A Man After SO’s Heart

It’s amazing what you can still get for five bucks. I don’t even need to ask SO what he thinks. He would probably love this guy, and I wonder if Richard Armitage might not feel a little fondness as well. :D

Wish I had thought about being paid to bitch. I would be rich several times over.

In the meantime, you can go here to get your personal rant.


  1. Weird – I happened upon this video earlier today. Great stuff!!

  2. LOL! I must show this one to Benny. Methinks he will appreciate it.

  3. Hey – its my husband . LOL.

  4. LOL!!

  5. I think this man was describing me.

  6. Thanks loads Frenz. Got grandbaby #10 down for his nap, dishes washed, read 2 chapters of “The Help”, decided a nap sounded good. Only thing is, everytime I closed my eyes, Mr. Rant appeared with his snottiness and I bust out giggling. So much for my nap.

  7. BINGO!

  8. LOL …. reminds me of the “Grumpy old Men” and “Grumpy Old Women” shows. I wonder if he makes any money?

  9. HA…..love it. Must have been channeling all the Aussie husbands after the OZ “meet up” this week!! Yes we do love Mr Thornton and N&S, more than you can ever imagine.

  10. Hey, it’s my son! (not, actually, son is very, very tactful :D ) A great laugh, Frenz!

  11. You can all thank, @ElviraSweeney for the laugh. She’s the one who paid the guy. LOL!

  12. Thanks Frenz & Elvira! Mr. Handlebar Mustache made me laugh out loud. I’m sure my husband would enjoy this too! :)
    Favorite line: “You see some fellow down the street who looks just like Mr. Darcy… Oh look at HIM!”

  13. LOL Nat…everytime my Dear Hubs sees Thornton, his only deadpan remark is, “Don’t know what you see in the guy. I’m much better looking.” ROTFLOL!!! Uh, yeah, dear. Of course. You are right. Absolutely right. *with tongue planted firmly in cheek*

  14. Someone tell this guy not all period drama fans are over 40 yrs of age, might shock him to know there’s a ton of us below the age of 30 who are crazy about period dramas, Thornton, Darcy AND TEA!!!! YES! TEA! WE’RE CRAZY ABOUT TEA AT 20!

    Enjoy that heart attack old man :P

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