Just When I Was Getting Bored

One of my lovely, wonderful, incredible fellow Richard Armitage fans has treated us all by unearthing a couple of photos that are in the public domain (fingers crossed here) that many have not seen:

He went from this:

to this:


That incredible looking man with the sweet boy hopefully still inside him.

Photo find courtesy of Wendy. Top one supposedly associated with 42nd Street. Bottom one supposedly taken in the Twin Towers after a New York performance of Macbeth.

Thank you, Wendy. I’m wonderfully refreshed in the middle of this terrible drought. :D

edit: Did I just compromise my principles? I’m not sure. If I did, then I’ll run backwards. It’s my understanding that these pictures are in the public domain, or I would not have posted them. Sadly, some may be there unintentionally. I have no way of knowing that, so I posted.


  1. OMG, I am delirious over these. Thanks…I need a fix. LOL

  2. Oh my dear God!
    Sweet dorkastic RA is back…

  3. I forgot to put the dorktastic tag on this! Gone to fix.

  4. Isn’t he cute?

    OML *big grin*

  5. He’s a doll!

  6. Likeable boy, a nice playmate:)
    Thank you for the laugh RAFrenzy and Wendy!<3

  7. OML…CUTE! Yes, cute. That just says it all!!!!

    We are so so pathetic. Maybe I should just speak for myself. But then I’d be alone and I don’t want to be alone on this. Or do I? Oh crud. Going to my corner.

  8. I have never seen the middle photo it certanly looks like a ‘private’ photo the top photo i think comes from 42nd Street behind the scenes and the bottom one is cropped because it usually has another actor in it(the guy who played in a russian in Spooks )

  9. Cute yes, but there is no indication in those first two pics of the “phwoar!” that’s to come. Then in the third pic…those eyes…OMG. He just gets better looking as he gets older. Heaven help us in ten years’ time!!

    NB, I’ll keep you company in your corner!

  10. Pathetic, totally pathetic… It’s the drought making me pathetic, otherwise I would have been much more sensible ;)
    But seriously, every time I look at those early pictures I feel like it’s wrong, like they are telling me a secret that I shouldn’t know. Not that I’m saying it’s wrong to post them, but they make me feel weird. It’s probably just me (and the late night here).

  11. The cute, sweet, lovable and somewhat goofy boy turning into the gorgeous man–those eyes! I could lose myself so easily in them.Some things get better with age and Mr. Richard Armtiage is one of them. I think, like Paul Newman, he is going to be an absolutely beautiful older man. (Not that he isn’t beautiful now).

    I definitely think the sweet, dorky kid we see in those first two pics is still inside the poised, handsome and sexy gent we so admire today.

  12. angie, re the sweet, dorky kid inside, I agree, and that’s partly why he’s so appealing IMO.

  13. Back again…can’t go to bed tonight w/o seeing these pics. They. Just. Make. Me. Smile. a lot!!! Thanks for sharing, Frenz and Wendy. Y’all are da bomb! Back to my corner….

  14. Wow, what a big mouth!! Haven’t realised that before… Ladies, if you don’t mind I join you in the corner for a little chat and behaving pathetic… What a sweet boy he was and still is??Thank you RAFrenzy and Wendy for sharing this (unknown to me) pics. They made me squeak and laugh until deep in the night!!

  15. Pathetic? Probably, but I just can’t help it.

    I bet if he could ‘hear’ us he’ll be rolling his eyes non stop. As I said, can’t help it so I’ll enjoy it.

    (Almost forgot again: Thank you very much Frenz and Wendy for the pics)

    OML :)

  16. I took out the middle picture ’cause it had not been seen by a jillion people before I posted it, and it’s the one that made me uncomfortable. But the other two? They’ve been seen and seen and now I’m getting emails all about them, so I know they’ve been seen a lot. LOL!

  17. I love it when photos like this are unearthed . . . to glimpse that cute, fun-loving young fellow (he DOES have a really big mouth when he wants to, doesn’t he? That really came in handy when he was playing Sir Guy) . . . and then just a few years later, this picture of masculine beauty with such mesmerizing eyes.( I didn’t realize he had been to America that far back, either.)

    Talk about blossoming! I have gone back and looked at these photos several times. They make me smile. :D

  18. I have an involuntary grin when I look at these pictures. Since I’ve set myself a boundary, I was obligated to remove the middle one.

  19. As to being pathetic, if that’s the case, can I have some more of it?! :D And to think that at one time I thought I was above this sort of thing.

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  21. He looks so adorable in the top pic!!! :D
    Phwaor for the 2nd :O

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