Tolkien Juxtaposition

No, this isn’t going to be heady. I’m too busy being heady in real life to bring it here.


How wonderful it’s been for us Richard Armitage fans to brush up against the Tolkien fans. The association has had definite advantages with the most important being the diminishing of my self-consciousness. I thought I was rabid. Ooooh, I am nothing. I don’t even know how to er, fan properly, and really none of you do either. We are so lacking by comparison. We don’t have a YouTube channel, we don’t have an annual convention, we don’t have tours. So relax, we’re not quite there.

Give it time. :D

One thing we do have is a wicked sense of humor about the object of our affection, and our “object” returns it. Go here to begin. And I have to say thank you again to Richard.

Dear Richard,

Thanks for the laughs. In keeping with your admonishment, I forgive you for not making a verbal message. It wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun.

A crazy fan, who enjoys Tolkien but not quite as much as I enjoy your version of it. :D

We also have better pictures:

Wait! That’s one of their pictures. See what I mean?! ;-)

This is better:

As always, you can click on any photo to enlarge, and then click again for the original size, which is even larger.

Top photo is from my stash of screencaps of Hobbit Vlog #5, which might make you go blind looking for RA.

Bottom photo courtesy of KuchingGirl and enhanced by Sheepa.

edit: before anyone takes me too seriously, I have to say that I love the last Vlog by Sir Peter. He’s a class act, and it’s only fitting as such that he would highlight his crew.


  1. LOL! You’re absolutely right, we don’t even begin to approach the levels of fannishness that others do. I think anyone new to fandom at all — not just this one — should read the Fan History Wiki for a little perspective. The Army, no matter how the press tries to portray us as total loons, is truly small potatoes in comparison to fandoms that are decades old. There’s an entry there that talks about a scifi fandom drama from 1941. There’s also no entry for RA or the AA so we’re still under the radar.

  2. I bow before you, KuchingGirl and Sheepa…wow, double wow on that second pic. That is amazing.

    Yeah, and then there are the Trekkies…need I say more?! =0)

  3. I loved all of the Vlogs, I just wish he hadn’t done that one on the 3D filming of The Hobbit; now I HAVE to watch it in 3D!
    I have to explain by saying that I can’t stand 3D films, their effects are lost on you 20 minutes into the film (they work perfectly for the trailers BEFORE the film) unless you play about with your 3D glasses, taking them off to see the blurriness and then putting them on again to see it sharp, you don’t really NOTICE it’s 3D. AND it gives me a headache.
    The only film it worked in was Tangled, the entire film seemed normal enough but in the lantern scene they must have boosted the 3D because we could see them right in front of us!
    Even though it’ll give me a headache I will have to check out The Hobbit it 3D. Jackson’s putting in all that work, all those cameras… And who knows? He is a genius, so maybe the 3D effect will last for his entire film!
    So I’ll watch it in 2D, then again in 3D. Surely that’ll make me a good enough RA fan AND Tolkien/ Peter Jackson fan, right? (I’m still very far behind with no blog, youtube vids, etc).

  4. Thanks November Bride! :D

  5. Speaking of Trekkies…..

  6. Lol…and all so true! Def better pictures ;)

  7. Uh I love this enhanced b/w pic! Absolutely marvellous. THANK YOU
    Frenzy, are you certain with that arrow? I tried so hard to find him but sure as we know he indeed prefers to stay in the background. Looks definitely a bit hairy all over.
    BTW I’m one of those who is quite content with fandom the way it is now. Small potatoes can taste even better…. A couple of million more would scare the hell out of me! Armitageworld seems anyway pretty overwhelming big, considering where you guys all live or come from. It’s quite a good deal of work for my tiny little brain to digest all the daily RA (or somehow related) input and not enough to still handle the barely controllable virulent PHWOAR…. LOL

  8. @Frenz…my brain just melted, thanks! LOL!

  9. ROTFLOL! Frenz, I stumbled upon that lovely vid of Mr. Nimoy over the weekend. It’s just embarassing. Plain and simple. But funny!!!!

    RA looks like he’s kinda floating above all the “common” people. You know, being a king and all…

  10. Thanks, Frenz, Sheepa and KuchingGirl for the photos!

    I was curious, but is the second one a recent one of him back in the UK?
    I was just thinking that even if he wasn’t an actor, I definately would give this guy a second a look :) Geez, I’m sure I’m just stating the obvious here, lol…

  11. I think a convention sounds like a great idea! ~Jael

  12. @Joann, you’re living and breathing thus the second look. How could you NOT?!!! Like my Bible professor said once, “I married, not blind.”

  13. Word, NovemberBride…word ;)

  14. JB, LIke I said: I’m here to serve.

    Thanks for the link! I’ve always been struck by the sanity and intelligence of RA’s admirers — meltdowns aside. If you all hadn’t been that way, I would have been worn out long ago.


    I’m not sure if that’s RA, but when I blow up the picture, it looks a lot like his make-up.

    Mairi, LOL! And don’t you love it!

