Felled By The Sexy Back

The best laid schemes… Oh how they can blow up in our faces. Thankfully, since I’m not a man, I must be a mouse. Not sure yet, but for a few minutes a couple of nights ago, I could have put my fist through a wall. This morning I’m still a little unsure of myself but less so as the clock ticks. And the clock ticking is what started all of this here. You thought it was Richard Armitage? Hang around, and I’ll disabuse you of that notion although there might be some confusion when posts like this appear.

I still can’t look at that picture without blinking my eyes and shaking my head to clear it. Ironically, that really might be his sexiest picture.

And since I usually muddle up the paragraph breaks in my posts not to mention all of my other grammatical sins, I might as well do it up right and just place them wherever I want and hope you understand my convoluted mind. Honestly, I never have known the best way to place paragraph breaks; topic sentences mystify me. So glad that hasn’t stopped me. Now for the awkward transition.

Sometime last weekend an item from RAFrenzy inadvertently posted on my personal Facebook wall, and if you need to heat some coffee or tea, you can place it next to my head where the steam is coming out. Previously I just disliked Facebook, now I despise it. This has jeopardized my anonymity to a degree it has never happened during the life of the blog. Yeah, I know some of you know who I am because I’ve let you know, and for all of you other RA fans who may have guessed, I’m not concerned about you. It’s the family I don’t want reading. SO and the kids are not so much the problem. I mean the extended family. They would not get it, so I don’t want them reading and possibly giving input. If I did, they would already know about it. Wait! Some of them now do. Damn Facebook.

So how did this happen? Oh, I’m going to tell you so I can give this rant full vent and also give you a heads up. It happened on my phone where I haven’t mastered the ability to control scripts so I only have running the ones I want. For the uninitiated, scripts drive the web page you’re on, and sometimes scripts include all sorts of nasty things that you don’t really want running. For me Facebook is nasty, and especially so when the Facebook mobile app will not let me log out, and I have to clear my data every time I want to make sure it’s not logged in, and even then it’s not a sure thing. Can you see that steam now?! Let me make this really plain. If you’re logged into Facebook, and you are on a site that has a link to Facebook, you can inadvertently post a “Like” to your wall. Given that links to Facebook have wormed their way onto virtually every site on the web, there is a vulnerability you might be posting things to your FB wall that you never intended [waves hand vigorously in the air while saying ‘choice’ words]. Same thing with Twitter, which I still like, but I may ended up despising for the same reason.

And I wouldn’t have been on my phone if I hadn’t been determined to work on my blog post about Richard’s back. Okay, enough of that rant, but just know that despite my irritation, I’m not letting this keep me from blogging. On to the good stuff.

I did promise some more pictures, which I really was about to post a couple of nights ago before I got rattled.

His size and vantage point scream masculinity, but that’s not enough to make these pictures so compelling. His attentive nature is still evident. Man, I really have a bad case of CWS. Who woulda thunk a set of pictures of his back would bring on such a bout?

This one really does make me think I can reach out and hug him:

This one almost looks like a kid trying to get the lay of the land:

It is amazing to me how he can still convey a purity without using his facial expressions. Yep, I have a raging case of CWS.

More candid shots coming, but no more backs.


  1. Also looks like a touch of dandruff. Yeah, you know how I am. :D

    Pssst. Ms Frenzy here was interviewed over on a certain blog. Go ask her more questions! ;)

  2. Seriously, while I’m not being snarky and shameless, sorry to hear you got outed. Hopefully your extended family will take it for what it is, good clean fun. And if they don’t, your hubby and children are who really count. But I imagine they will tease you for awhile, then go on with their own problems.

    (This is why I didn’t bother with separating identities. I don’t have anything to protect and I can imagine tripping myself up just like this.)

  3. Just – so happy to have you posting!!! (Disgusted about the FB snafu B***** FB)
    Gorgeous eloquent back!!! It speaks volumes….

  4. I hear you! I’m not too fond of Facebook either for similar reasons.

    So these photos must have been taken during series 8? It must have been a very cold day – poor Hermione needed to get really rugged up! But… Richard let his coat fly open in this last pic. Does he have some sort of inbuilt heater? I know he’s HOT but….

    Why do we find Richard’s back so appealing, I wonder? And I love the slightly longer and thicker hair in these pics. Just as I loved Guy’s really long hair in series 3 – even while I wanted desperately to shampoo and condition it for him!

    I have never been a woman who feels she needs a man around to protect her or look after her in any way, but Richard is just so big (I’m all of 5ft 2inches!) that he would make anyone feel warm and more secure just by standing near him.

    Ah, I can dream.

  5. As as an indie writer, I learned pretty quickly you are what you are, no aliases.
    I also learned that some things don’t EVER get mentioned anywhere on cyber-space and I never use my mobile anyway, let alone to send things from. Truth to tell, I barely know how and leave the thing in my car and only use for emergencies. I have a dislike of mobile phone culture.
    FB is a disaster. My daughter has just closed her account after an attack from a woman with different aliases over the fellow my daughter had dated. It’s now in the hands of the law. I use FB and Twitter mostly for forwarding links and wonder whether we might all have to:
    1. Start our own closed FB group
    2. Start our own social media network with harsh checks and balances
    3. Go back to writing letters!
    PS: very nice photos from exactly my height!

