I’m On A Roll

What’s the dynamic? A body in motion tends to stay in motion….? Yeah, that’s what’s happening. I got rolling, and I probably won’t stop unless some force acts on me. Unfortunately, none of this is going on in cyber world, but I’ll be back sometime soon.

In the meantime, here comes another post about Musicilove. I was going to post this earlier in the week, but this is a Friday night sound. Anytime I hear Matchbox Twenty or Rob Thomas solo, I’m immediately pumped. That’s the best word to describe this music. It definitely gets me pumped up, and the bass riffs in this first song make me want to dance. Rob Thomas with Matchbox Twenty:

Rob solo:

Rob with Santana:

Heck, all these songs make me want to dance, and I’m putting the Richard Armitage tag on this since I’m assuming he loves all the music I love ;-) and we know he likes to dance. CWS? If the guy has any taste, he likes the same music I do. Imagine me making a creepy cackle while I write this.

By the way, this would be great for a fan video.


  1. Thank you RAfrenzy!
    I can easily dance without cleaning house,but cleaning house without dance and music is IMPOSSIBLE:D

  2. I love these. Checked out Marchbox Twenty on iTunes & have bought a few songs – great for my gym compilation!
    Thanks Frenz. :-)

    I always imagine Richard has a great gym compilation :-)

  3. Love this. :)

  4. For a video ABOUT the fandom I’d vote for “Streetcorner Symphony.”

  5. Your coolness remains unsurpassed.

  6. I can’t believe I never replied to any of your comments. My apologies. Rob Thomas is another one of my guilty pleasures!

    Servetus, please come to my house and say that. :D

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