Ripples Rippling

The last day or so has been interesting. I’ve received several notes from fellow fans concerned about my becoming disappointed if Richard Armitage never acknowledges my request of a recorded fan message, and I just received another one a few minutes ago. It’s compelled me to make this post.

I want all of you who sent me a note to know that I really appreciate you trying to allay any possible disappointment on my part. But I have to reiterate that I do call my letters “fake fan letters,” and I do that for a reason. They are larks as is this whole blog really, and if RA or any of “his people” ever see them, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. I also find it intersting that about once a week someone tells me they think he reads my blog, and I was going to write about this phenomenon eventually. I guess today is the day. I’m sure someone somewhere who’s involved with show business and who has a six degrees of separation thing going on with RA has read my blog. But I’m not too worried about Richard Armitage or anyone close to him reading it and no one else should be either.

And my written letters have been so over the top that no one has ever really taken me seriously and never been concerned about what I’ve said to the point of worrying about my well being. But obviously this latest “letter” has provoked concern, and I think I know why. It was the tone of my voice. My voice is naturally very deadpan, which at times has been a stumbling block for me. I was deadpan almost out of the hatch if Mom and Dad are to be believed, and then I spent most of my adult years working in a profession that was highly technical, and well, deadpan was the way we all communicated, and actually the more deadpan the better. The more deadpan, the more gravitas with that bunch.

But deadpan can sometimes equate to seriousness that may not exist. People who don’t really know me do often think I’m serious when I may not be. Couple that with my attempt to sound emotional, and well, it just doesn’t sound very good. I was being extremely emotional for me in that recording! I was working hard to give a cadence to my voice so that it didn’t sound like I was falling asleep and perhaps making all of you fall asleep as well, but I think it just came off sounding needy. And it was hard work! Yet I knew if I did more than one take that it would sound stilted. So I left it as it is, and to some of you it sounds like I’m hinging my entire being on RA making a recording. Fascinating how much our voices send a message even if we don’t intend it, and apparently, I’m woefully in need of some skills. Richard? Richard? Do you hear that? :D Sorry, I couldn’t resist. However all of this has gone down, I think it’s so fitting that my voice should generate such a reaction given the subject of my FanstRAvaganza posts.

Oh, please don’t get me wrong. I would love it if RA got wind of my request (whether he knew it was mine or not) and responded with a recorded message. I would be tickled, and I would hope the whole fandom would be tickled, and it would never be construed as playing favorites. I’ve also gotten those cautions in the last day too. But the only favorite I’ve wanted him to play is with Nat. Yes! I admit that unabashedly. Guilty as sin on that one! LOL! But do we all agree that Nat is special? Yeah, I thought so. However, I think there’s about a snowball’s chance in hell of that or the recording happening and especially not when I consider the request is by someone from a piddly blog like mine. I’m not trying to wallow in self-deprecation to impress any of you by saying that. Frankly, I have no one in my life to impress. SO and I know each other too well to try to impress each other, so I feel no compulsion to impress anyone, and can I tell you it’s a lovely place to be? Okay, I’ll stop on that because I feel a tangent coming on. Just know that I’m a realist.

But also please know that I’ve never aspired to Richard Armitage reading my blog to have fun here. Thank God! LOL! If I really thought Richard Armitage had time to read all of these blogs, and I was expecting him to receive what I’ve said, I would have gotten my feelings hurt a long time ago. But thankfully, I’m just having some fun, and I hope all of you are as well! Additionally, I just don’t get my feelings hurt too often, and certainly not by someone I don’t know. If we’re talking about SO, that’s a whole ‘nother story. He has the ability to raise an eyebrow at times and hurt my feelings. Poor guy. LOL!

I’m not quite sure what I should label this post. I started to title it “Lighten Up, Francis” but felt that would have been too flippant and ultimately demeaning to those who expressed real concern for me, and again I thank all of you for that. So I’ll just leave it by saying please don’t worry, and let’s get back to having some fun. :D

In that interest, I can’t help but do this:

Dear Rich,

Dude, if you ever really do read my blog, please, please know that I’m not pining for you to respond. Really I’m not. Now I realize this may sound like the lady doth protest too much, but well, I don’t know how else to say it.

Net: I like to watch your stuff whether you’re moving or not, and given that, I do hope you have never felt anything here was done at your expense. That aside, uh, well, uh, dammit, man! I’m having a good time, and I hope the specter of your presence never gets in the way.

