Thorin’s Face

So Entertainment Weekly has posted three new pictures from the set of ‘The Hobbit’ but certainly the one we’re most interested in is this one:

and here it is close up if a little blurry:

Entertainment Weekly article is here.

Me thinks Thorin was channeling a little Guy. And talk about rippling?! Yeah, I think we’re all rippling really well today. That was like a boulder. :D


  1. Will be interesting to see pictures where you can actually see his face a bit better and not just as something blurry in the background! But I like the dark hair. :)

  2. I love the dark hair!

  3. I recognize that hairline . . . and as Calexora said on her blog, I am glad to see it appears as if RA is not buried under a lot of prosthetic makeup. It would be a shame if such as expressive face was covered up. Yes, I want a closer look, too!

  4. Hurray!!!

  5. Thanks for posting!
    I don’t care about the movie and yet I can’t WAIT for it at the same time….you all understand …. right?!? LOL

  6. Squee!! This is exciting!

  7. I changed the close up picture. Let me know which one shows more detail. Thanks.

  8. OMG OMG OMG So exciting…. I may have kittens…!!!

  9. LOL!!!!

  10. You’re on a public service roll aren’t ya?!! And BOY AM I GLAD!!! This is beyond what I imagined. (I can imagine can’t I? Don’t want to go all fantasizeing on folks.) ;) And correct me if I’m wrong, but my Smolder Detector just went off the charts. Just sayin’…

    Thanks loads Frenz! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

    PS MF is looking…well…rather “dwarfy” isn’t he? No worries about him overtaking the “Hot Dwarf Dept”…cute tho.

  11. I think Martin’s safe. :D

  12. Fabulous! I love the dark hair, and the outfit. lol I too am glad they didn’t go with heavy prosthetics.

    Frenz, I like the second close up better. ;)

  13. OK – calm down, girl. Will have to go out in a moment, so here is my more considered opinion. Wish photo was clearer. But perhaps the EW print edition will be? Anyway based on this blurry picture, there is clearly LOTS of beard, but can’t exactly tell how long and bushy it is. But there doesnt seem to be any grey hair or prosthetics. I’d say – all in all – Brilliant!! Need more!!! And if they have given us this, then a proper picture of Thorin in the not-too-distant future MUST be a possibility.

  14. That’s what I’m thinking. So will be on the look out for Thorin Stylin’ :D

  15. OMG, so it’s true! It’s really Richard/Thorin in the background!
    I loved the dark hair too! He does look far better than I expected.
    I’m officially in love with a dwarf.
    Thanks, Frenzy, for posting!

  16. He looks AWESOME!!! Love the black beard and I think the eyebrows have been darkened too. And all in black!!!!! AND GLOVES!!!!

  17. tidal wave. tsunami.

  18. DARK hair???!!! What??? For an old dwarf??? Peter is on to us!! LOL

  19. This is awesome! I agree with you and Cal about the face, its too beautiful!,er! , expressive (actually both) to be covered in prosthetics. and I do see the little Guy there, the outfit definitely!

  20. @PoliCBA LOL!

  21. Thank you for your public service, Frenz!

    Oh my. And shades of Guy…

  22. He’s recognizable!! I echo others who are happy (thrilled!) that he will not be covered by prosthetics and/or gray hair. I think he looks terrific!! But will they make him short? Ok, ok, I know he’s a dwarf but still . . . he does have those gorgeous long legs! I have officially used my exclamation mark quota for the day.

  23. I don’t have a problem with thorin channeling a touch of Guy—“back in black.” *squee*

    Yeah, I think I am gonna be crushing mightily on this dwarf.Oh, RA, the places you have led me . . .

    Martin looks adorable as Bilbo, but Thorin definitely has the edge in the smoulder factor! ;)

    Yes, surely we will be seeing more photos soon of Thorin–since he is one of the major cast members. *grinning sillily*

  24. Oh, and I like the second close-up better, too. :D

  25. We need to raise the light levels in this pic to see what’s there in the background.

  26. AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! this is a great thing to wake up to

  27. I love the black hair, beard and *black outfit*

    OML *happy girl*

  28. I love the dark hair (I was a bit afraid of what they would do) and the beard. We’ll be able to see his eyes too…not hidden under prosthetics! YES!

