Yes, the Kid in the Back

Ali has put up a photo of Richard Armitage on tour with 42nd Street c. 1991. Do I need to diagram this? Nope, it’s obvious. He’s in the back with a huge grin on his face. What a joy to watch someone like that. I have a child who is rather tall and also a dancer. She is in the back a lot due to her height. When you’re taller than the others, you are often relegated to the back. But the look of pure joy on her face usually makes her stand out. She is almost always smiling. That’s her natural response to most public situations and to life in general. Perhaps I’m imbuing RA with her qualities, but it seems that he smiles a lot. I love that. There’s not enough smiling in the world.

Click to enlarge

Photo courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

edit: So perhaps Richard is standing behind the front of the line. I’m not sure, but that slightly pointed ear of the dark headed guy might be his. But I stand by what I said earlier about him smiling. If nothing else, the other picture taken behind the scenes at 42nd Street supports the claim. :D


  1. That is so cute, what a find! Richard looks like a baby, how old was he- do you know?
    As a tall person, I’m too was always at the back in class photos etc and in family group shots, good place to hide!! Smiling too!!

  2. He was born in 1971 so he must be 19 or 20.

  3. Aww he looks so sweet (from what I can see!) They all do. They are all young. Who would have thunk it that he would be leading man and a leading dwarf in the movies lol….I love old photographs. They are precious as they hold moments in time forever. Great find.

  4. You can read how Ali received the picture under News, January 3rd:

  5. Awwww. They look like they’re headed for Dodge City Days! =0)

  6. Aww, they all look so sweet – and what a huge smile! I was always in the back row in the middle – giving me the family nickname of ‘Blip’ – so I know how that goes, it can be fun :D

  7. LOL! Great find MsG,Jonia will be jealous:)
    Yet another proof that the sweet children grow into good people.
    Thanks RAFrenzy!

  8. He was easy to pick out with his height and big smile. He really does radiate joy. It makes me smile to look at him. What a find!

  9. They all look like children, not like twenty.

  10. Thanks RAFrenzy and MsG:)
    Richard and his joyful smile-of course!:D

  11. That is just sooooo cute Frenzy. You’re dead right about there not being enough smiling in this world too! You must be so proud of your daughter. I’ve always wished I could dance but never had the guts to try it. I’ve always been terribly self conscious about my body as I’ve always felt I packed just a little too much fat around the hips for comfort. I love looking at dancers though. It’s the most beautiful and intimate way of expressing your art I can think of – using the entire body & spirit. Dancers also have this beautiful stance when they’re not dancing – completely in tune with their own bodies & totally balanced. You can still see this in RA as well. I wish I could see him dance one day – I bet he’s fab at that as well :-)

  12. Great pic! I hadn’t seen it before, so thanks for posting. Aww… what a cutie baby Richard is! :)

  13. Aawwwww bless!!!! Love him! :D

  14. edited the post with verbiage suggesting RA could be somewhere else in in the picture. I still think it’s the boy at the back of the line because it looks so much like the boy in the behind the scenes picture at 42nd street.

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