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Finally, my last FanstRAvaganza post.

So far I’ve talked about Richard’s voice work and shared some excerpts from it but have only hit a few points. Originally, I was going to do some really in-depth pieces about the effects of his voice (don’t worry I cover it later) and a piece about his narration of some documentaries and his voice overs in commercials, and maybe offer to make some ringtones. There is simply not enough time to cover it all in a few pieces, and don’t you think I’ve dragged this FanstRAvaganza thing out long enough? If you are interested in some of those other works, RichardArmitageCentral has an archive here.

The rest of this post won’t really be about Richard’s works but more about some of you, and it’s only fitting my last post includes some very imaginative and funny bloggers. I’ve already talked about bccmee being funny, and if you’ve watched some of her videos, you know how imaginative they are. Yet she says she was never creative before making fanvideos of Richard Armitage?! Having a hard time believing her great imagination kicked in on viewing him, but maybe it did. I know it’s had a dramatic effect on mine. Sadly, due to technical difficulties, I could not get a recording of bccmee, but you can read more about her here and also be sure to read her FanstRAvaganza posts which start here.

Another clever one is Skully, who has been slammed on time a bit lately (I can relate!), so I couldn’t get a recording of her either. If you’ve never read SpooksFanBlog, I hope you will treat yourself! It’s never dull.

Pi is another one who is never dull. Her view of the world and her humor are most closely related to SO‘s. Obviously, I can’t help loving her stuff. I’ve said a time or two how much I like her writing, and I’ll keep saying it until some more of you go over there and read it, and nope, I didn’t get a recording of her either!

Last of the bloggers but absolutely not least (none of them are!) is Traxy of TheSqueee. For this event, she picked a very interesting topic — Richard, An Ordinary Leicestershire Lad. I hope you read her thoughtful and intriguing posts. She says some things I’ve been thinking, and she’s also been a pleasure to read regarding various and sundry subjects which have nothing to do with RA. I did get a recording of her and will admit listening to this one the most. That’s saying something since I’ve enjoyed all of them immensely! (Oh, how easy it is to use exclamation points now.:D)

Yeah, that was maybe a wee bit entertaining. ;-) And for those who may not know it, Traxy had to pay homage to ABBA since she’s from ABBA land. Read more about her here.

Onto some more of you fans who are a delight.

Here’s one of my Twitter pals. Quite a character too:

Isn’t she great?!

Note: interrupting this post for a sermonette short message: this section of my post was going to include several fans who submitted wonderful recordings, but they chickened out. Yeah, that’s what it was, but I understand. Really! I do understand it. When I get further down in this post, I’m not sure that I’m not also going to chicken out. What’s interesting is all of these fans are fairly young, and the only one who had the guts (No taunts; no, I would never taunt anyone.:D) was Sheepa , who will get to reign in solitary splendor unless some of you grow a spine. ;-)

No Radio 4 listener here LOL!

So that makes Sheepa only 16 when she became a fan. Yeah, I can see that. I know another previous 16 year old who really went for him. :D

Thanks, Sheepa. For the rest of you, see how easy that was?

I hope you know that I’m teasing those of you who decided against publishing and certainly respect your right not to publish. But I also hope some of you relent so that I am not the only one who has the privilege of listening to your marvelous recordings.

Moving onto a fan who is a Radio 4 listener:

Final thoughts by Ann Marie:

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com.

My new RAFrenzy header by Karima, who so graciously and beautifully modified my old one after I was hit with a bunch of emails from people wanting to see wet, dirty Guy again. So there you are. :D

edit: The reason I call my letters fake fan letters is I hold little or no hope that Richard Armitage will ever be aware of them. If he is, great. If not, that’s fine too. All I know is I’m having a blast! and wouldn’t it be cool if he recorded the next message?!! Maybe someone who really has his ear can ask him.


  1. It was really brilliant of you, collecting recordings from so many fans :D Finally putting a voice to the many women around the world. LOVED THEM!!!
    Btw wonderful singing Traxy!!! :D
    You guys are so entertaining! Can’t believe I was so nervous about recording o_O

  2. Truly enjoyed the VOICE theme of your continuing FansRAv work. Doesn’t matter that you lost a few days in posting that week – OUR GAIN NOW!

  3. Sheepa, you were great!

    And thank you both for the kind words. People have been wonderful about submitting recordings, and I wasn’t kidding when I said I almost chickened out. Actually, I despise my voice, but I”m having such a blast I couldn’t resist. Truly. This is fun. Wish I could get paid to do something like this blog. Oh, man, that would be a dream.

