From Cats to Dwarfs — New Interview

A new interview with Richard Armitage is in Project Magazine (issue #8), but you can only get it on iPad. He talks about playing a Nazi. Makes me want to check out the biography he mentions and a whole lot more. :D Thankfully, for those us who haven’t bought an iPad yet, RichardArmitageNet.Com has just uploaded, and you can find it here.

A few of my favorite photos from the interview:

Last image courtesy of Iz4blue.


  1. OMG!!! Seriously this is crazy!! He is SO F*CKING GORGEOUS’ SEXY …words fail me. I am shaking from head to toe…I can’t even look at the pictures right now because I’m on a conference call and I can’t understand what they are saying to me on the phone. My hands are sweating!

  2. OMG – I can’t stop looking but this is too much. And the beard and hair are dark again – BEST COMBO!!! in my book….Everything about these pictures is amazing…See? I can’t even think or write right now…Going back to conference call…D*mn work!!!

  3. I was so bowled over that I forgot the link and misspelled dwarfs. LOL! All fixed now. :D

  4. Squuuuueeee ! OMG yum yum yum.

  5. WOW! Georgeous…..can’t say anymore….need to look again to be sure :D

  6. That frontpage is just mezmerising – my heart stops beating.
    And I have to confess – the beard is so d******* Hot.

  7. These photos are killing me, honestly… I screamed like a teenager when I saw the first one and was hyperventilating with sweaty palms for about 20 minutes :D

  8. You ladies have said everything and I’m totally incapable of saying anything more. Too much gorgeousness. *thud*

  9. I feel another post coming on. This is too good for just my post and the other bloggers who have posted: servetus, calexora, and I’m not sure who else.

  10. Sister,
    I will survive!
    Only need to remember me to breathe!

  11. OMG! I can’t stop looking … and still my hands are shaking…

  12. I can’t afford to buy an ipad!!! lol

  13. The one where he is gripping his jacket, and staring right at me…

  14. This is my first reply on WordPress via my Bday present that’s even before finding that copy for it!! AMAZING!!!! Major fanvid material!!!

  15. Well heck, Hilarie…I thought he was staring straight at ME?!?!

    Nice. Very nice.

  16. hehehe…forgot to ask my question. Can’t imagine why? These were taken in NZ right? Cause that coat and the scarf thingy are seriously raising the temp in here and it’s already 106.

    BTW, Fanny…happy birthday! Wow. What a present huh? =o)

    I dunno Frenz…there’s a big controversy over the correct spelling. Most seem to be going w/”dwarves” as that’s how Tolkein spelled it. He felt it blended better w/the spelling of “elves”? And I just went and got all geeky on you….sorry. *rolling eyes*

  17. OK just saw your earlier post heading and now see what you were talking about. Obviously, I thought that you thought you had misspelled dwarfs/dwarves. And you did. Just not the way I thought you did. Clear? Didn’t think so. Going for some Motrin now.

  18. Updated the post with a new photo from iz4blue.

  19. The one with the brown suede jacket?? That one did me in for sure!! Add to the fact that his eyes are closed and he’s doing that leaning in thing? Done for – totally done for!! Switch on a fan somebody! Quick!!!!!

  20. I can’t keep up with all this RA-goodness!

  21. oh dear! Makes you want to wrap your arms around him and tell him it’ll be OK. That makes it official. I have totally lost it.

  22. OMG, I love this man so much! These are gorgeous!

  23. Still recovering.. It’s unbelievable how gorgeous he is!! :)

  24. Agree with Calexora,but afraid to actually write the word f….when thinking about RA, may lose all control!! Richard is one hot sexy beast.Just when I think OMG how can he get any more gorgeous, he does!!! So in love with this beautiful man.

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