Off the Wagon

I thought this objectification phase might be passing, and then the Russian site comes with this:

I threw the chair in to give your senses a break.

Uh, yeah. That is all. No, wait! What was I saying about being okay with the maternal feelings? Nix that.

As usual, if you click on the pictures, you can see the big format. :D

edit: and now I remember why I made a Facebook page. It would take something like this to prompt me. LOL!

[Note: for those who don’t know, the images were taken by the photographer David Clerihew. This is the same photographer responsible for the viral video which was posted on Vimeo by Sean Pruen, who is a motion designer/video editor and appears to have worked on the video. I wrote some about the video and Sean a while back and wasn’t sure I could stop. Find it here, here, and here. LOL!

However, I haven’t said anything about David Clerihew. I’ll correct that mistake today. When I first saw the viral video, I went over and looked at his entire site. Fantastic. I love the stark quality to much of his work. I can see why he was selected for Strike Back, but I’m still not sure why the images were never used for promotion. I hope our little highlighting of them in some way is a help. But if Mr.Clerihew has a problem with me putting up those images so a few of us can fangirl over them, I’ll certainly taken them down.]


  1. I just thought I was going to get some sleep tonight.

  2. My senses GREATLY appreciated that brief break..oh, my

  3. I saw these yesterday . . . Oh. My. Yes. The ideas that danced through my head. I believe I have noted before I really find Mr. A’s characters in bondage very–compelling. Ahem.

  4. These pics are overloading my senses! Thanks to the Russian site for findings these (and all the other pics they’ve found – what great detectives!)

  5. Om, You said it. These pictures frightened me. Made me frighten myself.

  6. OK, I know I’m going off topic because we are admiring gorgeous, sexy, tied-up John Porter, but I had a really strange evening. I watched N&S with two friends and not only did they not like the love story part of the mini-series, but – get this – Richard left them indifferent! They thought I was crazy for loving him so much. They even talked – mockingly – throughout the last five minute train scene. WTH???!!? It was frankly hard to take. And here I was trying to enjoy the 60inch version of Richard/JT….who – by the way – is even more wonderful and beautiful on the big screen. He actually took my breath away a couple of times. Oh well, I guess I don’t have to worry about ‘sharing’ him with any of my friends (except you guys of course).
    Did I go insane this past year watching RA or are they the insanes ones?….

  7. Servetus, I’m actually getting freaked out at how much this man is ‘awakening’ in me…I think I might need an intervention soon (but I really really don’t want one….if I’m insane, I want to stay that way).

  8. Gorgeous pictures! Drooling here! Wondering why they were never used for Strike Back publicity; same with the Viral video ?!

  9. I am SO glad to know that I am not the only one that is so completely and absolutely compelled by RA. I have spent a small fortune obtaining every single program that he is in and then watching them over and over again not to mention all photos and interviews… thanks for the help… and the chair shot.

  10. That last one is my favourite. How do they find these?

  11. Maternal??? What is this *maternal* you speak of? HA!

    I also confess I have no objectification *phase.* It exists alongside my high-brow appreciation.

  12. Good grief. I nearly stopped breathing when I found these. What is it about him that directors love to place him in bondage? And I love to watch it? I have never felt that way about a man before.

    The last picture gets to me. He is brave, he is proud, he tries to brace himself for what is coming, and yet he is so afraid. It shows in the tension in his neck and shoulders, the way he withdraws to the corner, making himself appear smaller than he is. Is it Richard’s dance training that he can express so much with just his body? Moreover, in just a static image?

  13. Dear Frenzy, I cannot think he won’t play Porter in everry single episode of Strike Back 2. This is really unfair for all of us!!

  14. The chair is my favorite! You can still FEEL him in that shot!! Wow!

  15. These are lovely. Especially the first (at least for me!) It’s strange isn’t how you are going along on an even keel (sort of) when suddenly something like this brings you up short, and you have to stop for a while and try to breathe!! Gorgeous man! I am looking forward to Strike Back 2, but trying to keep my expectations low, so that (hopefully) I can be pleasantly surprised.

  16. Oh, I know the pictures are amazing, but have you seen this promo film?

    I think I actually stopped breathing while I was watching this… *swoon*

  17. @Iz4blue – absence and the heart… we’ll feel that strongly with the next SB series. And anyway, haven’t recovered from Lucas9.

    @Calexora, we commune and mourn the friends’ indifference. My sister was impressed with Harry Kennedy, but expressed more preference for big, more teddy-bearish men. Teddy Bears!!! My DIL thought him hot in the bearded NZ press conference, but I doubt she’ll watch N&S etc…

    Giving up expectations of converting other women to Armitage Appreciation. Tant pis.

  18. IngeD3, et al,

    I’ve not only seen it but wrote three pieces as a result of it. LOL! Please see the note I’ve added to this piece.

  19. Correction: I’ve now written four pieces because of it. :D Talk about being a ripple!

  20. Man, do I know how to mix my metaphors or what? LOL!

  21. Dear iz4blue/Fanny,

    I think exactly as you. It’s incredible how we can feel him although he isn’t here.

    I unknow how much pictures has been retouch but I have to recognize the work of the photographer. Great talent!.

    I’ll say nothing about Richard because I could show myself up saying something like ‘he is good to be tied up to the leg of the bed’

  22. It’s days like this that I’m glad to be anonymous. :D

  23. Calexora,

    I’m writing my response in a post. Be back later. :D

  24. These pictures are amazing. And if I didn’t know anything about J. Porter and R. Armitage I’d probably be afraid. RA looks at them quite dangerous. Atmosphere, certainly underlines the colors of these pictures. (color resembles a film directed by Zack Snyder of “300”)

  25. Calexora; Richard Armitage is only appreciated by discerning women born with the good-taste gene. I do not attempt to share him with friends because it would hurt me if they disparaged him in any way, thus revealing their own lack of finesse!

    David Clerihew has brought out so many fascinating details in these artistic and breath-takingly beautiful stills. I wonder why they were never used. Perhaps the Strike Back team was terrified of being responsible for the (small) deaths of many a discerning female! ;)

  26. Milly: at the time the video appeared, I contacted the video editor. He said that they had done it as a draft for an intended ad for the show, but the depiction of water torture had disqualified it for showing before the watershed. Don’t know about the photos but that’s apparently the story on the video.

  27. Ah MillyMe!! La petit morte has possibly been the fate of many who have watched SB and other RA roles;) We all have the “good taste gene” I feel. I recently tried to “convert” a friend but she still insists, even though she calls him “really good looking” (a huge understatement if ever I heard one!) that Patrick Swayze is her favourite. No accounting for taste is there? I’m sad he is gone but he had no effect on me whatsoever!! I too think I will just give up and keep him to myself, or I guess that should be – to ourselves!

  28. I’m really intrigued by the fact that this shoot was considered for promo purposes at all. It isn’t particularly representative of the show, either in mood or in content (yes, Porter has to extricate himself from difficult situations fairly regularly, but nothing nearly so tense and psychologically laden as this scene). Indeed, it seems like the exclusive function of this video is to trip our circuits.

  29. I think you’re right. When it evokes descriptions like petite mort, I know it’s designed to trip our circuits. LOL!

  30. […] before last: What a week. First the confirmation of the earlier rumor about the powhiri, then these Strike Back promotional photos from Clerihew. It’s not that there are only two axes on which I measure my Armitagemania, but the extremes […]

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