  4. Thanks for another great post. It’s been marvelous listening to all the voices and how wonderful that we are truly and international group of amazing women! Thanks to RA of course for bringing us all together :)

  5. I agree with Musa, it’s amazing how RA unites us fans (and I hope that he knows about it)
    Frenz, congratulations to the idea, it was so nice to hear the voices of all those ladies
    Audio-message from RA – would be great I love it! :)

  6. Sheepa: You’re so RIGHT in what you said in your clip! Couldn’t agree more! (And thank you for the compliment! :))

    Thanks for a brilliant FanstRAvaganza, Frenz. It’s been a hoot and I’ve loved reading your posts and listening to all the clips of the fans. :) Nice to put voices to the names!

    It was a toss-up if I was going to actually sing or just insert ABBA clips, but in the end, I couldn’t be bothered to locate the file and start editing. But OMG my accent is as posh and over-the-top as Renée Zellwegger’s in Bridget Jones’s Diary. *goes to hide*


  8. I’m diggin’ the posh, Traxy!

    This is so much fun, Jonia! Wish I could do this stuff every day!

  9. HI EVERYBODY! (Yes is a myth that mediterranean people talk shouting)

    I’ll re-listen to all your voices to remember them. What a pretty voices! Are all of you radio presenters? Ok, I’m training now for next year. I promise.

    Dear Traxy (the girl of the #richardarmtage diary), I love ABBA because they are so positives…

    Dear Sheepa, Congratulations! You are a star now. Well done.

    Dear Frenz and Dear Ann, I love your voices. It seems you are a little close to me now (maybe about a few thousand kilometers less ;D)

    Thanks all for those moments. I chose the best moment, the best man and the best people to became a fan. The universe talk……

  10. The audios have been wonderful. Hearing real voices behind the names fosters a sense of connection, don’t you think? Frenz, your entries have been brilliant. I really enjoyed them.

    Wouldn’t be awesome if RA actually did record a message for the fans? From your lips to his ears.

  11. It would be marvelous fun, but read my next post. LOL! Okay, that laugh slipped out. My next post is actually serious, so my laugh shouldn’t be construed as demeaning. Just read the post she said wryly. ;-)

  12. Frenz, uh oh. Trying to guess what it could possibly be now. You’re such a tease!

    So your last post marks the end of FanstRAv. Kinda liked posts lingering on like this. *Sniff*

  13. Maybe I should tag the next post as FanstRAvagana appendix? Oh, hell no, we’ll someone slap me?!

  14. Awesome! You can do an epilogue, a bibliography and a glossary too! ;)

  15. Well, there ya go, judi!! An appendix, bib and glossary! I vote for it. How i”ve loved hearing all of you tawk! Such fun. I feel like I know you personally now. Is that weird? I have also learned that compared to all of you gals, I sound like I just fell off a turnip wagon..such articulate ladies and smooth tawkers too. “From your lips to his ears.” GULP judi! What a picture that paints!!!!! (count ’em-5 exclamations =0). Ann Marie, you sound exactly like I thought you’d sound! LOL on the world peace!!

    Thanks for all your hard work Frenz! And keep it up?!

    BTW, it was just me and Richard (to borrow the term please Serv?!) on the last 3700 miles. Nice travel companion he is too I might add. He didn’t seem to mind all the potty stops, Coke fixes, phone calls interupting his Uhtred one teensy bit. Good guy this guy is!! Whoever wins LofN is going to LOVE it!!

  16. Hi, Frenzy!

    Thank you and congratulations for your great posts!

    It has been so nice to hear the others RA fans. I’m so glad that I’ve discovered you all :)

  17. Ah, I am just reading and listening to this blogpost for the first time. What excellent recordings. Everyone sounds so delightful and it’s lovely to hear all your voices and your personalities. I wonder what the next year brings …

  18. Yes, I’m STILL reading back posts from fanstRAvaganza — I haven’t listened to all of this one yet, but I just wanted to say, Ann Marie, the end of your segment made me spit coffee again. World peace indeed! Great to hear your voice. I’ll probably check in again as I hear the rest of these.

  19. No worries, bloggers! Post FanstRAv week post mortems just mean “The Song Goes On”.

    Looking forward to RA singing in The Hobbit…. :D

  20. Can I just apologise for the time it has taken me to listen to this blog post, for various reasons I couldn’t listen to it when it first went up, and then time passed and it slipped my mind. I just found it again, and would like to say how much I love all of these audio recordings that you have all made, because they are all wonderful! All the different accents – fabulous. And it was especially nice to hear Frenz, thanks for involving me in Fanstravaganza.

  21. Don’t apologize! Truly. I had a blast doing these posts, so if you get some enjoyment from it, it doesn’t matter when it happens. Glad you were part of it.

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