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This is a tangent post, which means little or no Richard Armitage, so you can skip it if you’re only here for Richard. :D But this is also a reply to the readers who have sent me notes wondering why I have cut back on posting regularly about RA. I really appreciate your interest. It makes me want to get back to posting regularly much sooner, but please know that I’ll be back posting about our favorite guy in the next week.

In the meantime, I just thought I would share a little about what takes me away from this blog at times. I have two other favorite guys — SO and this one (aka son of SO):

The boy in the front is how I think of him. That’s his usual position on the track. Of course I’m not proud. ;-)

Seriously, this kid has run his backside off, and he doesn’t have much backside to begin with. He has earned first position, but more than that, he is just a great person. Yes, I’m biased! I admit freely that I’m proud he’s my son. It’s hard not to be proud when I consider his stellar character which has influenced his peers for the good. He in no way puts himself in first position when he’s off a racecourse. Kindness just pours out of him — the sort to quickly come to the aid of old women, and his friends have followed suit. This is the part of him of which I’m most proud, and his friends are not the only ones affected for the good. He’s made SO and I and several other adults I know want to be better people.

I’ve now spent over 10 years going to track and cross country meets and seven of those years were to watch my son. I should have known this was my fate when I took up with SO, who was a serious runner and now a phenomenal coach. But the regular meets are about to come to an end next weekend, and I have to confess part of me is relieved. The other part of me doesn’t want to think about it. By mid-August, my son will be gone from home, and SO and I are grieving this. It’s really hard for us to even talk about it without breaking down, but I guess today I can’t help but talk about it hence this post.

Thanks for letting me indulge my maudlin self, and I’ll be back next week to talk about Richard.



  1. Wow, you have reason to be proud! And I’m sure all that goodness is in no small part due to you too. I can only imagine how it must feel to know he’ll be leaving the nest soon. Sending you a big big hug!

  2. MAUDLIN??? Hey, that’s what sons do to you :D I imagine daughters do, too. He’s obviously a credit to his parents.

  3. Of course you should talk about it/him!! They’re such an important part of our lives and I’m sure he must be proud of you too ;) Wishing you and him the very best. Big hug.

  4. Of COURSE you are proud, and you have every reason to be, just as John and Margaret have every reason to be proud of their “boy.” :D As Fitzg said, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I married a man like that–just a good, good human being–and the world always needs more of them. :D

    I can see why you and SO are having a difficult time dealing with him leaving the nest.
    I remember after I moved to Talladega and was home much less frequently, my dad always made sure he was somewhere else when I drove away on Sunday afternoon. He couldn’t quite bear to see his youngest leaving him again.

  5. Decidedly you have reason to be proud.
    I think that when we meet good people in our lives, they are taken in our memory, and sometimes change affect our lives (changing it). I am confident that this will be with your son, he will positively affect the lives of others.
    Big hug

  6. Ohh, he’s leaving the nest! Thank goodness! For a moment there, I thought he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and that his outlook was really bad, and felt really sorry for you. :( So relieved and happy to hear it was something completely different and that he’s fine!

    Your son sounds like a great guy and one you should definitely be proud of, Frenz. :)

  7. Thought of you today as I drove past the stadium where some track and field stuff is going on. The marvel of youth. May it persist for him and you.

  8. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of the sentiments, and my son won his race. :D

    Traxy, I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear. I guess I’ll edit to say, “gone from home.”

  9. WooHoo! Bravo, Son of SO!!

  10. And Mom!

  11. I’m on the same page as you with regard to children leaving the nest. I have one at home now but I confess to enjoying the quietness. Went to visit our first born today who moved to a city an hour’s drive away and has a good job (yippee!!). He is doing really well!! Middle child is the one that causes me worry and sleepless nights (the 2.00am wakeful, worry moments). She is the furthest away in distance. I think your beautiful son’s successes are a cause to celebrate, so never apologise for writing about it :)

  12. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments about my son and me. Maybe I need to see that kind of thing right now. Yesterday was his last day of school — k-12. He’s off to college in mid-August as I mentioned. I was a mess yesterday as I watched his peers line the main hall of his school to cheer and high five him as he went to get on the bus to go to the state track meet. He qualified for four events, but he’s only running two. Today, SO and I go to the meet, and I’m praying for a terrible rain. Son of SO does best in really bad weather, and I’m not so sure his competition does. :D

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