Phew, there I said it.


One of your crazy fans, who has enough serious stuff going on elsewhere to seldom want to get close to it here and hopes you understand that. I think you do! Unless my gut is way off, and I don’t think it is.

P.S. Oh, and hopefully, one day soon you will no longer be a faceless blob on Netflix. :D

I’ve got to have a picture! Hmmm. Let me see. What would put us back on track? Oh yeah:


If you click on it, you get the big version. :D

Screencap courtesy of Karima. At least I think this is one of hers.


  1. Speaking as someone who is also known for being deadpan (I´m from Yorkshire in the UK and so it is often thought to be a regional trait, or so I am told) I can understand perfectly :)

    That picture was beautiful, puts me firmly back on track. Ahem

  2. I am sorry that I always seem to miss things of concern…..I take all of my RA random stuff in the spirit of fun, humor (humour for you Brits) and lightness. sorry if you were having a drama that I missed and sorry that I didn’t extend sufficient support to you in said drama. (tongue firmly in cheek here). Should we write stage directions for all of our blog posts?

    Kudos btw for being RELENTLESS in your mission to have netflix give RA his own avatar. :)

  3. I just think you’re loads of fun. Thing is, with blogging, no doubt something or other will strike readers in different ways. It’s a lovely thing about this community that people can show concern for one another, if that is the way something strikes them. Your sensitivity to your audience in responding to any concern is so commendable.

    (I don’t doubt your mental health for a moment, raFRENZY – giggle) You’re fun, and a nice lady.

    @Ann Marie, probably no stage directions required; bloggers (certainly in this community) have lots to say and lots of humour (Canuck spelling, too. Mostly) giggle. And just have to play it as it lays, with intuition. Love your humour/humor, too, AM.

  4. If you’ld know he reads your blog, would you still ponder over delightful nothings?

    Hope no-one asks him to videotape an Easter message in a Easter Bunny suite!!

  5. Bunny suit! Whatever… :)

  6. Violet, whyever not?? Wouldn’t he and Geraldine make a lovely couple in pink bunny suits? :D

    btw, frenz, that pic looks as Guy is gunning for you. Can’t imagine why…

  7. I just wanted to say I loved your recording. You made me laugh. You sound just like an old roommate of mine. I’d say very mellow rather than deadpan. I certainly took it that you made the request ‘all in good fun’. Having said that, I’d love it if RA sent us a voice message instead. Oohh the VOICE!!!

    One thing I like about your blog Frenz is that it has the right balance of fun, humour, opinion, respect, (self)reflection, with a dash of fangurling. No small feat.

    Oh, and while you’re at it Frenz, ;), can you bug Netflix Canada to get “vol-5” of Spooks? They have 1-4, 6-8; no 5! and certainly no 9 either :( I’ve had to become very ‘creative’ to re-watch S.5.

  8. I’m absolutly disoriented. Are we argueing? I want to think the problem is my poor English.

    Just in case I’m not wrong (and I don’t want to know it) I’m going to tell you two questions, two answers and a conclusion::

    1. What do Richard (in that way, like we were friends) do? He is an ACTOR.

    2. And what does he probably expect to us with his work? We laugh, cry, tremble, swoon… But NOT ARGUE (if he wanted that he’d be politician)


    Thanks godness we can express all we want (always saying without any intention of offending). Feelings are intimate and personal as well as you express or not and we don’t need to give explanations for that.

    And now all of you comment how mistaken I am. I really hope.

    Kisses and hugs to all (I’d be to your home to kiss you but you are many LOL)

  9. Dear Antonia, It’s not your English! Often, we are not aware of exactly the impression our English conveys on-line and in print. I know I am not always aware.

    No arguments, diverse reactions, and even mis-interpreting in English! We are all united with you, in our sincere appreciation of this actor -he’s NOT a politician! We could get hot under the collars there :D But probably with the same respect for different views.

  10. I do not see why RA would never read your blog. He is human with Internet access. I have had several Native American Actors contact me regarding blog posts and You-Tube videos that I have created about them. It was actually embarrassing because I have said things on my blog that I would never say to an actor’s face.

    Blogging for me is about the fun and when it stops being fun, I will cease my posts.

