Dear Mr. Jackson — Part 2

[edit: yes, yes, dear god, people, I know he’s a sir and not a mister. Do you need a job?]

The recent peek at Thorin’s look has many of us believing Peter Jackson “is onto us.” Yep, he knows. :D And I’ve always thought he was smart — well, at least in the last 12 years, and now I know he is. He has not created Thorin’s costume in a way that obliterates Richard Armitage, which frankly, compels a thank you note:

Dear Mr. Jackson,

You are one clever guy. Even though the picture is blurry, we can tell that Richard is still going to be Richard enough to smolder sufficiently for our fangirl hearts to be content. Of course if he had been under prosthetics and gray hair, I would have been fine with it. Yes, I’m serious. I trust your judgment completely — at least when it comes to making big budget movies of Tolkien’s works. You’re the bomb when it comes to that, and your latest revelation even outdid what I was anticipating, which was already greatness. No, I do not make a habit of this much fawning, but well, I’m tickled at what I saw and had to thank someone, and obviously, you’re the one.

I think there is also a crowd with me who wishes to thank you as well.


One of Richard’s fans who is starting to have a great fondness for a certain Kiwi. :D

P.S. Why do I think you’re a Robin Hood BBC watcher? ;-)

If Peter Jackson keeps this up, my letters to him may become quite a series. First letter here.


Oh, my reminiscing heart can’t help but post this:


  1. That’s what he must have seen!! LOL

  2. It fits too well! And did you see your quote in there? :D

  3. Oh, yeah, methinks Gizzy was on Sir Peter’s mind when he created his vision for Thorin’s look. Which is just FINE with me. ;)

  4. What Frenz said, Mr. Jackson. You’re one smart dude. I will drag my Sweet Hubby kicking and sceaming, but I’ll be there the first night this opens in our neck of the woods. (Fantasy is not his cup of tea but he tolerates Tolkein.)

    And am I the only goof to be thinking this, but do you suppose there will be a play action Thorin or better yet. a Thorin doll? After all, there was the Legolas and the Aragon dolls made by Mattel…and they were very well done at that!

  5. Unfortunately, I have thought of that. LOL! I’m scared to think if it will have the same effect as Little Guy.

  6. Great thank you note, Frenz!
    I loved the “Why do I think you’re a Robin Hood BBC watcher?” ;-)
    And I thank you for transmitting our gratitude to Mr. Jackson.

  7. I’m absolutely sure there will be a Thorin doll – in fact we can probably expect many dolls, figures and other memorabilia!!! Guh!!

  8. OK, Kap, I am preparing NOW…moving Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Chatty Cathy over. Scratch that. Clearing off an entire shelf in doll cabinet. I can hardly wait!! Memo to self: clear credit card also. =0)

  9. NB – don’t tell me you don’t have an Audrey Hepburn!!! :D

  10. I don’t, Fitz…the black and white costume from My Fair Lady was a huge temptation. It’s one gorgeous doll. But my focus is on baby dolls, brides and anything Gone With the Wind. Have lots more but….ok, enough about my dolls. I could write a book and they don’t exactly fit in to Frenz’s theme here! *rolling eyes* But then, if I am lucky enough to get my hands on a Thorin doll, watch out!! *rolling eyes again* Now if I could just get my hands on a Guy action figure, my life would be almost complete?!

  11. Now I am remembering my Chatty Cathy doll. Ah, memories! If only I could have a talking Thorin action figure, featuring Richard’s deep, chocolate voice . . . me likee.

  12. I might be able to do something about that. Hint. *grins*

  13. I had a Chatty Cathy. Remember the skier who did a take on that with the chapstick commerical?

    I AM NOT a doll person (Frenz chanting)

    I do have a few dolls from childhood, but I never got to play with those — the entire Little Women set from Madame Alexander and the Bride Doll.

  14. never saw this video before on youtube, thanks for posting it. I have officially fallen for the baddy in black,i just finished season 1 and started season 2 of RH.

  15. I do remember and that, my dear, was ages ago!!!

    Yes you ARE!

    Oh wow…the MA Little Women?!!!!!! See me drooling? I was too poor for those but my mama did buy me a MA doll in underwear (that’s how most of my dolls originated…nekkid then Mother would sew them clothes). My bride doll eventually got updated when my mama made her a replica of my wedding gown, which she made also. She’s still so pretty….wish I could say the same about the old bride!!! Hang on to those dolls and take care of them. One of these days you may a daughter/granddaughter who will cherish them.