  6. Excellent pun in the title. I think the coat really helps him look pure.

  7. Urgh the dreaded Facebook, I outed myself wishing Richard a happy birthday and copped no end of flack from the so called FB friends!! So I can imagine what you are going through. My hubby is most understanding re my Richard obsession (he calls it my hobby! hey he is reaping the benefits)
    As for the rest of them, they can go (well you know what) Keep posting these amazing pictures, the are simply divine, my god is he so handsome isn’t he!

  8. I’m now madly in love with his back.

  9. He has a magnificent back to go with the rest of him. BTW my brother-in-law has taken great glee this week in teasing me about “Ree-chaaard” (that Latino accent of his really gives it extra emphasis), but I let his needling flow off me like water off a duck’s back.

    He also asked me, “But what does Benny think of all theese about Reee-chard?”

    “Well, Tony, he’s very secure and confident in himself and our relationship and knows he’s the one I love–lots of other woman have crushes on Mr. Armitage, not just me.” *tilts head and gives winsome smile*

    Re facebook, it can be a pain in the neck at times. I am in a closed RA group on there and try to be careful on what I post on my wall, however I use my real name pretty much everywhere anyway, so if someone is going to give me grief, so be it. I do understand your frustration with the situation, Frenz. Sometimes extended family–as in my case–just don’t quite understand. *sigh*

    I heard something about FB starting to charge users, and if that happens–I am definitely out of there!

  10. I have had nothing but problems with face book and the worst part is that I didnt sign up to it a friend did to ‘bring me into this century’. Imagine when I try to get off facebook and yet 12 months later I am still there.

    I think your blog is wonderful and you put an amazing amount of effort into it and I thank you for that.

  11. Really really feel for you. This risk terrifies me, and your experience doesn’t make it any better!!!!

    Lovely back photos btw.

  12. I feel your pain about FB. I haven’t tried posting with my phone yet. but I will use your story as a cautionary tale. Even gmail has given me a problem when it tries to corelate several programs!
    Who knew anyone’s back could be so enthralling? I want to run my fingers through his hair and over his broad shoulders… Whew! It is so HOT in here!…
    I really love your link to Robbie Burn’s poem.

  13. That´s why I don´t use facebook nor twitter. I don´t like such a stuff. Thank you sooo much for the pics, please keep´em coming! I absolutely love your blog, keep up the good work.

  14. Frenz I’ve done something similar & since use separate apps not sure if they are also for droid MyPad is my favorite (Friendly another) they do both use my browser to log in. The other option is to use another browser app which will remember or not it’s own password & log in info. Easier that way to separate the two. It CAN be done. I would find it hard to live without Facebook from being a continent away from my
    family. Its a joy to see my niece gymnastics pictures via her friends because they tag her.
    The like button is deceiving since few don’t know the difference between liking a persons post or liking a post from a website. As I discovered my name pulled up loads of likes in google cache.
    But I LIKE to like & particularly YOUR like button for those times that commenting escapes me. This like button stays here on the page kinda like the old grafitti “Rory was here!” :-)

  15. Oh and thanks for those awesome broad back shots … Phew the power they emanate .. Sexy BACK alright!! ;-)

  16. I’ve never been interested in Facebook and experiences such as your’s frenz, only serve to make me more determined to stay out of it. I’ve heard of too many people who have found it almost impossible to close off their account.
    Love these pics of Richard. I’m officially adding his beautiful, broad back to my very comprehensive list of his droolworthy features. Lucky blonde woman in the second pic, she seems to have his undivided attention!

  17. I don’t worry much about protecting my identity (just about hackers) and Fitzgerald really is my middle name. And I’m two inches shorter than Kathryn… But bloggers do have reasons, personal or professional, for caution.

    With N&S, RH and even MI5, my impression of Mr. A was of a long lean person. It was the NZ press conference, when he took his seat beside Martin Freeman, that the sheer size was – overwhelming. And shoulders…I think it was Aiden on his other side, who is no shrimp, either. But even he was just dwarfed…

  18. WOW!!! Thank You Frenzy for these wonderful photos! On one I can see date 6-12 march 2008! WONDERFUL!

  19. That back view is magnificent – thank you for sharing!

    You have my deepest sympathy for the FB thing. I did that to some stuff on the Sky Strike Back site (I think) and went “oh sh…” when I realised pressing “Like” meant it happily posted it my like for everyone on my private account to see. Not a biggie, but not something I wanted on public display as such. I also don’t syndicate my blog posts to my personal account. Not that my real identity is particularly well-hidden anyway, but still. There’s a difference between saying to the world where I went to primary school and … well, only tell those whom it may concern, so to speak.

