I Feel Like a Proud Mama

Richard Armitage really did represent the cast at the Powhiri on the opening of filming ‘The Hobbit’, and I really did feel like I was watching my kid make good. Maybe he was right about the maternal feelings, and strangely, that doesn’t feel icky anymore.

edit: video updated with HD

I guess this means I can take the ‘rumors’ tag off my other piece.

[note: Thank you, friend, for sharing this with me. I’m not sure exactly why me, but I hope you know I appreciate it, and I’m so glad we got to see something this quickly.]

For anyone who wants to see the full video, please visit Peter Jackson’s Facebook page.

RichardArmitageNet.Com has the full video and the Powhiri available for download here. There are also screencaps.

As for Richard doing the Hongi, this is about all we see:

This screencap is courtesy of my stash.


  1. I haven’t even watched the whole thing yet and I am almost about to break into tears. Happy tears. You aren’t the only one who feels like a proud mama. As a fan I believe we may have the best taste in the world re actors to crush on. He looks so handsome, and is so well-spoken and truly does come across as a genuinely good guy. Oh, heck, I am crying now. Thanks so much for this, Frenz. I needed it.

  2. PIcture me with a grin on my face and a sheen in my eyes.

    Yeah, we’ve got great taste.

  3. Couldn’t have been a better choice to represent the cast than Richard IMHO. I really wish I could give him a huge ol’ hug at moments like this and tell him how truly proud I am of him. *squee*

  4. Really great to see this! Thanks Frenz! I couldn’t quite catch what Martin Freeman said about RA speaking Maori. I’d love to see a still of Richard doing the head touching greeting with someone.
    He certainly does make a fan’s heart proud!

  5. I just added it. :)

  6. I may explode!!! Amazing!

  7. Lovely, thanks Frenz! My immediate thought was “that blue shirt AGAIN!” (He must order two dozen at a time. Saves having to decide what to wear in the morning…)

    “My name’s Richard” – (“I’m Richard”); straight from CBeebes! How lovely to listen to him speaking the Maori language!

  8. OH and I watched this together as, (apologies to the RAFandom), we went straight to PJ’s site as soon as we logged in to the computer. To say there was excitement in our household is an understatement :)

    Your source was correct Frensz, and I got my sign …lol!

  9. I was in a rush, or I would have posted the Facebook page link. Someone gave me a heads up on it, and I had to get my post done and get to bed for at least a couple of hours. I’m on my way to work here shortly. Just doing some paperwork and then I’m out the door.

    I wish my OH and I could watch it together as I know he would love get a kick out of this as well — he’s a Jackson fan! LOL! But he’s asleep.

  10. OH wants to live in Hobbiton ….lol!! he’s now decided he wants to go to the Premiere in Wellington !! (In his dreams …. but I suspect if he goes, I will have to go too!). I think we may more likely be queueing in the downtown local Oz cinemas for an opening night screening.

  11. Boy that would be rough. ;-) Can I send you my Canon for the occasion? LOL!

  12. Coming up later some commentary from the source. Just don’t have time to post it at present, and I”m not sure how much I can say.

  13. Mulubinba, It occurred to me that you got your sign really well since not only do we get to hear Richard speak, but some others are silent. That’s all I’m saying. LOL!

  14. Mulubinba, The sacrifices made for OHs/SOs – the heart bleeds :)

  15. RAFrenzy, great to see that your “unconfirmed souce” was right. Hope you get more!!

    I showed it too my OH as well & he was mightily impressed with Richard’s speech – and there was me beside OH beaming like a proud Mum too :-)

  16. Frenz – Congratulations on having the scoop on the Powhiri!

    Doesn’t RA look lovely ! Sigh! What a marvelous way to start the day. I don’t know if I’ll get any work done today, I’m high on Richard at the moment :)

  17. We are such sentimental slobs! But happy ones. Frenz, you scooper you. Heck, I’m proud of you too.

    This is just too much fun…seeing a beautiful ceremony I’d never heard of until a month ago, seeing the beginnings of yet another Tolkein/Jackson endeavor, watching our “beautiful boy” step up to bat…and that closing shot with everyone walking into the sunrays…WOW! And then there was The Voice, resonating like crazy!!! Huge thanks Frenz!!!

  18. I am so proud to be a Richard Armitage fan!

    If at all possible, he just made me love him even more…

    Well done on getting the scoop, Frenz! x

  19. What’s left to say? I feel exactly like all of you…proud to the point of busting, teary-eyed, grinning from ear-to-ear, squealing of joy and excitement, unable to focus on anything else right now, and restraining myself from shouting to all those in my immediate environment….”See??? Isn’t he just wonderful???” Yes, gosh darn it, we do have great taste. I was thinking while watching it for the 5th time that if I’m going to crush on an actor, this is the right one to crush on. He is amazing.

