Guy Secrets Are Up

This was tough. I received 20 cards and about 30 secrets in the Guy Secrets contest. Three cards were from people who decided not to have them published. No problem; I never want anyone to feel awkward. One card I already published, but the person doesn’t want to be in the contest. Two cards really weren’t appropriate. Censorship you say? Yes, and you can thank me now for it. LOL! Interesting what happens when you open up a contest to the entire web. Phew! Yes, I knew I was going to get something not fit for print. I’m lucky it was just two. :D

And there was a very interesting card that came in this morning. See if you can guess which one.

Go here to see the slideshow. It plays automatically, but you can hit pause if you like.

I’ll do a random selection, contact the winner, and announce Tuesday.


  1. Oh my there are some real “corkers” as my Dad would say!!
    How on earth are you going to choose- Good luck

  2. I numbered them, and then using a random number generator to select.

  3. Some of them made me laugh out loud. Good luck!

  4. These are GREAT! I had to go back through a second time in order to fully enjoy each and every one. I found the bikini one very interesting. Loved the one with the boom mike–clever!! They are all goodies.

  5. Just to reiterate, I am not selecting these myself. A random number generator is doing the job. The last one I received was most interesting. That was sometime late this morning.

  6. Oh, it would be so hard to make a decision. The random number the best way to go.

  7. What a super idea this contest was. Loved all those entries! If I had been handier with photoshopping I would have had more entries.

  8. It amazes me how people are creative… Great and funny secrets!! It’s really difficult to choose one!!

  9. “I don’t really remember the plot of this episode” *laughing out loud* I love that one!!

  10. I love the creativity of the fandom. I’m so proud to be in. ;-)

  11. These are fabulous,extremly funny!:)
    Closest to my………..heart;).. is nr.4.

  12. Aw those secrets are great! :D

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