Netflix Responded

I’ve been campaigning Netflix to give Richard Armitage a profile picture, and I must celebrate their response appropriately.

So Netflix responded today
And hopefully we’re now on our way
To seeing Richard grace
His profile page with HIS face
And not the gray blob of dismay.

Thank you, Netflix, for acknowledging my request. Actually, I was having so much fun that I hoped you would wait a little longer. LOL! I do understand about potential problems with photo rights. The photo below is the one on his IMDb profile page, so perhaps it might work, or do I need to lobby his agents for a picture?

Psst! This is the reason I’m anonymous. I would never do this under my real name. Are you kidding me?! No, it’s better this way. Plus, I’m blaming it on Nat. :D

Off to write an email to United Agents. Muhahahaha.


  1. Woohoo! I’m sure we can trust you to let us know when the picture is posted. Let Netflix know that I’ll rejoin when that time comes. :)

  2. As I was catching up on your twittering, I saw the response from Netflix! Yay! Your my hero!! PS, love your little limmerick. Keep your day job tho?

    Would you believe I didn’t like this photo..the one up above ^….the first time I saw it. Thought it was almost creepy. *ducking and hiding under desk* BUT I like it now. Really.

  3. You go, girl! :D

  4. and the “grey blob” was inspired poetry! =0)

  5. Thanks everyone. I really am going to write United Agents, but I’m probably going to make it a tweet.

    The first time I saw that picture it was the b&w version. I didn’t particularly care for it either. It was also not as big as this one. His eyes are fantastic in this picture. But it’s not my favorite picture (also ducks).

    No worries about keeping the day job. LOL!

    @bccmee I’ll definitely use you as leverage. :D

  6. They’ve Photoshopped out pretty much all his “crinkles” around his eyes . . . love the color of his eyes and that lovely throat with just a hint of chest showing in this. I wonder how Richard feels about the doctored-up photos? I remember him fussing a little about wanting to have disheveled hair and a tired face in some of Spooks and they would come around covering up his wrinkles and touching up his hair ;)

    Of course, everybody is show biz seems to be airbrushed, some more than others.

  7. The too smooth skin does add a little bit to the creep factor. I can see where the tool was used under his eyes. Oh well, I still like it.

    Just tweeted United Agents. We’ll see if they just dismiss me as a nut. :D

  8. He’s always worth looking at. :D And thank goodness he’s left those character lines alone in RL!
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I always say.

  9. Ugh, the clone stamp is so obvious on this photo. It could almost be sent in to Photoshop Disasters ;)

  10. Two thumbs up Frenz!!! You go girl!

    And as for the photo, I also don’t love it. It almost doesn’t look like him, does it? At some point, I hope he goes for new head-shots.

  11. Congratulations Frenz! Good Job!

  12. There are many photos and stills, which show the laugh lines around the eyes, and more defined groove from nose to mouth. Or that, depending on camera-lighting, that his eyes are possibly more the Anglo blue-grey than vivid blue. He is not 20-something.

    I don’t think this photo in inappropriate for the purpose, and might draw more interest to actually watch his work. This photo shows the fine facial bone structure – which will endure anyway.

  13. I do actually like that picture, though I can see it has been touched up. The gaze is full on, and almost hard to escape. Perhaps that’s why it comes across as creepy to some. Well done Frenz, on your Netflix response!

  14. Totally cool. Way to go.

  15. I appreciate all the kind words. This was a lot of fun, but I’m not sure this is such a coup yet and won’t until the picture is actually up. If United Agents were active on Twitter, I could contact them that way, but they’re not, so that means I really will have to send them a note. I am uncomfortable with that ’cause so far the only places it looks like I can send it are to his agent, manager, or publicist. I really don’t want to do that over something like this. I wish there was a flunky I could send this to and it was just handled! LOL! So which one should I choose? My first thought was publicist, but I’m not so sure.


    For me it wasn’t the gaze that originally made it creepy. I actually began to like the picture when it was enlarged and I got more of the full on gaze. For me it was that the b&w photo (which I actually prefer b&w photos majority of the time) made it look as if it was just his head since his shirt blended in so much with the background, and his eyebrows were more pronounced. He looked like a vampire.

  16. I’d say publicist. And if you are uncomfortable doing it, perhaps someone else would volunteer? I’ll admit I’m uncomfortable contacting them too. Isn’t it weird that I spend my days writing posts about him but that I don’t want to cross that line into RL?

  17. Or I may just blow it off. LOL! I did post something on IMDb ’cause I think “his people” look at it. Maybe they’ll see it.

  18. Not the bald guy indeed!
    hah imagine the horror of opening up the RA page on Netflix only to see… AUGGHH MY EYESS, NOOOO!! NOT THE BALD ONE!!!
    Or imagine the confusion of the Netflix employees upon finding Richard L instead of Richard C: “THIS is what all of those crazy fangirls are after? They must be seeing something I don’t…”
    Whoever knew a middle initial could make such a difference in a google search!

    Well done, that was a lot of limericks! :)

  19. Thanks. It was fun, and really, Nat is responsible. Had a blast doing limericks for her blog along with a bunch of others who had some really fantastic stuff.

  20. Love the line “grey blob of dismay” :)

  21. Way to tell those Netflix folks what’s what, Frenz! :)
    And don’t blame me for your dorky ways… you do okay with that on your own. HAHAHAHA. *snort*

  22. Once you’ve got the picture sorted, Frenz you can work on his Netflix bio, plus getting them to link his name to everything he has starred in…

  23. well, getting them STOCK everything he’s been in, in the first place. They’re a bit erratic on this, I think.

    I just started watching “In Treatment” because of Mia Wasikowska. You can find the discs, but I noticed when I got the first one in the mail they don’t even bother to mention that she’s in it on the sleeve. The netflix sleeves for the first season that MM wasn’t in it still include him, and so on …

  24. Alas, the web is littered with inaccurate filmographies for Richard Armitage – lots of them include Charlie, a movie which has not yet been made and to which he is no longer attached.

  25. Not everything he’s done is available on Region 1 DVDs, either.

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