    It’s a difficult topic, really. Because on the one hand, you’re well-known in the RA blogging sphere and the blog is a bit of fun you do as a hobby and you write insightful and funny posts about RA and such, and you’ve done it for quite some time now and has built up a whole host of posts. It’s another thing to say to your family “yeah, I gush over how hot I find a certain actor to a bunch of like-minded people on the internet, but y’know, it’s just for a bit of fun”, no matter if your husband is aware of your RA fanhood or not. It’s just a little … uncomfortable?

    For me, I’ve actually sent the link to my blog to my sisters (or at least one of them), which I don’t mind (hell, they grew up with me gushing about books and films!), but it’s still a bit “umm yeah, honey, you’re not meant to be reading that” if hubby was to come across it. Nowt to say he hasn’t already, but if he has, I certainly hope he realises that it’s just a bit of fun. Ya know, while I can sit here on various blogs – including my own – and say how much I fancy the pants off RA (or anyone else), it doesn’t actually MEAN anything, as such. I appreciate the man’s physique, sure, but if he and the peaches came here wrapped in a freakin’ TOWEL, at most, I’d offer him a cup of coffee – and something to cover up with. And I’d leave the room to allow him to get dressed in private.

    But then I think the vast majority of the RA fandom are in on it anyway, a sort of silent agreement that online, we’re free to express our squees together, but we all know that it’s not deadly serious. I won’t say “it’s all an act” because I don’t think that’s fair, or even accurate, strictly speaking. Creative use of exaggeration for the sake of storytelling (“I nearly swooned! Be still my heart!” – let’s be honest, we’re not exactly about to fall unconscious, are we?), yes, but if it was an act, it would mean that we didn’t feel the slightest flutter or sighed (at least inwardly) at e.g. the train station scene in N&S.

    Gosh I babble. I think I have babbled enough for now. Am I even making sense?

  20. Traxy…I love your babbling! You may have noticed I’m a bit of a babbler myself? ROTFLOL. but, then, I have an excuse….i live alone! Just kidding.

    At least all you ladies had the sense to use aliases for blogs and comments! May I use the excuse of being of an older generation and not even thinking there could be problems?

    I told my son that I had created a false yahoo email address so I could remain anonymous in the future…and you know what the little darling said? “Oh, Mum (yes, he’s Australian like me!!!), calling yourself “dolliebird” could get you some really strange responses!!!”

    See how naive I can be…it just didn’t occur to me that strange people might write to me. One of my sisters-in-law is called Gaye and she set up her hotmail account as “gayegirl”!!!! But, then, she’s even older than I am..

    Traxy…how could you even hint that we exagarate (oh my, I don’t think I spelled that correctly, did I? My chronic fatigue has kicked in again today and I can’t think straight). I simply lurve RA to bits and you mustn’t think for a minute that I don’t!

  21. Love your comment Traxy! I could file it under :”wish I’d said that”.
    And… *waves at Kathryn* nice that you are out there (in cyberspace) no matter what you call yourself!

  22. FB is a real problem because of its assumption that people want to interface their identities. Would it be a life-ending problem for me if people connected my name to my blogger identity? Probably not, or not anymore. What I do in the blogosphere falls in the realm of freedom of personal expression. And a fair number of people who know me IRL know that I blog about Richard Armitage — the key being that most of them are completely uninterested in him or fandom. The problem is the potential for misunderstanding, and one thing the internet teaches is that you can never predict who will misunderstand something or how. And there’s a temptation to reveal things because you feel so anonymous. This has come back to bite me in the a__ before on another topic.

  23. Enjoyed all the comments and commiserate with your predicament Frenzy. I learned shortly after starting allthingsrarmitage that it’s virtually impossible to remain anonymous on FB. Even though I’d taken great care to check the settings I’d assumed would keep the blog’s fangurl connection private, FB almost immediately notified my dau-in-law(who lives 70mi away); hubby; dau-in-law’s mother, etc that they had a personal interest in, and therefore would want to ‘friend,’ my FB username. My dear d-i-l is a very savvy, longtime FB user who realized there had to be a strong connection of some sort or the webpage administrators would never have notified her. She pried & dug with queries such as “have you finally joined FB?” My truthful reply was “I’m rarely on there and spend most of my time on Twitter.” Decided after that experience that my life is happily complete without need of FB:)

    Here’s a true confession on this page instead of at that hilarious forum – the reason for so much caution on my part is to keep hubby’s confident self image intact. He has always tended to get a little sensitive whenever I’ve gushed over another man. Another consideration is the unmerciful teasing I’d endure from brothers and friends. Those are the primary reasons for keeping my errr, slight *cough* interest in RA strictly within his large and enthusiastic fan community.

  24. I was looking again at all of the “back view” pictures you have posted Frenz, and I believe that the scenes they are shooting were from Series 7 – (possibly the final ones near the end of the episode and leading up to Adam’s death) judging by the longer hair, rougher stubble and the clothes (they have to be the ones he put on after he got “cleaned up” at the Grid) and the coat he wore at Adam Carter’s suggestion before they went out together and of course 2008 being the year he joined the cast of Spooks. No doubt most, if not all of you, had already worked that out!! :)

    Yeah! Have to say that all these pictures just make me want to reach out and touch him somehow! ;)

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