The Thorin Character Study has uploaded their latest Hobbitin5, and yep, we finally get Thorin’s study:

If you want a thumbnail of that information, then the Hobbitin5 is the way to go. But for something more in-depth yet not overwhelming, Mulubinba has a great series. Just scroll down to “Posts related to Thorin Oakenshield” on the right sidebar.


  1. And a very, very short RA’s curriculum…with pics.

  2. Yep, that too. :D

  3. ok. the circus rears its ugly head. Again. They talk about the circus and no RH. Go figure. Argggh!

  4. I think I just committed fan suicide on my blog. LOL!

    BTW, can’t wait for Thorin!

  5. @Judi, No, you didn’t. Frankly, wouldn’t we all be bored to death if we agreed about everything? I know I would. Sometimes I play devil’s advocate and disagree with myself just to keep from getting bored. :D

    @NB, yeah, but it has a decidedly tongue-in-cheek tone to it, so I’ll give it a pass. LOL!

  6. Oh, wait. I’ve got web blur, NB. I thought we were talking about the Project Mag piece. No, the circus bit is so lame. Can they give that a rest? I don’t get why that’s interesting. Maybe it is to people who haven’t heard it a thousand times. No, that’s an exaggeration. Maybe a couple of hundred times. LOL!

  7. Yeah. What the Sam Hill is so gosh durned interesting about a stinky circus a million years ago? Really? And it feels like a thousand fer sure!!!!!!! I feel better now. Got my quota in.

  8. Thanks for posting the Hobbit 5, Frenz. (even though the bio omitted reference to Gisborne). No worries, Judiang, your totally wrong-headed beard & buzz premise was great fun! And you acquired some supporters! :D

  9. No, it wasn’t wrong headed. According to Calexora’s recent post, there is a scientific explanation for my reaction! So I feel just as maladjusted as I always was. Such a relief! :D

  10. I read the post but need to go comment. I have my own beard post as well. MUHAHAHAHA. But mine is not quite as thoughtful. :D

  11. It’s nice to see RA slipping noticed into the mainstream. I am not bothered by the circus references. Every day, new people discover Richard Armitage and it’s an interesting little tidbit. It’s how the game works, people. :) Just because we’ve heard it a hundred times does not mean that everybody has! There were some glaring omissions but they can’t cover his whole CV in one minute unless they speedtalk like an auctioneer!

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