a picture in it.

There are so many other people who have been a delight along the way, but if I named everyone, you would be here quite a while. Suffice to say that I would not be here without so many of you. Thank you so much.

And of course thank you to Richard Armitage, who may never know anything about this blog or any of the rest of us. But does it matter? Yeah, I didn’t think it mattered. :D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com, who has made this process of blogging exponentially easier. Thank you!


  1. Ditto to all the above if it wasn’t for Natalie and her Giz tied to a tree (see RA was in there somewhere) Christmas Carol of ’09 … the past year would have been a very different one :-) I’d have been nice and oh so quiet just reading whatever came along ..

  2. As though we’d skip your posts! NOT.

    And I heartily endorse all your tributes to those who have inspired your blog. The vidders are amazing. You and other bloggers provide so much thought. And avenues to explore and challenges to think and analyse acting and production.. (I love SFR and all Nat’s talent in integrating visual with wit and humour.)

    Love that pic of JS so proud in the new (badly tailored suit!).

    Thanks for keeping on after the week difficulties of the FanstRav week. Doesn’t matter, a bit of blessing in disguise? Filling the desert of the Great Dought? Keep on keeping on.

  3. And thank you for the mention too! Your enthusiasm equally bounced of me!

  4. Funny,but a lot of the above have also been a blessing and inspiration to me, too, Frenz! I think some of the first fanfic I ever read was Angela’s. I fell in love with her vids, too–and Heather, oh, for Sexy Back alone I am truly thankful, and there’s so much more. Elvira has created so many wonderful vids and her site where I can download many great vids by a variety of vidders is a boon to me with my slow connection here at home. :D

    Iz is always encouraging me, too, and I would never have gotten on wattpad without her enthusiastic prodding LOL Thank you, Iz!!

    Nat’s stick figure Richard is just a charmer!! It tickles my funny bone.

    And yeay for bloggers like Servetus and Pi–I think it is amazing we now have so many active blogs about an actor many people has still not heard of (but that WILL change . . .)

    The way I see it, we are all here to encourage, support and inspire one another.

  5. So well put, Angie! Of course your day is coming on this blog. You have noticed that I’ve never done much on fanfiction? Well, I’ll eventually address it. Just hasn’t been the right time yet!

  6. Thank you all again. It’s been so much fun and for almost no cost than my time which I’ve gladly given.

  7. Aw, thanks, Frenz. :D

  8. Right back atcha, Frenz.

    I love Natalie, too.

  9. Heather should get a prize for Sexy Back alone, but when I think of all the other videos as well, I just fall down in awe at her feet. Womanizer comes immediately to mind but there are many others too (Btw I once saw the original video for Womaniser – truly horrible, Heather’s vid is so much better).

    I agree about all the others too. What happened to LuvDemBrooders – is she still around at all?

  10. I feel very honored, Frenz. (I’m not saying that in my usual humorous, sarcastic tone.) Thank you for this post… it really touched me! :) *I feel a tad emotional, which also makes me feel the need to crack a joke! I shall refrain myself this once. :) *

  11. I for one want to see this SFR teeshirt.

  12. I want to see the SFR t-shirt too! :)

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