Diary of an RA Fan — Part 697 Dragged Back From the Edge

Entry — December 16th, 2011:

Every time I think I’m done with this Richard Armitage addiction, something happens to keep me from making the leap away from it. When I see one of his candid pictures with those piercing eyes, I have a flood of thoughts that makes me want to get on my computer and start writing. It’s not that I fantasize about the guy (yeah, I know that no one is ever going to believe that even if it’s true), but he is compelling. Looking at the picture from the Macbeth tour makes it obvious why I think he will be a megastar if the American public ever really gets hold of him. But then there are so many variables, and maybe the guy doesn’t want that kind of fame. Shaking my head as I write this and thinking no way in hell I would want that kind of attention. How could you have a normal relationship when you have that kind of magnetism in a mere photograph? And for American women to drool over it? Not sure what I think, but apparently, I’m still addicted to whatever this is.

How in the world I ever thought this guy wasn’t nice looking I’ll never know. Maybe I was sick that day. Something was going on to distract me.

note: I had to post that photo twice. :D


  1. LOL, now YOU’RE trying to kill us! I’m willing to take one for the team, btw. *cough*

  2. Yeah right, you don’t fantasize about him! It MAY be true, but I do not believe you!!!!LOL
    Pictures like these do not help my addiction one bit. I do know what “IT” is, but this man soooo has “IT”.

  3. Yeah, he definitely has IT. But there’s a reason I don’t fantasize about him.

  4. I meant to say, “I don’t know what “it” is, but this man soo has “it”.

  5. Does it matter? :D

  6. Does it matter that you don’t fantasize? Not one bit. But I would be lying if I told you I was not curious as to why the hell not? LOL>>>>>>>

  7. I don’t trust myself.

  8. And I meant does it matter what IT is as long as IT is there? :D

  9. I would like to share with you all that my friends and family are now tired of hearing about Richard Armitage….. ..LOL……I am new to the world of RA….as recent as October upon my return from a visit to the UK and already I have bored everyone with my admiration for his work and my perception of the man I think he may be. SO this blog is great for me. Thanks RAFrenzy for the space to have a little fun and disucssion.

  10. Gracie,

    I’m glad we can “commiserate” and welcome. :D Best description I have of the sensation I wrote in a diary entry here (last paragraph)

  11. Thank you RAFrenzy and yes, your water/swimming analogy is perfect. Don’t know why, just want some more of it. LOL

  12. I’m a 50+, happily married woman and I DO fantasize about Richard Armitage! But I could never, ever, admit that to anybody in my RL!

  13. In the words of the 30s movies I have been watching lately . . .”Gee, he is just swell!”

    There is something very special about Richard Armitage–yeah, every so often I think I’ve “gotten over” him. But I haven’t.

  14. It’s strange how it seems one doesn’t merely become a fan of Richard Armitage, one becomes addicted. I’m slowing coming to terms with my own addictive leanings. I’m glad to know I’m not alone :-)

  15. He taps something visceral in us. Several in the RA blogosphere are trying to verbalize exactly what. I’m one of those. I think I know, but I haven’t gotten to that part of my diary entries.

  16. Yup! Dont fantasize about him either! Sorry no man deserves to be put pn a pedestal! LOL There is a difference between fantasizing about the characters or the man … right?

  17. Of course there’s a difference. The characters I’ve fantasized about plenty. :D In fact, my next post is coming up with just such a fantasy, but not a character he’s played — yet.

  18. Guy would be very much insulted if we DIDN’T fantasize about him. ;)

  19. Haha Angie! He must be so mad with me :D can feel he’s stern glare on me … well I’ll make up for it later ;)

  20. Is it just me or does he look like a complete gangster in that pic?? It’s gotta be the beard and the long hair (well long compared to what he has now) ;)

  21. Hmm. I think it’s just you, or maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t see a gangster. LOL!

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