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There has been a lot of talk in RA universe about the significance of Richard Armitage’s character to the Hobbit movies. Would he be as major a character as many hoped? I’ve witnessed countless discussions and yes, debates about this subject, and now it seems that someone a bit on the inside has given an answer:

‘The Hobbit’ Countdown, Character Guide: Who Is Thorin Oakenshield? (And We Don’t Just Mean Richard Armitage)
By Larry D. Curtis Jan 10, 2012

Larry D. Curtis, as part of the team at, has been comprehensively covering the works and adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien for more than a decade, making the not-for-profit site the leading source about The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings for fans and film makers world wide. Curtis is one of the lead content producers for the site and represents it at conventions and press functions. You can read his The Hobbit Countdown here at every other week. You can reach him at

One crazy thing about the two Hobbit movies coming out the next two Decembers: it has one giant cast. Sure Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings films had a Fellowship of nine to deal with, but they were different races (elves, dwarves, men, wizards and hobbits), and there were fewer of them while these new films are stuffed with mostly dwarves! And, the Fellowship splintered near the end of the first film, allowing us to cut from one group to another. (And to be honest, some viewers confessed to being occasionally confused between Merry and Pippin.)


So when we see Thorin in Bilbo’s house, he carries with him the physical remnant of his family’s legacy: a map showing the secret entrance back into The Lonely Mountain. He also carries with him the failure of his fathers and the hope of his people. Like his father before him, he is taking his kinsmen and heading back — with a burglar and a wizard — to reclaim his kingdom. He will drive the dwarves, and the film, with this desire that may at times boarder on obsession. But hey, if a dragon burned and ate your family, lived in your underground castle (not the one that a balrog lives in during The Lord of the Rings) and slept on your pile of gold and jewels, you might obsess a little as well.
Audiences for the newest Middle-earth films will have 13 of these bearded dwarven fellows to keep track of and they will nearly always be together. Making each a distinct character is a big challenge for Jackson and company and the images released so far make it clear that the design team went to great lengths to help the audience tell at a glance which of the revenge-minded adventurers is which.

That doesn’t mean readers will need to wait for the films though because has you, and the collection of characters, completely covered. We know the difference between Bifur and Bofur and Fili and Kili and if you stick with us, so will you. But the dwarf who is most likely to become a household name is the more fully titled Thorin Oakenshield and we think not only will we have an unforgettable character on the first Hobbit day (Dec. 14, 2012, the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) but also the actor Richard Armitage will become a household name. While there are many who know and love the English actor, that day and the films, will change his career forever.

Read all of it here.

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  1. “… that day and the films, will change his career forever”

    (the selfish-unreasonable-superprotective me): Angst, worry ….

    (the altruisitic-reasonable me) : Yay!!! Happy for him, it wasn’t about time!! He deserves it!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Frenzy. An interesting read. I really hope it will bring Richard the creative opportunities he so deserves, although part of me feels a little protective of him and is not sure it wants to share this glorious actor with the rest of the world. Greedy, I know, but there you have it. My secret is out :-)

  3. I can understand how some of you are worried. But personally, I cannot wait for him to be a mega star. Then people will stop shaking their heads over my love and affection and of course lust and admiration over him. hehehe.

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  5. I want Richard Armitage to have what Richard Armitage wants for his career and for his life. And some of what he may want may also take him through some rough patches and some life adjustments. As long as he knows what he is getting into and is ready to take it all on, as long as he is doing what he loves and is brilliant at doing, and does not have to compromise his talent– why should I complain?

    If anyone DESERVES stardom, in terms of being super-talented, versatile, charismatic, a total pro and oh, yeah–gorgeous to boot, it is Richard. There are so many wanna-bes, and he is the REAL thing.

    It’s hard not to switch on the Armitage Protective Mode at times, but truly, I feel very optimistic about our lad’s future.

    And I will be praying for him along the way–praying that he will stay well and healthy, that he will thrive creatively, that he will find love and happiness in his personal life.

  6. Well said angieklong. I ditto that.

  7. I hope TH opens up new opportunities for RA just like it did for Viggo Mortensen after LOTR. I think they are both good actors who don’t primarily want to be big superstars but just want be employed and play interesting roles and earn a living (although that is only a presumption on my part of course).
    Although there’s probably going to be a lot of publicity resp. public attention around the release of the two Hobbit movies nobody can be sure whether they will really be THE big breakthrough for RA. Let’s keep our fingers crossed they will but the exciting part for all the actors involved in TH surely must be the actual filming process. When we will all be watching the first movie some of them will already be involved in new projects and I sure hope RA will be one of them.

