RA in Specs — a Theory

You can thank bccmee for this public service post. ;-)

Several of us dig Richard Armitage in glasses, and the obvious reason might be that glasses usually make someone appear more intelligent. Oh, I’m sure that’s part of it — as if he needed that help! LOL! But if I let my mind relax and think of what it is that viscerally affects me when I see him in glasses, I boil it down to two things: 1) it’s like his eyes are magnified to better see who’s checking him out, and 2) he’s sort of hidden from the general public as someone hot, so he’s still ours in a sense. Ours=you and me, the early fans.

Okay, I’ve revealed quite enough about my thinking on this, and I hope SO never reads this blog. LOL! Good thing I’m anonymous or I might be ashamed of exhibiting a little CWS. Do I need an emoticon here so you realize I’m teasing? Too bad I don’t have a clown handy.

You can also thank Servetus for this post. Her analysis is rubbing off on me. Unfortunately, her prose is not. :D

Screencaps courtesy of bccmee, RichardArmitageNet.Com and my stash.

note: I intentionally left out pictures of him in sunglasses. Of course anyone would find those pictures hot. It takes someone special to love the glasses. ;-)


  1. *jumping up and down* “I’m special. I’m special.”

    But you forgot Harry!!! What WERE you thinking?

  2. And where is sweet Harry in glasses in your post? He’s my favourite in glasses, although fake Russian millionaire Lucas above is pretty sexy too :D

  3. HA NB we cross posted! Great minds think alike :D

  4. I was in a rush!! One Harry coming up! :D

  5. A good brain can be very sexy. And people tend to equate glasses with braininess. Ask me how I know. Because I wore glasses from the age of seven to 15, and then got contacts. My glasses got thicker and thicker, so I got smarter and smarter–well, in other people’s eyes. ;) Ah, stereotypes.

    Some celebs have been known to wear phony specs just to look more intelligent. Richard, of course, doesn’t need the help. Soooo—when he’s wearing glasses, he’s our Clark Kent and when he isn’t, he’s everybody’s Superman?? ;)

    And, yeah, what about Harry??

  6. LOL! Sheesh. Do we have to do/think of everything here?!! @ Calexora. Ahh sweet Harry. I fear he’s feeling slighted about right now but I know our sweet Frenz will soon rectify the situation….

    Word Verification: ours as in , Yours Mine and Ours? Back off sister. He’s MINE! But nice save, Frenz. Nice save.

  7. Earlier I tweeted screencaps of Harry Kennedy drinking wine. Later in the course of tweet-conversation, I mentioned that Harry Kennedy looks good with glasses…wine or eye! ;)

    I’m totally a fan of the glasses look (except as Lucas). As for John Porter in sunglasses, I will seriously be incompetent and incontinent if I think about that too long and hard.

  8. @bcc, *gulp* JP + sunglasses=serious serious analysis. years and years!

    But which is worse? Incompetence or incontinence…hmmmm.

  9. I also love him in glasses –

    but I wear glasses so maybe that’s partially why…

    I actually love the way he looks as “Lucas as fake Russian oligarch”, very sexy.. (love his expression when Harry Pearce tells Lucas he was born to play the part)

  10. oh dear. Harry! At his everlovin’ BEST!!! You’re the best Frenz!

    Going to my corner as I have used up my daily allotment of !!!!!s

  11. @Musa, The whole Russian oligarch thing is great! I also wear glasses when I’m reading, so maybe that’s why I like them. Nah, this guy would look good in a burlap sack, and I’m not especially fond of burlap!

    @nb, I’ll give you permission for extra !!!!!’s

  12. Where did you get the nice big version of that last pic? I’ve been looking for it and can only find small ones! =D

  13. The Harry specs are my favourite, too. Many reasons, probably, for relating to specs. As one who has worn them since age 6 for myopia and astigmatism, did not have succes with contacts, but remove them to read, I’m just comfortable with anyone (including RA) in them.

    And yes, there is an element of feeling “protected” behind them. If you are just a wee bit shy, you can feel just a bit “hidden”, while you scope out the scene. :)

  14. WOOHOOOOO I need to catch up on my twitterings

  15. I’m a fan of the glasses look too.

    I wear glasses and, like Musa said, maybe that’s partially why.

    But, honestly, Richard has such gorgeous blue eyes… I personally prefer his natural look :)

  16. He is also wearing them in BTS. There is a moment where Paul is sitting at the table reading the paper with glasses on, and then he takes them off quickly. I had to rewind! Love him in specs, almost as much as I love him with a beard.

  17. Funny you are thinking of RA in glasses! Great minds think alike, eh? I’ve been trying to get my post out for over a month. Thanks for the impetus! I also had to add a picture of Heinz in glasses. At first I didn’t like the look, but on closer inspection — not bad!

  18. Phylly,

    When I try to leave comments at your blog, it doesn’t seem to be working.

    I loved your latest entry. And I like to call RA the Thinking Woman’s Greek God-Like DIY Geek. :D And Robert Redford? Oh. yes. A crush from my girlhood. Love the bone structure.

  19. @Angie– That’s weird! It could be because I was in editing mode. Sometimes I notice a mistake right after I post, so I have to edit it again. I did this tonight. Perhaps that ‘s what happened.

  20. Phylly, I will try again tomorrow. I’s past two a.m. here and I really, really should be asleep–gosh darn it, I’m just so wound up between Handsome Heinz and Thorin anticipation. Richard Armitage, the things you do to me . . .

  21. Yeah, I like a man in glasses too. :) I married one! (Not that his glasses were the reason for doing so. That would be weird.)

  22. I am a glass person too. I wear glasses and so do my husband. And Harry is so sweet in his glasses. And yes Porter in sunglasses *DROOL* *DRIP* *SWOON*

  23. Thanks for the strokes, Frenz. I did teach English comp for a year, and am happy to share tips :)

  24. I may need to take you up on that. :D


  26. […] hoping he has glasses! I love RA in glasses and have a theory about […]

  27. I am a fan of glasses too :) the better to see you with, my dear!

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