Thorin and His Sword

So I was right about the day this would happen but wrong about him appearing alone. I should have known he would have Orcrist. :D

As usual, you can click to enlarge, and the still is from TORn.


  1. Yeeehawww…(btw, why are you still home?)!!!!!! Love the widow’s peak! And I see grey hairs so take that you Hobbit purists!! LOL! Hard to tell how dwarfy he is tho…need full length for that. Maybe tomorrow? AND, you are fast woman!!!

    I got the day right!! But I had him w/Bilbo, hoping for just him. hehehe. Officially, I need help. I have too much to do to be sitting here analyzing this wonderful pic. Nice ring…cool sword…and I wouldn’t want to meet Thorin in a dark alley. Nope. OK maybe…

  2. After observing Thorin in 2048×1536 aka Up Close and Personal, this could be Gizzy at 50? The braids rock!

  3. I’m glad they let him be solo in the pic . . . whoaaaa, but he is channeling some fierceness here. I call the look Sexy Klingon crossed with a mature S3 Gizzy. Wouldn’t want to get him really mad at me, definitely.

    I am impressed! Hoping this shuts up at least some of the complainers.

  4. Nice!! That is how I imagined (hoped) Thorin would look!

  5. Brilliant- just brilliant…hard to believe that’s Lucas North and John Porter isn’t it…crikey!

  6. @Kap..or John Thornton?! That REALLY stretches the mind! Thinking of the scene w/his mother when they’re talking about his upcoming proposal to Margaret…so sweet. Altho…we did see the teeth-baring in that first cotton mill scene…hmmm.

  7. He looks a little like a Klingon :)

  8. He looks a lot like a Klingon. :D

  9. Yup–see my comment above, ladies. Fiercely Sexy Klingon Crossed with Older S3 Guy. “Back in Black” is now playing in my head . . . ; )

  10. Sexy Klingon is apt! LOL!

  11. I like that they toned down the gleaming teeth a little. :)

  12. Has anyone looked at the hands?

  13. A perfect Thorin. As a Tolkien devotee, although not a rabid online fan, I do approve. Perfectly dwarvish. I knew Peter Jackson and his costume and makeup artists would get it just right.

  14. Servetus,

    I noticed the hands. I keep forgetting which blog I have posted at, but I mentioned I thought the hands, foreheard and ears had prosthetics; jury is out for me on the nose due to the angle of the photo. The fingers look very chubby, don’t they?

  15. Mesmered,

    It’s good to hear from a Tolkien fan who is happy with the look. He certainly embodies for me the sort of fellow I imagine Thorin to be.

  16. Thorin as I imagined: the warrior king, stubborn and fierce that lead their group in a risky and potentially fatal adventure for everyone from the beginning. A dwarf hopefully force, arrogance, determination to achieve something that is rightfully yours. To me it does not look like Klingon, but I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek.

  17. Prue, I’m with you. Peter Jackson has just a little bit going on, so we could always rest easy. LOL!

  18. I still think that is the authentic Armitage nose – photo angle and lighting just give it larger prominence. Forehead appears to have been lifted, with the widow’s peak added. Anyway, the artistic team has done a wonderful job!

  19. Earlier today I would have disagreed, but after looking at a pic of Guy S2, I think you’re right.

  20. Calexora is working on a post making some more comparisons. I sent her several photos of Guy. There is one in particular in which, if placed side-by-side next to the Thorin photo, you can clearly see how much alike the noses are (the angle at which they were taken is very similar). At most, I would say they rounded the tip of it and I am not even sure about that.

    The thing about Richard’s nose is, depending on the angle and the lighting and even how he is wearing his hair and his stubble/beard, that magnificent proboscis can look quite different.

  21. I’m going into RA overload. Do you think the RA drought will come? I suspect it will and we will look back fondly on these hazy cRAzy days of summer.

  22. Here’s the pic I saw:

  23. Oh, YEAH. I had forgotten about Guy’s manly sniff. ;)
    Definitely a reflection of Thorin’s fierce and dangerous expression!

    So when people say Thorin doesn’t look like Richard, well, that is not entirely true. He doesn’t look like our sweet, good-humored “real” Richard, but he definitely bears resemblance to “reel” Richard as seen in his characters.

  24. Hedgeypig posted that and all of a sudden that nose didn’t look like prosthetic anymore. LOL!

  25. ‘Zactly. We just don’t see him make certain faces on a regular basis like that, but remembering how he referred to playing Guy as “going around with a face like thunder” well, Ol’ Thorin looks pretty thunderous to me. :D

    His array of expressions continues to amaze me. I am seeing new ones in Heinz just from the stills we’ve seen so far.

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