    And Frenz, thanks to you and your source (whoever you are) for this. I can’t wait to hear what else your source has to say.

    And so I don’t just sound like a crazy crazy Richard fan (which I am :)), I’ll just add that I’m almost as excited to see all the backstage footage and prep, and sets and have Sir Peter show us around. I’m so happy he is making us part of this journey by posting these video blogs. It will certainly help tie us over until we see Thorin, in a “fat-suit” and beard on the big screen…. I think I’ll re-watch LOTR today to celebrate :) At least part of it.

  20. Oh and Fitzg, can I just say I love that blue shirt (from Spooks 9.3!!! Close your eyes…) He is so yummy in that shirt and jean combo. Why mess with a good thing?

    And I love the shot of him when PJ is talking at the Powhiri…he is smiling and looking so very happy. I’m so excited for him!!

    I was glad to see Rob K too…I feel like I’m getting to know him reading his tweets….but he doesn’t replace my Mr. Man!

  21. He possesses intrinsic elegance and savoir-faire. For formal occasions, as with performances, he has to say so little for impact.

    I do love his casual attire, two dozen blue shirts and all :) If ever a person had exactly the right physique for jeans…no further comment. Except that a naturel, defined (NOT tight) posterior is more attractive…

    Above all, it is the grace and elegance and voice which set him apart. (Well, and rather good acting chops; that too). Yikes, getting a bit PURPLE here :D

  22. Calexora,

    If I didn’t know better, I would think you were really excited about this. ;)

    I admit after sleeping poorly again I woke up with a hungover feeling, and then I remembered watching this in the wee hours and the smile came back to my face.

    He is such a love. An absolute and utter love.

    Oh, and did someone muzzle Jimmy Nesbitt? LOL Love him, but nice to see our boy front and center as spokesperson for TH folks. And he does look divine in those slightly snug blue shirts and the denim . . . yummmmmmm.

  23. Oh, btw’ SIR Sean, I still like you. We’ve had a long relationship, you’re a lovely screen presence.

    Only, we have an actor here…

    :D :D :D

  24. Angie…mmm, what gave me away?? ;D

    To think, last night I was checking FB every 10 mins. Finally, I tell myself, go to bed….And then he posts it. OK, so there is a wee bit of a time difference (and my midnight is only 4pm their time, next day). Going to go watch him action again…. :)

    And Fitzg, those jeans, those legs, those “muskels” and that hard, divinely defined, chest under his beautiful blue shirt…oh so good!

  25. Such an amazing video. I want to re-watch. I need to re-watch

  26. Nice comment from Ataahua on TORn “BTW Richard *nailed* the Maori pronunciation – I though he was a local until he introduced himself.”

    Good to know =D

  27. This is another example of how he is really beautiful, elegant, perfect in everyday life (remember The Hobbit press conference?). I appreciate you shared this wih us. Thank you very much Frenzy.

  28. Thanks Frenz.
    It is wonderful to see and hear (at work I watched without sound :( ) as RA speaks. Other members of the team looking at him with such esteem. So marvelously

  29. I’m watching it again – can’t help it… :-)

  30. Thank you so much for posting this… I was wondering about the ceremony, so it was nice to see a little bit and to hear Richard’s lovely blessing. What a deity among men, eh?

  31. Wonder how he got elected to be the spokesman (other than the obvious attributes of looks and voice)? Maybe because he is portraying the leader of the dwarves he is sort of an unofficial leader of the cast as well?

    Who knows, I am thrilled to see the post. Nice job!!

  32. I join in the general chorus. I feel proud and incredibly happy and have been wearing a huge grin on my face all day! Richard, you’re the best!

  33. Nice question, Cindy. Although Martin had a fair role in the respnse to the ceremony, it is RA who was selected (by PJ and the other producers/directors?) as the main spokesperson. Grooming publicity-wise for stardom on the international scene? Or is that just projecting our hopes?

  34. All I can say is that I don’t think he volunteered to do it, so either PJ or the cast mates must have chosen him. MF, AS or Sir Ian would have been a more obvious choice. And JN would certainly have been happy to do it! ;-)

  35. I believe RA was chosen by PJ or the others, which just shows to me they have a pretty high opinion of him (somehow, I’m not surprised). I think PJ knows what he is doing in these matters. And honestly, dear James has given us enough of his charming Irish blarney for now ;) Although no doubt he would have been ready to represent!! LOL

  36. JN is funny (I really enjoyed him in Murphy’s Law, though it was played seriously, good actor; the balding days, before the follical plantation -looks fine with that, too). Just an exuberant personality.