  11. Also, Antonia, although I have a very good knowledge of the French language, it’s never been good enough to discern humour in French. The pink bunny suits were a reference to the Vicar of Dibley, and definitely tongue-in-cheek. And NOT meant as a reflection on your question and comment. Love your comments. We are an international community here, the language is English, and those of us who are Canadian, American or British, don’t always understand one another’s terms and the humour expressed.

    @sorry, RAF, oughtn’t to twit on so.

  12. Alas, sometimes dry humor doesn’t come across well, especially on the internet. But at least you know people care about you.

    Dear RAFrenz,

    My PR man told me about your blog; I’ve been following you for months. I know I said I’d stay away but what can you do during downtime? I’d love to make a recording but security here is crazy. They won’t allow any personal camcorders, recorders or anything. The guard frisks me every time I come and go although I think she does me more than the others. How did you find out about the ceremony? Hope I wasn’t rubbish. This Fanstravaganza is terribly flattering. So many posts, this should keep me occupied for months. I’m blushing under the prosthetics. Really ladies! I’ll see what I can do. I would finish with a quote but JP has confiscated all books, nothing allowed but Tolkien. It’s a method actor’s dream!


    PS: For the record, I had a sore throat.


  13. Brilliant Judiang! Good job on ‘channelling RA’ there! :)

  14. ROTFLOL!!! Oh Judi, that is a scream! A fake reply to a fake letter/recording. Wait. Is this blog fake too?!! Are we going to wake up and realize it’s all a dream?

  15. Eliza! What a lovely picture — yours!

    Antonia, what Fitz said. :D

    I can’t even type my response to the rest of it. ROFLOLL!!!!!

  16. Maybe a fake Richard Armitage will do an audio reply!

    Frenz, I don’t know if this a regional specific thing or across the board, but I have noticed in my years of blogging that some folks from certain continents are more prone to taking things literally / at face value than others. But perhaps its just an internet thing.

  17. @Calexora and @NovemberBride, Don’t you think Frenz’s fake fan letters deserve fake replies? It’s only right! ;)

  18. Frenz, I love Skully’s idea. You could host a competition for the best fake Richard audio reply. I remember a post (I think by Servetus) where a few people admitted to trying to imitate his voice/accent. That would be hilarious. I know I wouldn’t win. Last time I tried, I ended up sounding Southern ?! with a French Canadian accent, interspersed by crazy cackle laughter! I’ll not subject y’all to that! :)

  19. Love it! LOL! But I’ll have to come up with a prize. ;-) LOL!

  20. Ooo, I agree @Skully and @Calexora. That would be fun!

  21. Oh, hit me with what ever you all have. I would love to hit a volley. :D

  22. Judiang, you are so right about “deadpan” humour. It’s so easily misconstrued. Print does not always convey the intent. (I also have to be careful of a family propenisity to “black humour”. Which might be either Irish or English ancestry, don’t know).

    Is that a challenge, btw, to get us all writing fake fan letters? Can’t top off Frenz! Unless you think it might be fun to try, Frenz? Or are the inmates….

  23. @fitz, yes the inmates are taking over the asylum! ;)

    I think we are swaying Frenz to the dark side. BWAHAHAHA

  24. Deadpan is always tricky, and certainly difficult in print. This was probably my biggest issue with writing for the web — being wry at the wrong time. I’ve found it’s better to be outrageous. But that’s easier for me to do with my words than with my voice. I really have a hard time being over the top with my voice.

    Okay, where was I? I would love to see what you all have. Bring it. :D

    Oh, and maybe I will get Richard Armitage to record his voice. ;-)

  25. Oh, Judi, I was already there. LOL! Hence my fascination for Guy.

  26. Judiang, I do have qualms about us inmates, because these are not our blogs. But…

    Frenz, you just have that ability to ignite the inmates, and if you don’t mind…we’re up for it.

    We could rationalise it that the magic (no, delete that, I don’t care for “purple” prose)
    magnetism – er, talent, of this actor to exercise imagination and whatever creativity lurks behind our grounded, practical RL selves. While keeping goat hooves firmly on the ground, of course. :D

  27. :D @Fitz.

    For those without a blog, I, and I”m sure some others, would happily lend you a platform.

  28. Maybe you need to use some emoticons in your posts, Frenz!

  29. I’m calming down now, fitzgj4. Thanks *blows kiss* (I more mediterranean than French. In fact I live in the mediterranean coast of Spain. Let me know if you come to Alicante ‘FIESTAAAA’ LOL XDDDD).