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  30. I love how he’s sitting.

  31. So…Thorin is Warf’s Samurai half-brother?

  32. @jazzbaby, Something like that. :D

  33. I love how he’s sitting too, Kada. He looks regal even like that. Man, I am so far gone. :D

  34. Thorin–the Klingon-Samurai Dwarf King rockin’ a Guy/heavy metal look. I love it!
    Actually, he reminds me a little bit in the face of the guy who played the Khali in Game of Thrones . . . the way Khali’s makeup was done.
    That’s from what I can tell considering the blur in the enlarged photo.

  35. Ohh yes ! I’m liking this very much.

    Thanks Frenz

  36. That is some classy facial hair.

  37. just so happy they did nothing to his beautiful nose
    and black again i’m in awe

  38. SQUEEEE! I’m so excited… why can’t “The Hobbit” be done and in theatres already!? :) Of course Richard would be playing the dwarf in all black. It’s his trade mark color, of course… it’s probably written into his contract: “Must appear in an all black outfit at least once, if not all the time, in production.” I haven’t read the book, so could somebody please tell me if Thorin does wear black or if they just RA-iffied it? Fill me in, peeps.

  39. @Nat,

    If memory serves me correctly, Thorin has a light blue hood with tassels in the book–that is what he is wearing when they all show up at Bilbo’s house. That color would look marvy with his eyes–but for Thorin alpha warrior dwarf fierceness, I’n thinking the black is a better choice. And yeah, it reminds me of Guy. And–as you point out, apparently it is in Mr. A’s contract to wear the color at least once. ;)

  40. Gals, are you SURE it’s RA in the middle of the pic? I think that looks more like Aidan Turner. I think Thorin’s at the left at the back. Still looking terrifically dwarfish, but I can’t see a lot of Guy going on in that look.

  41. I would tend to agree since the nose is smaller like Turner’s, but the center dwarf seems ot have light eyes, and Turner’s are almost black. Of course I could be completely wrong. I would use the argument that Thorin would be in front, but then RA was almost non-existent at the press conference photo, so I won’t use that to make the case. Then again, if I consider this is a scene being shot, it makes sense that Thorin would be more prominent. LOL! Heck I don’t know. :D

  42. Then again, maybe RA is the white haired guy on the right. Oh, please say it ain’t so!

  43. Based on the way PJ was placing them in the blocking sequence in the 1st production video I’d say it’s him. Uh, did I just geek out there?

  44. You’re in good company, since we’ve all geeked out about this. LOL! and yeah, the first video Jackson showed did have RA in the same position.

  45. Geek #247 reporting in…just looked at the lightened up version of the pic at RAnet. I see nothing but RA sitting there in all his black glory…along with dread locks, a nose that could ONLY belong to him, perhaps some greyish streaks but who can tell with this pic?, RA hairline…the ear has been enhanced however to a dwarfish ear altho it was on way there naturally ;) …if we could just see the eyes!!? Those at TOR say it’s Thorin/RA…there are those there who are complaining that RA fans are complaining about them complaining about Thorin’s youthful look. I am most certainly NOT complaining about his youth, even if I AM old….sigh. Geek #247, over and out.

  46. I’ve been looking at pictures of Guy S3 and in particular Episode 12. Lots of pictures there that look like “Thorin”:


  47. Regarding the complaining, I feel a post coming on. :D

  48. uhhhhhhoooooooh.

    Just for the record…I am not complaining about the complaining…well, you know. :)))

  49. M.F is born to play Bilbo:)
    Wait a moment,,,is this Guy’s father in the background?:D
    (at least I know that”guyliner” is family trade)

  50. Yeah, I think it’s papa Gisborne alright. :D

  51. OMG It’s so wonderful to see this photo :-)

  52. Frenz- just popped in. I definitely think we need to counter the TORn naysayers.

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