A Few Items of Note From Down Under

[Note: It’s come to my attention that I have misapplied the description of Oz to NZ and neither parties like it! So this post is now titled “A Few Items of Note From Down Under and Slightly to One Side.” Thank you for the suggestion, Maegwen. :D]

I was awaiting the return of Joanna Scarratt and her report from New Zealand. In my head the report had taken on a life of its own. For those not familiar, Joanna is part of the Brand Partnership Department at United Agents, and my snark gene wants to go off on what it means to develop Richard Armitage as a brand. Tough work but someone has to do it. And the report? Wonderfully brief. You can read here. It confirms the idea that the first rule of branding is to leave the public wanting more. :D Maybe a shirt color would have been welcomed. It’s amazing what my mind can do with that little.

The bidding on Peter Jackson’s offer to host two people on ‘The Hobbit’ set is final, and the amount was a bit surprising to me. I made the assumption it would end with a much higher figure. Surely someone will take issue with my expectations, but I can’t help my gut reaction: c’mon, people! it’s Peter Jackson! Then again Peter Jackson is more low key and under the radar at times than I first imagined, and I suspect this unassuming demeanor is part of his charming heritage as a Kiwi. Net: if I had known the bidding was within my capabilities, I might have bid. SO has always wanted to go to New Zealand.

If I ever do go to New Zealand, I have to visit Lake Wanaka. The area is very familiar since friends and some acquaintances have visited, and it’s also the home of Jossi Wells, who spends a lot of time in my neck of the woods and is very well known here:

New Zealand has been on my bucket list for years. It’s obviously a beautiful place, but frankly, so is the area where I live. So the attraction to the country is not just its beauty, and no, this has nothing to do with Richard Armitage. Of all the people I’ve met from New Zealand (both face to face and online), to a person they have been down-to-earth. That is quite a statement about the country. I may have said this before, but it doesn’t matter. It’s significant enough that it bears repeating.


  1. That fact that RA’s marketing agent has her own blog is interesting for 10 different reasons. I wonder how she will utilize her blog in the future as she develops him. Isn’t the internet amazing? ;)

  2. Joanna Scaratt- what a chatty person. :]

  3. Crud. I thought she’d give us some real news. Maybe later?!!! Thanks for the link, Frenz. Like I need another rabbit to chase!

    On that note tho, the rabbit one…I watched Downton Abbey last night. Saw Sir Richard Carlisle and kept thinking where the heck have I seen him before? Thought and thought and finally went to imDb. VAUGHN EDWARDS in Spooks!! Duh. He really is a nice looking man but it appears that he may the baddie once again??

  4. It’s cool that she mentioned mr. A again, but if I were Adam Brown I would have wanted to be mentioned again too (read her previous post). I’ll start a blog about Adam Brown in protest, Joanna! LOL!

  5. Meant to add that NZ has been a Must since the moment I saw PJ’s panoramic sweep of those mountains in LotR!!!! I remember hubs looking at me and we both said, “WOW!” at the same time!

  6. Indeed, a wonderfully brief report from Joanna. IMHO a bit too short to be of any branding or marketing value for Richard. But that was probably not her intention. And I’m sure she couldn’t give any more details due to the confidentiality agreement she must have had to sign for her visit to the set of The Hobbit.
    Yes, a shirt colour would have been nice…

  7. Hi Frenz…your post’s title is a little misleading, I’m afraid. The term “Down Under” refers to Australia, not NZ. But I’ll forgive you! LOL. Thank you for the link to Joanna’s blog

  8. Kathryn, at one time it was just Australia, but world wide ‘Down Under has come to mean a larger area of the Pacific.

  9. Last time I looked NZ was across the pond from me in Oz, so unless it’s moved recently that makes it “down under” to me. :-)

  10. The whole scenery in South Island is breathtaking!!! I haven’t even strated to post my pics of the area as I simply don’t feel I can delete any of them. I couldn’t justify the expense of the auction, but OH and I have plans to be part of a Wellymoot hopefully at some point in time.

  11. Ohh, I getcha. :)

  12. Frenz…since when has “Down Under” referred to any other country but Australia? And who decided that?

  13. […] Trip to New York Unlike my fantasy trip to New Zealand, this one I’m taking, and certainly to try to see ‘The Hobbit’ premiere, and […]

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