  16. NB,

    My mother loves Madame Alexander, so she’s repsonsible. :)

    PV, If you loved season 1 Guy, you will be completely gone after season 2 Guy. Ohmygosh! and then when you think he can’t get much sexier, here comes Season 3 Guy……………………………………… Pardon me, I had to pull myself off the floor. :D

  17. I passed out myself just reading that, Frenz.. *going to put Season 3 in dvd player RIGHT NOW!* and getting Egyptian cotton (aprropriate don’t you think…you know, cotton?!) towel for drool. That’s a lie. I don’t have time. Right in the middle of a cake. So what am I doing typing?….*back to kitchen and still going to watch season 3*

  18. Would definitely buy a Thorin doll, I think, though the only dolls I played with as a child were (gasp) Barbie / Ken dolls.

  19. Those are the only ones I remember playing with. I had a Chatty Cathy but don’t remember playing with her at all. I wanted a set of Walkie Talkies! never got’em ’til I was grown.

  20. We played w/Ken and Barbs too…neighbor girls had Midge and the whole gang. like I said, I was poor, 1 Barbs was it for me.

    Our’s was a diversified neighborhood, mostly girls tho. One week it would be Barbs, next week, football, next week climbing trees, then baby dolls, then paper dolls, then baseball…or maybe we just couldn’t make up our minds?! We also made Barbs a whole wardrobe a la Jackie. Coke bottle tops were made into pill box hats. The hours we spent doing stuff like that. But we were never bored. If we even looked bored, our mamas would kick us outside to pull weeds in the garden. I’m rambling like an old woman….back to cakes. BTW…I bought grands walkie talkies so I could play too! :)

  21. My first sewing lessons were with my paternal grandmother, making Barbie clothes. Still have some of those in my hope chest.

  22. Now that brings back memories. Those were the first things I sewed as well, and my 11 year old is still playing with some of those clothes. My other two daughters also played with them. Don’t make things like they used to. ;-)

    But I was one of those disadvantaged kids who never had a Ken.

  23. My mother sewed most of our clothes and costumes, but I don’t remember her ever making Barbie clothes, oddly enough.

    I do remember some of the fabulous outfits we bought–the darling corduroy jumper with the appliques, the mod outfit with the psychedelic mini, stockings and boots, the gold lame dress with matching fur-trimmed coat, the “mink” stole–everything was really well made back in the day and such detail. I recall some outfits costing $5–a lot of money in the mid-60s.
    We had Skinny Pale Ken with the Crew Cut and Cute Blonde Dimpled Allan along with several Barbies, red-headed Madge, Skipper, Scooter, and the British bird, Stacy, who talked. I also had a talking Ken who was much hunkier than the earlier model. ;)

    My oldest sister absconded with all the dolls on one trip home and I still resent that a bit. OK, she had the two daughters . . . but a lot of them were MINE. :(

  24. I would have settled for the skinny pale Ken. :D

    My mother never made Barbie clothes either. She did sew a lot of my clothes though, and often made her own patterns. We used to go to the department stores and look at what was “in” and mom would go home and make it. Seriously. She made almost all of my bathing suits and my friends always thought I had cool bathing suits. I remember a baby blue gingham check baby doll that mom made. Sounds tacky now, but it was a beautiful suit. No one had one like it and everyone wanted it. MUHAHAHAHA LOL! She also made all of my piano recital dresses except for one year she bought a Vicky Vaughn dress. You remember those? I thought I had died and gone to heaven to have that dress. It was hot pink.

  25. I forgot about Allan, Midge’s boyfriend. My neighbor had him too. My Barbie was the “bubble hair” one. Still have her but don’t let the grands play w/her.

    Oooo, I had store bought swim suits. Usually from Monkey Ward. BUt everything else, mom made…coats, underwear, slips…well she didn’t make my sweaters but those were usually hand-me-downs from my aunt or my cousin. MOther would cut them down to my size, so I guess she did kinda make them. We did the same Frenz…go into a store, find what I liked, then she’d put patterns together and make it! Also did the same with the new mag just out..Seventeen!! She did my piano recital formals also…first one was red with the little ruffles on the skirt that spiraled all over. Woohoo. Then a blue brocade…yeah it was a year later, so I was all sophisticated and everything in the brocade. Would you believe I have the red one in my basement? Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. ANd I DO remember Vicky Vaughn. One of my best friend’s moms ran THE dress shop in town, so she wore VV’s all the time! I now feel older than dirt. Off to finish last cake.

  26. I had Barbie & Ken…and Ken had a rival. Evel Knievel was hot stuff because he came with a motorcycle!

    My kids loved to buy LOTR action figures for their dad so he has several of them. I’m thinking that I will be able to get away with a Thorin doll or two. ;) Especially since I won’t be able to have a Heinz Kruger!

