I Know You’re All Waiting

…Waiting for Richard Armitage to give us a message. I still think it would be cool if he did a verbal, and no, I won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t. But wouldn’t that be cool? Seriously? Oh well, maybe next year. :D

A picture for your trouble in coming over here. It just never gets old, and as usual you can click to enlarge:

Screencap from my stash

edit: if you’re new to Richard Armitage, I hope that photo might somehow inspire you to stop and consider what’s going on in New Zealand and give them some help.


  1. I’ll be happy whatever he does :)

  2. Well, hullo, Thorin. Word on the street is you are going to be dropping by my house soon. Be prepared. Guy will surely attempt to out-alpha you. But you ARE the king. ;)

  3. Happy with any RA crumbs..lol
    Seriously we know he has been super busy these last few months so I won’t be too disappointed if he doesn’t get time.
    God bless all those in Christchurch atm…thinking of you.

  4. I’ll be happy with whatever too.

    Yeah, Thorin is king. :D Have you clicked on that photo? It’s 1920×800 from the HD vid. Fine looking.

  5. I wonder if he will give us a message this year. That would be so lovely of him given that he has been so busy and I am sure he has much going on. I wonder if he is excited or anxious about the oncoming publicity and reviews, etc.

    Actually a verbal message from Thorin would be nice too.Maybe in song….. And a message from Guy, and John Porter and Mr. Thornton of course, lol

  6. I’ll take a verbal from any of those guys. :D

  7. We got a message after the Christchurch event and and after his birthday as well, so he certainly hasn’t cancelled them. But he may well be on a plane home or something like that.

  8. Thank you for that wonderful picture and for all the lovely thoughts your sending to New Zealand. I live in NZ and have family and friends in Christchurch which is always a worry when this happens.

  9. Beth,

    I hope all your family and friends are safe in the wake of the earthquake. NZ is certainly a beautiful country–I have so enjoyed seeing the footage of the location shoots for TH– and has been through a lot this year.

  10. Thank you we now know everyone is safe just a little shaken – literally but no real damage. It has been a rather trying year for little NZ but we are a hardy bunch and will keep going. The joy for those of us who adore RA is knowing he is in our little country and having a great time.

  11. Relieving news Beth!:)
    And now , may I just…..click … click…..enlarge….*sigh*..*swoon*..:)
    Thanks RAF:)

  12. Beth, just keeping going is the best. And thinking about how to re-build. That keeps you going. It is fortuitous that RA has been in NZ, and his presence has highlightened his fan community to awareness and donating, that could otherwise have been under the radar.
    Best wishes to you, from one in a slightly Canadian fault/quake zone. Just feeling the effect of a deep-earth 7-something quake a few miles away is enough.

  13. Message has arrived on RAonline. :-)

  14. Thank you, Jane!

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