Netflix Responded

I’ve been campaigning Netflix to give Richard Armitage a profile picture, and I must celebrate their response appropriately.

So Netflix responded today
And hopefully we’re now on our way
To seeing Richard grace
His profile page with HIS face
And not the gray blob of dismay.

Thank you, Netflix, for acknowledging my request. Actually, I was having so much fun that I hoped you would wait a little longer. LOL! I do understand about potential problems with photo rights. The photo below is the one on his IMDb profile page, so perhaps it might work, or do I need to lobby his agents for a picture?

Psst! This is the reason I’m anonymous. I would never do this under my real name. Are you kidding me?! No, it’s better this way. Plus, I’m blaming it on Nat. :D

Off to write an email to United Agents. Muhahahaha.

Netflix, I Really Do Love You, But…

Richard Armitage needs a profile picture. If you’re not sure whom I’m talking about, please know that it’s not the bald guy. I’m talking about this luscious creature:

I already wrote you one love letter but hope you don’t think I’m stalking you. ;-)

And if for some reason I’ve been struck blind about where this picture can be updated on your site, then give me a cyber slap, but please explain to my dense self how to do it. :D

Oh, and I doubt you can use that picture above, but I had to post it. This one from IMDb might work:

P.S. I almost hope you don’t see this ’cause I would have to leash the limerick monster.

Photos courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com and the public domain.

edit: “streaming” limericks from here, and they ping to Twitter as well.