  27. LOL!

    Too weird that my SO and I were talking about Evel Knievel the other day, and how he had such an effect on our thinking yet he’s hardly ever referenced as an influence on our generation. My kids don’t have much clue about him although they’ve heard of him. When I was a kid, I went to Caesar’s Palace with my parents, and after I got over my awe at the moving sidewalk, all I could think about was, “This is where Evel got mangled.” I wish the movie about his life was on DVD. It was some low budget thing with George Hamilton, but I loved that movie. Remembering these kinds of things makes me want to sit in front of my computer and type like mad, and I did. :D

  28. So funny! Love the segues into dolls, sewing and everything else. This is definitely an asylum :D Nice one, though!

  29. Is she saying we’re crazy? Of all the nerve…but then we did slightly swerve off topic. need to get those out of the hope chest and play with them some. I do. I still have my little doll trunk that houses all of my doll clothes. Once or twice a year, I get them all out and put new outfits on my childhood dolls. Grands aren’t allowed to mess with the trunk so it’s a special treat for the granddaughters to sit in the floor with me and go thru them all. “My grandma crocheted that little sweater. My mom made that and it matched a dress she made me.” And on and on. Well, it’s a treat for me too. And then there’s all of the Strombecker doll furniture made for 8″ play dollies like Betsy McCall and MA’s Wendy. Now those are fun! Uhhhh…did someone mention an asylum….

  30. It’s been years since I’ve even looked in there. It’s actually in the basement here, so I probably should look now that I have more time. I pillaged a lot of the practical stuff when I moved into my own apartment (towels, sheets, dishes), so what’s left is probably mostly girlhood memories and the dozens of things I embroidered, that I was saving to use when I got married, lol :)

  31. Sorry to interrupt the discussion but the correct way to formally address dear Peter Jackson is Sir Peter, not Mr. Jackson. ;-)

  32. You are correct! I will apologize for my error in protocol in my next letter to him! :D

  33. Can’t stand dolls … never could. I preferred to play with cars and model trains as a little girl.

    We definitely need lots of positive vibes to head Sir Peter Jackson’s way with regard to theis Thorin look. Let’s hope he doesn’t take too much notice of the self appointed “experts” over at TORn.

  34. I take it some folks aren’t too happy over there, Mulinbinba, because the look isn’t exactly like Thorin as described in the book? Guess they haven’t heard of creative license . . . I would say Sir Peter has done quite well over the years and he will continue to make wise decisions when it comes to the actors, their costumes, etc. Of course, there are cranks who will never, ever be happy no matter what. It’s what they live for. Complaining and criticizing.

  35. I swore I was not going to get sucked into the maelstrom of the LOTR fandom, but now I have to ask: what exactly is being criticized?

  36. It’s more or less one poster who thinks RA is inappropriate for the part and making noise to lobby the production to change the cast.

  37. Well, something tells me this one crank is not going to get his squeaky wheel greased by PJ. Once the film comes out, this person may very well change his tune–then again, as I said above, some people will never be satisfied. I believe there are still some people whining about the LOTR movies being “crap.” We all know RA will bring something extraordinary to the role.

  38. I think it’s probably unlikely after they have this much film in the can that they’d “uncast” Mr. Armitage. Of course I can be wrong, but how much chutzpah do you have to have to be pushing an angle like that?

  39. This poster is just begging to be made a buffoon. ;D

  40. It’s either chutzpah–or this person is just plain delusional.

    I agree, it is very unlikely Sir Peter would pull Richard from the role at this stage (unless, God forbid, he becomes ill or has a serious accident–don’t even want to go there!) I get the vibe things are going very well for RA on set . . . we already know what a high opinion others who have worked with him have of our boy.

  41. Exactly Angie! There might be an uprising from the Kiwis and joined by the cast, not to mention disgruntled RA fans. We are a force to be reckoned with!! LOL!! It seems sometimes that there are those who live for a fight. I just don’t get it…..

  42. What this poster mostly complains about is that RA is too young for the role and he is not wrong, because according to the book Thorin is quite old and the eldest of the dwarves, however still capable to fight and do a number of things. This poster seems to think his age is essential to the character and I don’t agree with that as Thorin as we have seen him in the pic is certainly not a spring chicken or a youthful prince charming.

  43. Thorin may not be as old as described in the book but he is hardly a spring chicken or a pretty prince charming though I don’t think one can judge from his age that the essence of the character has been changed.

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