  8. I think he will be third with regards to screentime and lines, after Bilbo and Gandalf. Those three share a lot of scenes, but while he will be in most scenes except from Bildo’s one-man-missions and Gandalf’s added storyline, he will be in the background a lot and others will take centre stage, Bilbo or some of the other dwarves.

    In the second part he is an important player, in the first not so much, it is up to PJ to write additional scenes for him, to remind the audience of the motive and importance of the quest (for Bilbo it is just an adventure) and makes us care about someone who will become more significant later. So we will see how PJ handles it. In LOTR, after the fellowship separated we follow three different groups, so none of them got a major amount of screentime and they were still memorable.

    To mega star it will still be a long way and it will require more than two parts of the Hobbit. There will be a whirlwind of publicity and next month, it will be someone else. To which degree his private life is affected and his privacy in danger depends on his own behaviour, where he choose to live, with whom he associates, where he spends his evenings. But for one thing we all should be prepared, and that is rumours about his private life, that may well be totally unfounded and the product of people’s imagination, but will circulate nonetheless, and be taken for face value by some.

  9. Can’t say much except I love the article and how much it explains :D

  10. angie, beautifully put. You sum up my feelings so well, although I’m guilty of the selfish/don’t want to share him variety too!

    One advantage of such a long buildup to the release of the movies is that it gives Richard the opportunity to get used to his name being out there and the recognition it brings. I get a buzz seeing his name mentioned in articles such as these, especially in the context of how important his role is in the film; I hope it translates to lots of screentime, and thus plenty of opportunity for him to show the world what he can do. I think he may even surprise us, we who have such faith in his talent.

  11. Mezz,

    Glad I could be of service. All that newspaper writing experience does come in handy now and again. ;)

    This thought also struck me after reading Jane’s comments, that the first film is going to be Richard’s introduction to much of the world.

    . Yes, I think Thorin will be more prominent in the second movie than the first and I do think most nominations re the Oscars will more than likely come with the second part and more than likely will be technical awards.

    I believe that PJ is grooming Richard somwhat in this first film in anticipation for a very significant role in the second film.. Look at the way the trailer was put together. It is very much as if we are being introduced to Thorin in a way somewhat different than the other dwarves–in a way that makes him stand out.

    He may not be the lead, but it’s very likely he won’t be overlooked by much of anyone, either. Interest in him as the fine actor we know he is will only multiply after the first film is released.

    And Mezz, I agree: he just might even surprise we the faithful supporters “who knew him when.” :D And I also have quite a bit of faith in Sir Peter to do right by Richard.

  12. I’m a bit guilty of the selfish/don’t want to share him variety too Mezz, is it an Aussie thing? LOL.

    It will be an interesting time ahead for Richard, with promotional duties and hopefully some really good movie/TV roles coming his way.
    I think our man is in very safe hands with Peter Jackson at the helm.
    Whatever happens in the future Richard has done us all proud.

  13. Suse,

    I do think these will be two very memorable years in Richard’s life as in the rest of the cast and crew, and I believe no matter what the outcome he will have no regrets about being involved in this project he has dreamed of for so many years. I feel he will learn so much from being involved in this process and very likely gain some valuable new contacts in the business along the way.

    I agree, I also see parallels between Richard and Viggo–I would describe both as Renaissance men with great talent and a desire to stretch themselves in the roles they play-journeymen actors rather than fame seekers who just want the money and the perks.

    And yes, here’s hoping he will have some interesting projects lined up for after The Hobbit. :D

  14. It’s no wonder a class act has been selected by another one. A beautiful marriage, and I’m expecting a gorgeous offspring.

  15. IN case you haven’t seen it, check out my latest post about his interview at MTV.

  16. Ahoy!Richard!Good winds! Calm waters! Your siren song will summon a lot of people!:)

  17. I agree, regardless of the outcome, Richard will have learnt so much from working with such a wonderful cast and crew, not to mention the master himself, Peter Jackson and in a beautiful country like NZ.
    For his introduction to the world, Richard couldn’t have had a better director IMHO. I get the feeling the two of them are very similar in many ways; down-to-earth, talented yet humble men with a great work ethic, and a genuine love for their craft.

    *grin* I don’t think it’s an Aussie thing! I’m just a baby when it comes to the RA fandom. There are others out there who have invested nearly ten years in following Richard, so I can understand if they are feeling even more protective of him than I am.

  18. I appreciate all the comments above, however I feel that for me personally will be the end of Armitagemania and the part which I love best: this world of bloggers, fansites and twitters that keep this fantasy alive but still circumscribed to a small group.
    I wish all the best to RA, but I think the fandom around him as an actor will change a lot and I am not sure I’ll love it as the current one!
    I just hope Servetus will stick around, she made me think about a lot of other things and not just RA!!

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