Informal fan challenge (via Me + Richard Armitage)

New Zealand is in need after the devastating earthquake to Christchurch in February. Servetus has issued a wonderful challenge on her blog to help with the effort occurring this weekend. I will also match whatever she raises up to $200. See her blog piece (below) for details on how to participate. No donation is required from you, but if you’re inclined, she has information in that regard as well.

edit: I’ve just had someone request to match this anonymously. Anyone else want to join us, jump in. The water is great. :D

Informal fan challenge [Still grading. Second third of grading done and grades submitted. Last third of the work was due at 5 today, so there's a big stack of papers here still.] In honor of the Rise Up Christchurch – Te Kotahitanga Global Telethon to take place Sunday, May 22, Servetus will donate $1 (USD) for each comment on this post by a unique commentator / IP address up to the first 100 comments. After that 0.25 USD (twenty-five cents) per comment up to a maximum … Read More

via Me + Richard Armitage


  1. […] you haven’t already heard, Servetus is also raising funds for Christchurch and Frenz will be matching funds raised by Servetus, all for this worthy cause. I encourage you to go visit […]

  2. Wow, thanks!

  3. My pleasure.

  4. You’re too good!

  5. Hey, this is fun! I’m sure others are giving as well as commenting, but I hope some others will match. We now have a potential $600. Would love it if we had $1,000. :D

  6. maybe we could do a challenge for the challenge?!

    Give me a “ONE”
    Give me a “ZERO”
    Give me a “ZERO”
    Give me a “ZERO”
    *getting out my calculator* a THOUSAND?! ;)) and lotsa fun!

  7. Hey, if we can get $600, why not $1000?! :D I might even be thinking too small. ;-)

  8. Well, heck yeah. Think like a Texan hon. You haven’t forgotten how! You can do it. BIGGGGG!

  9. […] my own front, I was flattered to tears when Frenz offered to match my donation on the same terms up to $200. And then I was stunned when an anon… gave us blurb in their daily news, and we’ve gotten attention via […]

  10. […] total donation by me of USD 200. (That would be 500 unique commentators / IP addresses.)  RAFrenzy offered to match up to $200 and anonymous commenter offered to match her.  Calexora issued a challenge of her own that is […]

  11. You people are wonderful! So inspiring!

  12. […] funds for the Rise Up Christchurch global telethon. You can help them meet their challenge at the blog and the Me+Richard blog where you will find further […]

  13. […] donate money for everyone commenting on a particular post on her blog, up to a certain amount. RAFrenzy countered with matching her amount, and judiang and others have offered to do the same! How kind of them! Very admirable ladies, all […]

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