Lords of the North Audio Book Winner

I thought this would never get here! My very juvenile self has been dying to give these books away to people who really enjoy Richard Armitage. Actually, I’m just announcing one of the winners. The other one I haven’t heard from yet, so who knows? Maybe I’ll draw a second time for that one? ;-) No, I have a feeling I’ll hear from them. :D

But I have to confess this has been so much fun that I want to do it again sometime soon. I have two more copies of LOTN and a little stockpile of Heyer books, so I’ll definitely be doing it! And I have to thank AudioGo again for supplying the books in this giveaway. Thank you so much; the gift helps prolong the fun for next time. Until then:

And of course I had to ask Anakris to respond:

Hi Frenz!

These are wonderful news! Coming to work in a rainy day like this and find out that I won this audio book… just made my day!

You asked me to tell you something about myself, so I have to ask you back: “Me, as a person? (…) I have 45 years to talk about”. (I keep feeling butterflies in my stomach every time I hear that). Although I have all those years to talk about (I wont, that’s a promise) I only came to know about Richard Armitage, early this year, through a dear friend of mine who send me a link to a video of The Vicar of Dibley, warning me on the side effects of the expression “well, there you go”. And there I went! From that day on a hurricane of RA information took over my computer, my TV was flooded with new DVDs, films and TV Series, and my MP3 is almost reaching melting point. Venetia as read by Richard Armitage, kept me company while waiting for my children to get out of school, everyday during 2nd period and now Lords of the North will do the same during the 3rd one! Again, all this I owe it to my friend Sandra (who is also a frequent reader of this blog) so I think I should publicly thank her from the bottom of my heart and obviously, I’ll be sharing this piece of melting chocolate voice with her!

Reading to your blog, Frenz, is now part of my daily routine, and while doing it I find myself many times nodding at your comments and thanking you for being so accurate and objective. Talking about RA being handsome, and hunky, and breathtaking, and (I’ll leave it here) it’s easy but I think all of us here agree that RA is so much more than just a pretty face and you really honour that.

Keep on the good writing and, again, thank you for this opportunity!

From Portugal

Anakris so glad to meet you, and thank you so much for the kind words. It’s been my pleasure. Truly.

Be sure to tell us how you like the book!

Original screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Congrats, Anakris!!

    Whoo-hoo, more giveaways to come!!

  2. Congratulations, Anakris! You are part of the “merry women” of Richard’s over 40 happy fans – as I am. We are also experiencing the same path to Mister Armitage acquaintance. Kind regards from Italy!

  3. Nearly had a heart attack when I checked my email….thought I was the second winner….but alas, it was just an email notice that you had blogged :( Not that I am sad you blogged, sad that I wasn’t the second winner…

    Will be trying in the future for the other prizes! Thanks for all the work you do on this blog – it is always a pleasure to visit…even without prizes :)

  4. Yeah to the winner! I have been listening to Sylvester (thanks again Frenz) while waiting for my children as well. They’ve even listened to some of it with me.
    Love, love, love this site. I do want to take a moment and press forward with my latest role fantasy for RA. The Magician’s Nephew is slated for release in 2014. Can we say King Frank, first king of Narnia???!!! I get chills thinking of him becoming more and more regal and noble as Aslan sings.

  5. My youngest is in the middle of reading that series, and I can totally see it! And who would be Helen? :D

  6. Yes, Angie, more giveaways, and I’ve got more than the audio books. Muhahahaha!

    Tyme, I’m sorry. I wish I could just buy a book for everyone. Seriously. If I could do that, I would!

    Lady Cassia, Is there a title for the women over 50 or is eveyrone over 40 ‘Merry Women’? Just wonderin’. : D

  7. My DH thinks “Beth” from Spooks 9 would be a wonderful Helen. I think she could pull it off.

  8. She would be great!

  9. What a wonderful little bio. Congrats to the winner. Such a lovely giveaway too. If I win, I’m going to give mine away to someone who will really appreciate it because I already own The Lords of the North. It’s the best audiobook on the planet. I hope you really enjoy it, Anakris!

  10. The only drawback to winning is that one misses the opportunity to interact with the lovely Peter at AudioGo. My copy went astray in the winter storms so I got to exchange many an email with Peter. But it was so worth the wait!

  11. Congratulation Anakris – sad that I will be working on the plane this weekend and not listening to the perfect voice in my ears but then there is the promise of more giveaways… note to self… buy an iPod now!

  12. Ahhhh, Peter! Same thing happened with my order CP. I ordered in Nov. and still hadn’t received it by Jan. 6. The Lovey Peter hunted it down, located it and sped it to me. Great service from a wonderful staff! Gee, I kinda miss them.

    Congrats you lucky girl you, Anakirs!! You’re going to love this and I’m just warning ahead of time…you’ll want to read the other 4 books. (Why in the world didn’t they just have RA read them ALL?!!!)

  13. That would be “Anakris”! Fingers are tired?

  14. Congrats, my dearest friend! It has been a real pleasure sharing the RA love with you, God knows we’ve had lots of fun on account of that! :D

    RAFrenzy, I’m happy the book is coming to my friend, because I fell like I won too!

    I visit your blog daily and although I don’t often comment, we’ve had little conversations on twitter :)

    Lots of RA love from Portugal!

  15. Thanks everybody for your kind words! I feel really lucky. :D

  16. Hooray! :D Congratulations, Anakris!

  17. Congratulations Anakris!!!

  18. Congrats Anakris!

  19. Excellent – congrats to Anakris – enjoy!!

  20. Congratulations Anakris!! Enjoy the chocolate voice ;-)

    I’m definitely looking forward to the next giveaways, RAFrenzy – thanks again for the great fun you and your blog put into my day, every day!
    Love from Belgium x

  21. Congratulations Anakris.
    What a great giveaway :)

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