Going For It

Many times I’ve wondered how long this blog’s life would be, and no, I’m not going anywhere. I’m still here and will be here for a while longer. How long I don’t know. As long as I get some fulfillment and fun from it I suppose. But candidly sometimes that fun is hard work. Of course life is full of obstacles, and usually the obstacles involve people or money. Come to think of it they all involve people or money. Now I’m not here to talk about money, and I doubt anyone has ever read my blog expecting me to talk about money. Although truth be told, I could talk about money for quite a while. But I’ll spare you. Today. So people it is.

People are infinitely fascinating even when they’re being a pain in the ass. At least that’s how I choose to see it, and if I didn’t choose to see it that way, I would not have done this blog past a few weeks. I also knew choosing the subject of Richard Armitage for my blog would bring with it an element that is absurd (no offense to Richard), and in case it’s not obvious to some, I’ve used that absurdity to spring myself forward. But sometimes I can’t find the humor in some of these people who are mean. I try never to cave to thoughts like this here (diary entries excepted), but I’ve slipped up a couple of times and day before yesterday was one of those times. I immediately regretted making that post, but after I had a little time to ruminate on it, I decided that it really was something that should have been broached.

On to the point of this piece. Yep, that was all a preface. I’m partial to prefaces lately. :D

If you’re going to blog, you cannot let people get to you — especially if they’re trying to get to you. If they get to you, then they have defeated you. They’ve stopped you. I was reading one well-intentioned commenter’s suggestion about Servetus’ handling of those who object to her blog. It was suggested to use password protection so that only those who really want to read the blog can do so. The commenter did not intend it to be censorship and said as much as a preface to the comment, but really, that’s what it is, and I mean absolutely no aspersion on the one who made the suggestion. It’s just that it’s hard to see it as anything else, and ironically, it would still not serve the purpose of making those who are offended happy as some would probably still read the blog. LOL!

So what’s the answer to all of this — at least in my opinion? It’s two-fold. First, go ahead fearlessly. Go for it, and don’t let someone inhibit you, and believe me, there will be those who will try. It’s a given. Second (and really this should be first), use some wisdom in lieu of locking things down. If you believe you shouldn’t post something, ask yourself why you don’t want to post it, and if someone is manipulating you into not posting, that’s almost never a good reason. Of course if it’s something that you have concluded is not appropriate, don’t post, but know that sometimes you might make a mistake. Scratch that. You will make a mistake, and if you don’t want to ever make a mistake, then don’t blog. In fact, don’t write anything, anywhere or say anything to anyone because at some point you’re going to make a mistake. [note: Mulubinba is excluded from this comment ’cause her decision is not about being manipulated, and I certainly respect it.]

In the meantime, I’m enjoying this song below, and I don’t care that it’s Katy Perry singing. If I was all caught up in who she supposedly is, I would dismiss this song. Her name alone would have the power to preclude me from ever listening to her or considering her music whenever I happen to hear it. Thankfully, I don’t think that way about music, so when I heard this, I liked it. :D


  1. BRAVO!

  2. Frenz, you have no idea how long I waited for that horrifically sung tune to get off the charts and you go and mention it…sigh…her straining voice hurts my ears…*bangs head on laptop*

  3. Rafrenzy you are wonderful. Love your humor and your blog. Love how you put yourself out there. Being honest and being yourself. I love it. :)

  4. Thanks, Fitz

    Annie, Wouldn’t it be dull if we all liked the same things. :D

    Violet, Thank you. Now if I could just drop this cloak of anonymity. I may do that one day.

  5. So Mulubinba has gone off air? I must have missed the leadup and after having her as such a strong part of FanstRAvaganza, that will be a great shame.

    Well written post, Frenz. The thing with most often writing about someone like RA is that some fans believe that ‘they’ (meaning them individually) have ownership rights on thoughts, beliefs and the man. Truly sad but it leads to quite irrational responses and hurts people.
    I think the best approach is with a huge dash of humour… so far that’s mostly what I’ve struck with everyone. Those that don’t have it, I immediately delete from my feed.

  6. Thank you, Prue.

    Mulubinba is just taking a break; at least I hope that’s the case. I would miss her thoughtful comments about all of this.

    And Nat is just taking a break as well. She has her hands full right now with life, and it’s all a good thing.

  7. Humour definitely required! (sometimes it’s misinterpreted on the net – but we get to know our bloggers).

    Thanks for enlarging on this subject, Frenz. It is a part of a general debate of fan (or actor-supporter :) ) behaviour. What is free speech? What constitutes censorship? How to present a different POV courteously; how to respond (courteously)….I doubt we’ll reach total consensus, but the debate is well worth it. We learn from one another. Broaden the outlook. (Well, that’s the optimum).

  8. I draw the line when someone strays into character assassination. Not cool. So not cool.

  9. BTW, I hope Katy Perry is able to eventually sing a song that truly showcases her voice, because the chick can sing. This pop stuff is fine I guess, and I do like that song but mostly it was appropriate for this blog piece. Maybe one day Katy will be taken seriously or she will take herself seriously. And maybe she has some really great stuff already. If so, someone please point me to it.

    Is it just me, or were these two separated at birth?

    Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel, respectively

  10. I went for some humor today :) for a change. Couldn’t avoid it when I was feeling so good. My parents have already got me running. How can 70-year-olds have so much energy? :)

    I figure Katy Perry is next for me (I’ve been sucked by fanvids into both Lady Gaga and Ke$ha).

  11. I’m glad you’re feeling good! :)

    I hate posting three pieces in one day, but I may not be able to wait on the next one. :D

  12. Aaaw, go for it. This is going to happen to my poor readers again soon, too. Just wrote too much stuff to let it sit.

  13. Just letting Servetus know that I’m popping over to her blog to continue banging my head on my laptop at the mention of Katy Perry over there…be right back..*runs off*

  14. @Ann Marie…would you like some cheese w/that whine?!! (Better run to that drugstore sweetie, cause you’re going to have a headache w/all that head banging!)Yeah, I know weak, but it’s been a long day. But a good one.

    I didn’t think Katy was terrible. Just needs to work a bit on her range. Lord knows she’s more gifted the the Gaga person, IMHO. *also runs off*

  15. @NovemberBride..first I owe you a HUGELY long email….second, yes please, a nice beujolais would go nicely with that particular Whine… *smiles sweetly* *holds out VERY big wine goblet*

  16. So is a beujolais anything like a charolais? JK…of course it’s not. One moos and the other comes out of the mooing udder! Somebody slap me.

    Waiting patiently but can wait longer if necessary, Ann Marie. ;)

    Frenz, you know I love your humor. It’s wacky and matches mine. Well, most days but I do seem to be getting crankier with the years. I say if we must be serious all of the time, I’m going to my room. Keep on keeping on Frenz. And keep pounding out those prefaces. They crack me up.

  17. This granny loves pop music – nice & loud – it’s great for dancing round the house. I loved the Katy Perry song. :-) Thanks RAFrenzy – I now know the words!!

  18. Nothing wrong with being anonymous RAfrenz..lends and air of mystery..which is great!! :)

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