When Something is Just Wrong

Warning: put down anything you were about to put in your mouth. You have been warned.

Click for the culprit. ;-)


Ahem. I couldn’t help that even though I know some of you like this look.

Now that I’m reasonably sure my laptop will survive, I’ll take my leave for the evening. :D

edit: back this morning, and I have many more thoughts about these photos coming up in the next post. For now I’ll say that they have struck at something I was going to talk about more in-depth at some point — Richard’s ability to immerse himself so completely in a character. More soon. For now, I have to go drive around on the side of a mountain.


  1. LOL!!! Damn right, I like this look. :)

  2. Noooooooo! Judi, say it ain’t so!!! :D

  3. Oh, thanks so much for the laugh!!! I’m still laughing as I type this. That Farrah Thornton is killing me. The bottom right one, that’s my hair, when I’m having a really bad hair day. LOL!!!!!!

  4. Definitely laughing! The John Thornton one looks like it belongs on the cover of a romance novel.

  5. LOL…I can deal with a long haired Thornton, but Lucas and Porter.Nooooooooooo!!

  6. Pretty sure I’ll now be rethinking the “Lust Factor” of Season 3 Guy. Thank you for giving me something to help me put my obsession into check!

  7. LOL! Thanks for the warning!
    I had a little crush on my drawing teacher,he looks like Richard on those pictures. It seems that only GoG(and very young ballet dancer)
    look good in long hair;)

  8. What an early morning shocker! Gasp…LOL. I actually loved the look of season 3 Guy, and I somehow can let pass Thornton with a new hairstyle. Although then he isn’t Thornton any more, right? He recalls me more of my fantasy “Highwayman” in Angie’s fic (The Panther..). But Lucas and Porter: no-no-no !
    Frenzy hot thanks for this brisk jump start into the day. ;-)

  9. Looks like Thorin hair. ;-)

  10. Okay – this is awful :-) LOL. But I am afraid that I am one of those Guy S3 lovers – got something with men and long hair ;-)

  11. I love Guy S3 and I adore his hair — on him. The hair that is the most awkward is on Richard Armitage as himself.

  12. @Pam. “Farrah Thornton”! I can’t take it, I am laughing too much.

    Now I have another want….to wash his hair. lol

  13. The dark-haired Fabio! :) HAHAHA. I scrolled down and burst out laughing. Thanks for making me smile! :) And you know I love Gizzy’s long locks… but not on the other characters!!! haha.

  14. Where’d I leave the brain bleach?

  15. Pass me some when you find it.

    RA and Fabio in the same sentence?! ewwwww! :D

  16. Thornton actually doesn’t look so bad with it! He looks more like a Heathcliff than a Thornton though, which is fine with me :D

  17. RA versus (God forbid) Fabio …is like..
    Sophia Loren versus Kate Moss;)

  18. I love you, Joanna! :D

  19. I love the rest of you too, but today, I especially love Joanna.

  20. I love you too,RAFrenzy!
    Each comment is like my declaration of love:D

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