What a Life!

Hobbiton! What a wonderful tribute to Tolkien and a magnificent playground for Peter Jackson and his crew. I became tickled at witnessing the descriptions of the village and couldn’t help thinking it a massive toy. But I mean no disrespect. I envy Sir Peter’s ability to do what he loves and bring such affirmation and adulation to a place he adores — New Zealand. And who wouldn’t love what we’ve seen? It’s lush and yet firm — the velvet rolling hills and jagged mountains peeking through at times and then overwhelming to remind of their solidarity and unrelenting pursuit of the sky. How many places on earth have those qualities? It’s a special place. And it struck me that those qualities are often manifest in Richard Armitage. It’s almost as if this place was made for him.


  1. I envy that Peter Jackson obviously does not worry about his hair.

  2. Yeah! I think I made a crack about how I loved it in one of my fake fan letters. I LOVE his hair!

  3. He’s so adorably untidy. He has a cuddly teddy bear quality to him.

    Richard really seems to love NZ, and considering how much time he is having to spend there, that’s a good thing.

  4. It’s funny that you mentioned that Frenz, because lately I’ve been thinking to myself that RA moving in to NZ could be on his thoughts. That place really suits him :)

  5. Oh, it would be great if Richard moved to this area of the world!!! But, no, he’s too much of a Brit – actually love that about him.

    Yep, PJ can rightly be proud of that little set of islands across the Tasman Sea from me….everyone says it’s such a beautiful place. I just wish Australia got some of its rain…we certainly could do with that.

    OK, you internationalistas……come visit this neck-of-the-woods any time you like…….we’ll welcome you with open arms and show you just how to be more laid-back!

  6. Kathryn,

    Be careful; I might take you up on that.

    I also think RA is too much Londoner to move somewhere else permanently.

  7. But nevermind RA, I’d like to move over there. : D

  8. London is a nice place to pursue anonymity. Move to a “small town,” you begin to have small town problems :)

  9. I visited the UK this past fall for the first time and LOVED London ( and Ireland/Scotland,, etc). I love big cities, I live in a big French Canadian one now. Love it too. I do not think that I could do a small town for longer than a week. Unless of course i had someone or something to keep me busy. I am thinking that working on a PJ movie would be one and maybe being RA’s personal assistant being another.

  10. My husband and I fell in love with London first time around in 08, and returned this year. As you say servetus, it’s a good place to stay anonymous. Heck, they film Spooks in the streets and no one notices!
    I have loved the idea that Richard has been so much closer these last few months. Only a four hour plane ride away instead of over the other side of the world. :) I’ve even wondered if he might be at the Australian Hobbit premiere, as in all likelihood he’ll attend the NZ one!

  11. Aw! So much love for London! I live here and I always end up wondering what the big deal is, lol. But yes it is the perfect place to hide, the amount of times I have bumped into Richard… *sigh* None. The amount of times I’ve seen Spooks being filmed… None. The amount of times I have seen ANYONE famous film… None. I always end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time – which is basically anywhere a celeb is NOT.
    Anyway, I’m sure my time will come, when I’m about 50 years old. Might have to break into his Home then since he’ll be 70 o_O

    Btw, anyone try and find Richard in that shot of them all saying “Merry Christmas”? Frenz, you’ve normally got a great eye for this kind of stuff, any chance of getting a freeze frame of that shot so we can see where’s wally? :D

  12. Your wish is my command: http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af145/RAFrenzy/f401a0ef-2.jpg

    Blow it up to really see; at least I think that’s him.

  13. I had picked him, too, Frenz – certainly looks like him with some of “Thorin” still on him!

  14. Merry Christmas, everyone – 8.34am 25 Dec 2011 in eastern Australia.

  15. I thought he might be with the other dwarves but I couldn’t be sure. I thought if Aiden Turner grew back his beard that would be him (the one you’re pointing to) but it looks like RA with his hair and make-up still on.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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