    Still, Mr. A dwarfs all around him, not JUST in height, helpful though that be. Demeanour. Among other attributes.

  37. I guess I was surprised that PJ didn’t do it, being the head guy and all. After him, I would have thought MF, being the “star”.

    DId they play rock, paper. scissors? Draw straws? Have a Maori accent contest?

    Whatever, I agree with Jane. I think there is no way that he volunteered to do it. Seems like he likes to stay in the background, not be front and center

  38. I have nothing to add. Richard Armitage is great as always. But have you seen this picture on Flickr?


    You can see Richard practicing his fight choreography for The Hobbit.

  39. The legs aren’t half bad. :D

  40. Good catch Karima!!! The Armitage in shorts….mmmm…..Dare I say, I prefer him in his jeans (*ducks for cover*)

  41. It might be the white socks….there they are making their appearance again. Hadn’t seen those since BTS :D

  42. Thank you, Karima! :D

    Should I confess i’d already seen this in various poses? :D Such is the lot of a screencappers obsession. Yeah, it’s tough work, but someone has to do it.

    I’ll probably put up some of my screencaps later today. Meant to have them up yesterday but ‘real life’ got in the way. Dang it! LOL!

  43. Is it just me or is anyone else getting a teensy bit frustrated that none of the news articles regarding Peter’s videoblog mention Richard’s role in the ceremony or even in the film. Nothing against MF or AS, but they only mention their speeches (along with PJs). Is it that the Maori’s traditional ceremony is too cultured or can they really not be noticing Mr. A?

  44. I meant… ‘is it that they consider the Maori’s traditional ceremony as too cultured for the mainstream?” – I personally found it much more interesting to witness part of the Powhiri than the informal speeches by MF and AS (although I’m appreciative of their message).

  45. We have to remember that almost no one outside of the UK knows who he is, so when a news story is carried worldwide, his name is simply not going to generate a lot of reading. Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis are going to get more attention, and at the end of the day, it’s about how quickly someone will load up a piece and read it.

    But I have some more thoughts about all of us — enough to make a post. LOL!

  46. I mean to say ‘all of this.’

  47. I agree but I’m thinking they don’t have to take out references to MF or AS, just add Richard’s…. :) (Again, we need to be his publicists…we’d do a much better job ;)) The thing I like about Richard though is that he isn’t doing any of this for the publicity. He’s probably more than happy to fade into the background.

  48. @karima, WHOA, that pic is INTENSE!!!? Working hard, very hard. How DO you people find this stuff? I almost feel guilty just waiting for the next pic or vid to show up as if by magic!! Must say a big thank you!!

  49. We only know Mr. Armitage through performance. What we intuit from interviews and demeanour is interpreted. While keeping goat hooves planted, I choose to “interpret”. With some reservations? He knocks the socks off me. Only, I don’t know the gentleman….but…

    The Powhiri ceremony – too cultural for the mainstreaml? Very possibly. There is a “Western” view of cultures. How “mainstream” has Kiri te Kanawha been? With Western opera buffs…Long history of culture and tradition among the Maori and other Polynesian peoples.

    A lovely ceremony. Key point for us (and perhaps beyond our “fan” community), is that Mr. A. opened the response portion. Not just that he did it extremely well, with courtesy and respect, but the possibility that perhaps his stature as an actor (valuable, bankable commodity) is being recognised within the business. And open doors to greater choices in his career.

  50. Thanks for sharing. The ceremony was lovely.

  51. I do have to add that New Zealand is a very popular filming location. Many money makers have been filmed there like Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Avatar, and Narnia.

    And I do not see where the Maori’s ceremony was too cultured. I mean, what does that mean, too cultured? If someone visits my Indian Reservation, I am sure they expect culture as this is our world, and they are guests.

  52. @Avalon, my country and yours have been rather? dominated by that “mainstream” Anglo/European etc. view of culture. Although Canada is increasingly “multi-culti”, there remain serious gaps of understanding between our predominately southern, well, as southern as we get . :) populace and those of First Nations/Inuit peoples. Geographical climate here probably does not help. (for the record, I’m basically British Isles ancestry, so in no position to speak for even Continental Europeans, or those of other cultural ancestries. Just observarion, and travel, and living in other cultures…)

    Myth generally has basis in oral history, do you find? And is a crucial element in all our histories and cultural identities. Did King Arthur exist? :) Probably – no way, in the feudal/medaeval traditions. Often, oral history transcends written history…

    Anyway, RA is a big favourite, and just delighted with the current career and opportunites.