    I love all of you and your jokes although I don’t understand very well all your words. I love your fake letter but don’t tempt demons XD or one day Richard will appear behind a corner and BOO (ROTFLMAO-Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off ‘I love this new acronym’).

    Calexora, Skully and Frenz: you have my vote to the fake recording competition. And I’m sure Richard would love to participate as a mistery man flashing all of us LOL.

    Dear Frenz, there is nothing wrong in your voice and I don’t understand which is your complex. I love your voice and I can see you smiling during the recording all the time.

    *Deadpan, deadpan, deadpan. Ufff. I’m starting to hate the word deadpan. It sounds perfect for a forensic. Ummmm Maybe is perfect. Stop thinking, Antonia!*

    I like Kaprekar idea but I think It would be well something like that

    Love and laugh. ;D

  30. Nothing like a pic of Gizzy to get us back on track ;-)

    I’m loving all the fake letters and replies – such imagination! If RA does read your blog, he must be rolling on the floor laughing!!

    As you said, RAFrenzy, it’s all in good fun, and all I can say is that your blog sure puts a smile on my face every time!


  31. Like Ann Marie, I too have always seen your fake fan letters for a bit of a laugh. If anyone goes in to fanblogging because they hope their object of admiration might see it and acknowledge it in any way … well, they’re headed straight for major disappointment. When I used to run my Thomas Anders fansite, I never expected him to acknowledge it. He never did either, but I know some people close(ish) to him had seen it.

    The author of an e-novella I reviewed on my blog made a comment on the post, which felt weird and made me feel awkward. (Not that I had been horrible about it, but … dismissive?) What if the authors I’ve really SLATED came on and said “gee, thanks a lot, a**hole”? Or if RA came and said “ehrm, ooookay, glad you enjoy my acting (and my peaches) … thanks for the compliments”? I’d be embarrassed! Not as if I’d throw myself at him screaming “dude, you’re totally HAWT!” in real life, but I’m not opposed to doing it online, for a bit of a laugh.

    Anyway. Frenz, I love your “deadpanniness” and I love your blog. Like calexora said, “it has the right balance of fun, humour, opinion, respect, (self)reflection, with a dash of fangurling”. (I don’t think I have anything resembling balance on mine!) Judiang, that was hilarious! :D Love you all!

  32. “Dear Mr. Armitage,
    We’ve escaped the hermitage.

    We’re beyond the mad and the shame –
    And it’s you we all have to blame.

    Our doctors deem us to be cases
    Beyond their skills to address,
    And throw up their hands at this mess.
    And hie themselves off to the races,
    To gamble thier lives away in despair
    At their failure to repair
    The poor demented souls in thrall
    To the blue of eyes and all –
    The long limbs and voice so velvet…
    Ah what’s the use, a lost cause are we;
    Who wants a cure – the h***wiv-et!

    When all is done, some just squee …..(I swore I’d never say that word, so the H*** wiv it)
    The rest just melt in pools of rapture
    At the thought of this image to capture
    And say, let it be, let it be….”

    A letter from a demented fan, who has no future as a poet…:(

  33. Not to mention no future as a proff (sorry) PROOF-reader…

  34. Just to say that it has never crossed my mind that your fake letters could be anything else but a joke.

  35. My friend who writes the feminist cinema blog has had at least one actor whose work she reviewed write to thank her. Not of course of the stature of Mr. Armitage. So it does happen. You know my position on this so I won’t repeat it, but I don’t think there’s any reason not to say what you think on your own darn blog, including joking.

  36. You want Richard to play with me? HAHAHAHAHA! :)

    Love the poem, Fitzg!

  37. Of course, Nat. ;-)

    I flat missed the rest of these comments. I’ve been a little distracted. LOL!

    Thanks, Servetus. I appreciate you being such an encouragement to me!

    Thanks, Jane, so glad some get it. :D


    Well said.


    I love your blog, and I think it’s well balanced, but you have to consider the source. :D


    So glad you’re back to “normal.” :D

    IngeD3, Don’t you love that picture?!!


    I don’t have enough now?! LOL!

  38. […] those things, they’re just not on my list.) Laying aside the question of whether this blog or anything said on it or any other blog might be an attempt to coerce you, or whether it constitutes some kind of stalking, something that I worried about a lot last summer, […]

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