Finally, The Hobbit Trailer

And it was well worth the wait:

And some caps…

Still looks good on a horse:


Caps are my stash. I may have to post some more later. :D


  1. Completely gobsmacked! Must watch again. And again. THE VOICE!!! Double WOW!

  2. Wow that looks amazing and is there anything RA can not do……he can sing! I think he is just lovely.

  3. Gobsmacked is most definitely the perfect description. O!M!G! Cannot wait!!

  4. Is this man going to ooze loads of big screen charisma in this role?
    Do I have a three-legged cat with a Hitler mustache?

    Yes and yes!!!

    Very impressed with the overall look of the film and my gosh, but
    Richard looks and sounds WONDERFUL. I already knew he could sing from that snippet of Clarissa, but to hear pretty much an entire song . . . thank you, Sir Peter.Thank you!

  5. I’m on the gobsmacked train as well!! Was fabulous to see Richard in full costume but then to suddenly realize that the song was going from him…superdupergobsmacked! Cannot wait till it hits theatres…doing the hobbit dance just thinking about it.

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Definitely gobsmacked! Great word for how I feel cause I can’t breathe!

  8. LOL Ang! Loving the cat description even tho I hate cats…sorry.

    This is just so much more that my imagination could dream up. I discussed Tin Tin w/oldest grand today. He’s ready to go. I am MORE THAN READY!!!!!!!!!! I cannot begin to absorb how Thorin is going to sound in SURROUND SOUND! Grands may have to carry me out of the theater. Thanks for getting this up so fast Frenz and Giz!

  9. This will be an amazing movie. I think great fame and success awaits our Mr. Armitage. Soon, everyone will be talking of his portrayal of Thorin. I am so emotional because I really think he will be getting all the recognition he so deserves.

  10. so now I’m eating non-stop Texas Trash instead of candy. I just can’t slow downnnnn!

  11. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that The Hobbit will be as much or more beloved than the LOTR trilogy. Yep, I’m that confident. :D

    Now if we could just get TPTB to have Richard Armitage do the audio book.

  12. and he could SING there too??!!!!

  13. Gone to watch it again!

  14. He needs to put out a music cd. I would love to go to bed hearing his voice sing to me.

  15. This night is almost as much fun as waaay back in 2010 when we heard he was going to be in The Hobbit. No wait. It’s more fun! Cause we got to hear him sing with The Voice that can really really sing!!!

  16. Brilliant! Even a short is beautifully edited and directed! More than an appetiser… i’m hooked!

  17. I have to confess that this trailer has made an honest poster out of me. I’ve been a lurker and now feel compelled to post, lol…I absolutely love RA in the trailer! He’s going to be sooo good in this movie. Gosh! I’m so happy for him, but just a little part of me wishes that he doesn’t become too famous, do you know what I mean??? Can’t wait for the movie and all the forthcoming interviews :)

    p.s. I wonder if he’ll be walking the red carpet by himself at the premier, hmm…

  18. Oops, Prue, I’ve got net blur. I responded to your comment on my other piece. I am so hooked on this movie now. I really want to see it, and before well, I wanted to see it, but not like now.


    I’m so glad you came out of lurking. Maybe some others will do the same. It’s much more fun to share.

    I do know what you mean. He’s been pretty much all ours for a long time, and that’s about to change. But I’m also pleased as punch for him. The guy is such a talent. It would be a shame to keep him all to ourselves. :D

    If he walks the red carpet by himself, I hope people don’t have a meltdow over it. LOL!

  19. NB, do you put lots of Tabasco on that Texas Trash? If so, pass me some!

  20. Nope, no Tabasco! This bunch puts Tabasco on everything but the kitchen sink AND my Trash. My tummy can’t take it. But after tonight’s overindulgence (thankyouverymuch Mr. Armitage) Pepsid will be my best friend when and IF I ever crawl into bed. Just too much excitement. And I canNOT get that hauntingly beautiful song out of my head….

  21. I am so impressed with the song. Perfectly done for that trailer. It really sucked me into the story.

  22. The song is so hauntingly beautiful . . . it does indeed transport you to this other time and place. And it makes me so proud Richard was leading the singing, as, of course, a proper dwarf king would . . .

    I think of those who have dismissed him as “wooden” and “OK eye candy”

    Oh, how blind, deaf and dumb (and I don’t mean mute) some people are IMHO.

  23. Oh wow – thanks for posting this up! I now have to wait HOW LONG for this to come out :(
    That is an amazing song to have him sing – need this released on a CD (as previously stated) He (and that voice) is the reason I’m buying an audiobook for the first time ever!

  24. Hayley, Wait! I’m giving some more away after the holidays! Unless of course you can’t wait. :D

  25. I’m so proud of him,it’s rediculous :)
    I’m dangerously clouse to….
    ….I wish you a Marry Christmas….
    …..I wish you a MarryChristmas..
    …I wish you a Marry Christmas..
    ..and a Happy New Year..!
    kisses from Poland

  26. That is lovely, Joanna.

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