  53. I’m in agreement that RA is probably not mentioned because he’s not well known outside the UK (except by all of us around the world – but not widely known). But that was the case with many of the Lord of the Ring actors, some of them had even been working for decades, even in Hollywood films, and were suddenly “discovered” by multitudes after LOTR. So I expect that to be 100% the case with Richard, even more so.

    I’m also sure that if PJ keeps making the vblogs that feature RA, people will begin to ask “who is that man?” – I’m sure of it. How can anyone not be impressed by him in every way?

    (I would love to see more of the Powhiri ceremony by the way!)

  54. I think it is not difficult to find a new picture. Searching on the internet every day. You must be patient.
    One more thing.
    I found two new photos from Richard. If anyone has not seen, here they are!

    I do not know whether you like it or not, but I … I just say that I can’t stop smiling!

  55. @Avalon – Just to be clear, the term I was actually looking for is a French term “cultivé” and I looked up how to translate it and apparently you can use the term ‘cultured or cultivated’ – meaning someone who has a lot of knowledge of culture, is learned, has refined tastes, manners, is well educated. At least that’s how they describe it in English dictionary but it doesn’t exactly convey the same exact message as in French. It’s something like ‘someone who is open to, has knowledge of, is well-versed in lots of different aspects of culture and the arts’ or something to that effect. (Ah the joys of international communication – sometimes, a word is not completely translatable. Another great example is the term ‘apprivoisé’ or ‘bien dans sa peau’. Two expressions we use often in French but they don’t have their exact translation in English.)

    Anyhow, my point was not that I think it is too cultured, I actually find it the most powerful part of the whole videoblog because of its sacred, spiritual, symbolic, historical, and cultural dimensions. I too would love to see the whole ceremony and am very grateful that they showed us at least a part of it. I thought they might have wanted to keep it private – only for those participants present.

    However, I think it reflects a lot on ‘mainstream’ culture and what is found newsworthy that no journalist (that i found so far) commented on this part of the video. And Mr. A obviously respected it fully and researched it as we see in his speech – i.e. referring to the cast/crew as ‘visitors’ and even his introduction of himself, “My name is Richard, I’m from London, England’. The other speeches were kind but I don’t think they were as much in keeping with the formality and sacredness of this ceremony.

    Just my two bits.

  56. I think those journos all over the world who did report about the video have no idea a)who RA is and b)who Thorin is. They may not even have realised that this was an actor and not someone from the production team or whatever. They have no idea what this movie will be about, to date they only know their LOTR characters including Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum. And Legolas and Frodo. They think the movie is about them.

  57. BTW someone found this article in the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1377313/Peter-Jackson-gives-fans-tour-scenes-set-new-Hobbit-movie.html

    It says: “Rehearsals: Jackson lets us in to a scene involving tribal warriors” . I’m sure the person who wrote the article has not seen the video, only some pics!

  58. Journos, like week-to week scriptors, presumably work on time-lines which preclude much research. Unfortunately. Yay for what media can do. What it doesn’t always is a long, long process.

  59. @Karima,

    That second photo of the little girl taking her photo with RA is just delightful! What a memory to have !! Thank you for sharing those.

  60. @Karima, those two pictures of him are gorgeous!!! Thanks!

  61. I get all tearful watching that vid. Both the full vid ( Peter Jackson is so cute bless him ) and the vid of just the Powhiri on the Richard Armitage Central YouTube Channel.

    Yes I feel proud of him. He was amazing. Such gravitas and presence. Do I have a right to be proud ? Probably not but hey I’m past caring. Very likely I’m certifiable so I may as well enjoy it.

    Thanks Frenz for the Hongi pic. That’s close enough to make me a happy fan girl.

  62. Manners Amanda…Thanks Frenz to you and your Source for first getting us excited about Mr A speaking Maori at the Powhiri.

    It made it even more of a ‘ yes, yes, yes !! ‘ moment when the PJ vid came out and Lo !
    There was Mr A, front and centre, speaking Maori ‘ like a good ‘ un ‘ as we say up Lancashire way.

  63. […] before last: What a week. First the confirmation of the earlier rumor about the powhiri, then these Strike Back promotional photos from Clerihew. It’s not that there are only two […]

  64. […] absolute joy surrounding the casting announcement, the excitement of the very first video blog with Richard’s part in the powhiri ceremony, and then the stunned reaction to the first trailer for TH: AUJ, with RA leading the singing of the […]

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