    Joann, That photo is a behind the scenes shot when Spooks 7 was being filmed on the street. I’ve actually posted several from this set over a few posts. Just hit “behind the scenes” in the tag cloud on the right sidebar to see them.

    Jael, I’m game. :D

    NB, that video is awful. I got it from Leonard Nimoy’s timeline on Twitter. Yeah, he posted it himself LOL!

    As for second photo, if I saw that on the street, I would stand slack jawed for no telling how long. He is that good looking. Yeow!

    When I was in college, I was a Young Life counselor, and I’ll never forget one of our sponsors telling us women counselors,”Just because a person marries doesn’t mean she becomes blind.” This was a wonderful Christian woman. I think she was about 50 years old at the time, and I thought then, “Phew, 50 year old women think about things like that? Wow!” LOL!

  15. Phew! Talk about typos! My last comment was rife with them. Just edited. Not sure I caught them all. LOL!

  16. Gosh, I go from lurker to out of control posting…but just to piggyback on the “convention” idea…I’m sure it’s been mentioned somewhere, but I am hoping that Peter Jackson AND RA might be at ComiCon 2012. Wouldn’t that be something?

  17. The “I’m married not blind.” comment must have been taught at seminary?! Just a wild guess. Ahem.

    Now why would a grown man who getting on up there..yeah, yeah, like I something like that?!! He was either drunk or possesed. Or both.

    OK, so here’s the plan…when we run into RA (we WILL be together!!), you’ll have the wherewithall to run up to him and say something like, “See my old friend over there. She’s just got a few months to live so why don’t you just run over there and say howdy.” Dontcha think that’d work? It’d at least give you something to do while I just stand there and gaze!! And tha’t’s about all I’d be able to do.

  18. You’re killin’ me!!!!!! ROFLOL!!! Hmmm. that might work except you don’t look old.

    Joann, July 11-15 in San Diego, $175 for the entire convention. Not bad — especially if you can room with about six people at the hotel. LOL!

  19. Their link if anyone is interested:

  20. Thanks, again Frenz!

  21. Add my vote for an annual convention – I think we should have one :)

    If I knew he absolutely,positively would be at Comic-Con I might be tempted.

  22. Foolishly, I did try to look for RA ala Where’s Waldo in the Vlog pic and did nearly go blind in my attempt. I applaud you for your success. The things we would do for him….

  23. I would go to Comic-Con for him if I didn’t think there were bigger Tolkien (and RA) fans who could do with my ticket (and if I wasn’t too poor to buy one, lol). I mean, I’ve never been to comic-con (tickets sell out at one point right?), I would love to go but that means flying to San Diego in the first place as well as getting the ticket and practically living there for a couple of days.
    Crazy. I don’t think I’m just on that level of crazy yet. I’m sure there will be fans already saving up their money for that trip, fans who could spit out Tolkien as they speak, probably be able to speak Khuzdul too! But since that ain’t me, well I hope they have a brilliant time! I shall be watching it all on Youtube!

  24. […] Tolkien fans. Frenz has her stuff together on them, but I’m still often bemused about The One Ring. I admit that I understand least the Tolkien […]

  25. Thank you NovemberBride, am just happy to share. Sheepa, what a fine job you did making Richard stand out in that photo.
    I nearly wept seeing Richard sing in the Hobbit trailer. That was so beautiful !! What a long way he’s come ! And yet he remains as sweet and down-to-earth as ever, sending us his Christmas message in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. He is truly special.

  26. You took some excellent pictures. I’m going to get to the others very, very soon. The close up is coming. :D

  27. Gosh, really ?! :-D A friend of mine said she nearly fell off her chair when she saw the close up one. lol

  28. I’ll put a warning on that post. :D

  29. OK you two. Cut it out. Not fair and if you don’t hurry up and get it posted, I’m coming over to whack you. And you know I will….

  30. I’ve got to time it just right. :D

  31. But it’s coming really soon. S9 pics too. :D KuchingGirl has been good to us!

  32. “I’ve got to time it just right.” Nice try but I’m not buying it.

    Define really soon. I want specifics. KuckingGirl is a saint! I thank her profusely! If I could, I’d send her a case of apricot jam.

    The question is…just how long have you been holding out on us??!!!! =0)

  33. If I tell you, then I would have to flee. (ducks head).. But I swear I’ll be posting very soon. There is a method to my madness!!

  34. @KuchingGirl Thanks for the pic! He stood out anyway but my hands just itched to play about with it to show just how much! :D

  35. Just give me a fan. (With ostritch feathers?) Waving, waving, fanning…
    Sorry to be late, blinded by holiday stuff and turkeys roasting in an open fire. (Maybe not) Just give me a fan with turkey feathers….thanks.

  36. Frenzy, a method in madness sounds perfectly healthy to me and actually mightily encouraging…….:D
    But briefly nonetheless I’ve to confess: I’m nosy!
    (Oh ok, there she goes to that popular cheeky girls’ corner. Hopefully meeting cheerful kindred spirits….)

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