And Something Else Finally Happened

Richard Armitage finally trended on Twitter, and it was organic and not manufactured by some rabid fans. My friends, he is no longer going to be all ours. The world is catching on. :D

Screencap courtesy of Julischka80.


  1. Awesome!

  2. HOORAY!!!!! :D

  3. Yep, that is what I am thinking. He will gain lots of recognition with this movie and it will propel him to further success and attention at an international level. I think he will attract a legion of new fans. But there are still another group of fans who knew him when……

  4. Yup. Tears in my eyes.

  5. Tears are justified.

    I have never been more afflicted with CWS. I really do feel like one of my own has made good! I may write a poem. :D

  6. Crazy number of hits the last 90 minutes.

  7. Do some of you understand how really difficult it is for a topic to trend? It’s a terrific feat, and imo, this is more indicative of his star on the rise than anything else we’ve seen.

  8. I don’t even do Twitter and I’m excited about this!!!

  9. Something is going on ’cause I’ve been getting almost twice what I was getting before I stopped blogging regularly back in the spring. I would love to think it’s because I”m so clever, but I’m too honest to think that. NO, it’s the interest in RA.

  10. For the tecnologically impaired like myself, I am thinking that there has to be a crazy number of people twitting about richard armitage for it to “trend.” Is that right?

  11. It takes a few thousand different users tweeting in a very near timeframe.

  12. And he registered above Peter Jackson, which was really interesting, too.

  13. Yep! I think he hit a nerve or somethin’ :D

  14. Wow! Thanks for that.
    I for one go on your blog several times a day…I have it on my favorites and so I check regularly to see what I am missing.

    Ps; I apologize for all my grammar and spelling mistakes tonight. I hate re-reading my posts and seeing all kinds of mistakes. I am excited and it is going onto midnight in my part of the world and i suppose I am getting tired.

    Thanks for the excitment tonight..

  15. I just looked at my search terms. What’s going crazy is the music. “They” liked the song / the singing.

  16. Gracie, this is the last place you need to worry about that. We’re just glad you’re here.

    Servetus, I haven’t looked at anything yet, but I’ve been getting a lot of hits the last couple of weeks.

  17. It will be an interesting next few days as all the reviews and analysis of the trailer will be popping up.

    And that music was both beautiful and haunting and that voice, well I can go on all night about that voice.

  18. yeah, me too — every day a few more than more than normal, but I mean tonight specifically.

  19. I’ve got few wondering about the song, and a bunch about wanting to know where he lives, his address, etc. LOL!

  20. Interesting. Obviously the search terms lead googlers to blogs that discuss those things, but you discuss music a lot as well.

  21. I wish I could comment on the trend thingy but since I don’t tweet or pretend to understand it all, I’ll just say “Stupendous!”

    @Gracie, I happen to be the Queen of mistypes, misspells. You fit right in!!

  22. Servetus, It will be interesting to see what happens. You may not remember, but I have inhibited the Google bot, but something happened recently. Google indexed my site differently so that it now comes up a little higher. I was not indexed on mobile and now I am. I’m not sure why they did it. It really makes no sense, and I”m not kidding about being happy on the 18th page. LOL! Much more freedom that way. It’s given me pause about publishing some things, but then I can always start another blog.

  23. What is trended on Twitter??
    I have no idea what this means can someone explain it to me please.
    I am guessing it is a good thing but have no idea beyond that – help!

  24. Beth, a trending topic on Twitter is excellent. It means thousands of people are talking about the topic near the same time. It’s a cool thing to have happen and definitely indicative of his name being much more well known after tonight!

  25. Thank you for explaining I really need to learn how this whole Twitter thing works. How wonderful for him to be noticed for all of his amazing work but how sad we will all have to share him with the world.

    I would also like to say I think you have a wonderful site and I enjoy visiting it daily. Thank you for all the effort you put into this.

  26. So, what now?
    Now,all “nay” sayers must eat theirs hats, and all trolls go back to your caves!:D

  27. Hooray for Richard! Who SINGS in the trailer and everything! :D Joy to the world!!

  28. I must admit, I think my tears at watching the trailer, although happy ones at finally seeing Richard as Thorin, and being so proud of him, are in part a sense of loss, letting go of this delicious secret we’ve had all these years, and now having to share him with the rest of the world. As you say, frenz, he is no longer all our’s. It seems like the end of what has always felt to be an intimate fanship.
    Of all the Hobbit cast, his is the only name on that list. He has certainly made an impression!!

  29. Yep, his was the only cast member name, and yet IMDb didn’t mention him in their tweet. I think, and I’m so biased here it’s not funny, that he is such a presence that they can’t give him too much or he will overwhelm them all as he did as Sir Guy.

  30. @chabesquen Maybe you’ll recoconsider. :D I promise it won’t kill brain cells. Okay, it won’t kill more brain cells than some hooch.

  31. Well, it’s about time the world gets introduced the the awesomeness that is RA! I am happy for him. :)

  32. Miss you, Nat!! You have to make hay with the Thorin character. Things wouldn’t be complete without that. :D

  33. I have to say I think it’s hilarious that he trended at the same time as Dick In A Box.

  34. DING. DING. DING. DING. DING. You win my unofficial contest. I was wondering when someone was going to mention that. About right it would be you. :D

  35. I wonder what that says about us? I think many of the other fangurls were either so overcome by the last couple of entries or they’re too genteel to mention it. :D

  36. I thought about it, and then thought, wow, it’s good he doesn’t call himself “Dick” or “Richie” or even “Rick.” “Richard” is just right for his gravitas. Of course, if he does ever play RIII, he’ll probably have his buds call him Dickon.

  37. I had the same thought! LOL!! Good think he stick to Richard.

  38. Actually, one of my closest friends is named Dick, and I never think about it as vulgar or an object of ridicule, but people can be cruel. I hope I never am about someone’s name.

  39. I figure everyone has the right to be called as s/he wishes. I had 3 Mohammeds in class this fall (according to the roster) and each asked to be called something else. I assume that is because of name-related prejudice, and I found it disturbing.

  40. It is sad when someone has to deny their identity. It’s interesting that someone can spell their name Jones, pronounce it Smith, and it’s legal. I love that freedom, but only if it’s their desire.

  41. @Frenz…I just double checked and “Crass” is right there in my job description between “Dorky” and “Stating the Obvious,” LOL.

    About people being cruel about names…I grew up in the 70s with a name that was two or three letters off from a MAJOR basketball player. Yes, kids can be cruel.

  42. […] the obligatory #richardarmitage hashtag, drawing into doubt the likelihood that the actor will trend again anytime […]

  43. […] I Have a Plan edit: Richard Armitage did trend on Twitter […]

  44. […] Now, for those who weren’t around yet (I can’t believe I’m writing stuff like that now), December 2011 was a big month in Armitageworld. And for me: on the day I saw that photo, I had just drive a very long distance, for the Chanukkah / Christmas conjuncture, and switched frames from work to home. But in Armitageworld, the appearance of those pictures occurred shortly after Jonia broke the photos from Use Me as Your Cardigan (2002), so more youngish Armitage, which also had hit me very hard for several days. And just a little after this, we were to see the first trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and #richardarmitage trended on Twitter for the first time. […]

  45. […] Trending is when a hashtag or person or event becomes very popular on Twitter. It takes a helluva lot for something to trend, and yes, Richard Armitage has trended on Twitter. […]

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