I’m Really Trying

May I beg forgiveness for not posting regularly and for teasing you all so terribly with the Spooks behind the scenes pictures? Yeah, okay, maybe I’ve really messed you all around. But do you really want to hear my excuses about why I haven’t been posting? Yep, I thought not, and really, I have no desire to rehash it. I think I’ve made plenty of excuses on this blog already. LOL!

Give me until Monday, and I will definitely post some of the photos, but in the meantime, just know that I’ve had all sorts of shit happening (yeah, I had to get one excuse in :D). The good news is that I’m still smiling, and SO is still smiling as well.

For those who have followed the trials and tribulations of the Frenz household, just know that we’re alive and things are improving. October 6th will be an especially important date for us, and I cannot wait for it to get here. For those of you who have no clue what I’m referring to, my apologies. I hate cryptic, but I must be cryptic in the interest of the family. This was just the quickest way to communicate with those who are keeping up.

I can’t stand it! I have to give you one photo:

Deep breath…..(sigh)….I think I may live.

No matter how many times I view this photo, it still gets me. Maybe because I don’t expect the back of someone’s head to be sexy. Oooh, how wrong I’ve been. Or is this just me who thinks he even looks hot from behind? And he still has all of his clothes on! The broad shoulders do help.

I wasn’t going to post anything until Monday, but I saw this tumblr and here I am. Love these kinds of comments especially since it makes me feel less insane. Richard Armitage aside, that’s a great tumblr.

Candid Photo courtesy of: I’ll tell you later. :)


  1. I’m with you on that – even the back of his head IS sexy!!!!!

  2. Oh my, I do like that photo. Look at his eyelashes! And the sticking-up hair! ♥

  3. Admirable new world!
    One new perspective of Richard Armitage!

  4. That photo certainly makes me feel all wonky inside. The longer hair makes me want to run my fingers through it, and the hint of his eyelashes and nose…*sigh*. I try not to objectify him but fail miserably when faced with gorgeous pics like this.

  5. Good God, this man is ALWAYS so sexy from any view. I also have a new found fasination for the back of his head, hell I’ve drooled over every other aspect of him. Richard you make me mad all over!!

  6. Nice!

  7. Great picture RA – haven’t seen that one before. It has a really intimate feel about it, being so close up and all. Thanks for sharing. Really hope your troubles will sort itself out & you and your family will all be OK and heading for calmer waters. BTW you don’t owe us an apology for anything – we just love reading your posts as and when you have time to do them :-)

  8. The ear is rather nice too. :D And the back of the neck….and stubbled jaw….

  9. OMG! This photo makes me believe him to be within reach….. Love his hair (and everything else!!). Just gorgeous. RAFrenzy, thanks for posting it.

  10. *sigh* That is all. For now. Well, he DID say once say he could smoulder with his back, didn’t he? ;) There you go!

  11. The back of his head is sexy…his hair…his ears…his shoulders…the outline of his eyelash….tip of his nose….his chin….stubble…swoon

    Thank you!

  12. Mmmmm.

  13. There’s gotta be a story behind this pic, Frenz. Looking forward to hearing it!

  14. It’s amazing how good-looking he can be when all you’re seeing is the back of his head. LOVE IT!
    Love how close this pic was taken as well, feel like I’m standing right behind him! O_O

  15. Certainly gives the song Bringing Sexy Back a whole new meaning doesn’t it…sigh…so am I the ONLY one that wants to blow it up to life size, hang it at 181cm off the floor just so I can practice whispering in his ear? Thought not…thanks for the post Frenzy

  16. “standing right behind him”-this is not good position(especially to take photo) in my case:D

  17. Richard’s beauty (even the back of his head) leaves me speechless time and time again!

  18. @Joanna Lol, with Richard I’ll be glad to take a picture of whatever I can! If I’m THAT ^^^ close I might just tap him on his shoulder, if I could reach it, so he can finally know I exist :D

  19. have mercy

  20. kill me now ….

  21. I just want to reach over his shoulder (maybe stand on a wall or something!) and lick up the side of his face. My God, how can he still have the power to make my insides flip when I don’t even see his face – oh the craziness of it all?!!!

  22. “lick up the side of his face”or “tap him on his shoulder”
    Girls-you are so brave…..well, I was a mouse in my previous incarnation;)

  23. It should be illegal to be so sexy.

  24. where do we get our hands on this pic, It is a must have to my collection!! I cant stop looking at him… keep telling myself must focus while at work – urgh it’s not working!!!

  25. I’ll be posting more — hopefully, today, and I feel sure the owner will be happy to share. More about her later.

  26. Ok – you do know the suspense is killing me!!

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  28. Back view or front – pictures of him need to come with a Government Health Warning! Now where ARE my blood pressure pills?? ;)

  29. Oh my, Frenz, I so totally agree with you — on yet another detail. I’ve looked at every one of the gazillion available photos of him, and this shot is my absolute favorite.

  30. why is the video private? i can’t watch it obviously.. give us a link, pls.. or i’ll just have to check all my SPOOKS extras?? :/

  31. I’ve fixed the video with a link to one that works, but it’s not Spooks related. Just an old Naked Eyes music video to “Promises, Promises”

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