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There is a new interview with Richard Armitage at MTV. Wow! I never thought to use those two names in the same sentence.

Jan 11 2012 5:00 PM EST
Richard Armitage’s Journey To ‘The Hobbit’ Best ‘By Far’
The U.K. actor is Middle-earth’s most badass dwarf and One to Watch in 2012.

By Kevin P. Sullivan

This winter, director Peter Jackson will deliver the long-awaited return to Middle-earth. “The Hobbit,” which will unfold across two films, begins with “An Unexpected Journey,” as Bilbo Baggins leaves to win back gold stolen from his companions. But these are not just any friends. Bilbo is accompanied by 13 dwarves, each with a larger-than-life personality.

The leader of these adventurers, Thorin, will be played by Richard Armitage, who made a brief appearance in “Captain America: The First Avenger,” but will get his biggest Stateside break in “The Hobbit.” The British actor played a key role in last month’s trailer and will soon join the illustrious ranks of Tolkien alumni, alongside Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom.

We spoke with Armitage about traveling to Middle-earth, the difficulty of working under pounds of makeup and leading a band of treasure-seeking dwarves.

MTV: Congratulations on being named to MTV’s Ones to Watch!

Richard Armitage: Thank you very much!

MTV: Where are you currently in the filming schedule?

Armitage: We just finished up our second block, so we start again at the end of January, and then we go — we think it’s the end of July. Then there’s a bit more in 2013, we reckon.

Read the rest here.

Wonder how all of this is going to look when we get the full court press.


  1. Seriously? I don’t think we need to worry. One of the advantages of going up in the pecking order is that people with a clue notice you and want to interview you (like MTV or the reporter from Marvel from the CA premiere). I’m just happy there were no C***** or AA questions.

  2. I don’t think we need to worry. One of the advantages of rising in the pecking order is that people with a clue about what they’re doing notice you. I’m frankly thrilled that there were no questions about the C*****.

  3. A sure sign he’s moving up. LOL! You know new fans reading this are going to think that C***** is something else.:D

  4. LOL…what is C***** and AA?
    Please be kind to us newbies. There is so much to catch up on.

    Frenz, excellent research work.

    Is it wrong to be this excited about what is ahead for him?

  5. This is very exciting. I’m really interested in seeing Richard Armitage’s fan base grow to include more men. I say “welcome aboard, everyone!”

  6. I am super-excited to see Richard’s fanbase grow, too, bccmee, and yes, I want him to gain more male fans. I am totally thrilled for him!!

    Grace, that would be referring to “circus” and “Armitage Army,”

    Two topics that have arisen a tiresome amount over Richard’s career.

    And you are certainly not wrong to be thrilled for what lies ahead of him. I am too!!

  7. Thank you Angie. I don’t think there are many articles on him that DO NOT mention AA or C****. Even I am bored with it. LOL.

    Here is a piece of branding for you….the badass dwarf to watch for! LOL. Although he may not be the lead, I suspect his character will be complex and in PJ’s direction, be the one that will resonate with the audience. Then we starts doing interviews and the public see how humble and kind and beeeuuuutiiiiiful he is, they will want more. I suppose this is why I think he will be the star of the film even though I know it is an ensemble cast.

  8. I really wish ever-increasing respect for him, in the industry. Obviously, a wide fan-base helps; but it is important to have the admiration of colleagues. And the willingness to work with the actor. (Which does not appear to have been a problem :D )

  9. Opps, sorry about the typos in my post. I am writing fast.

    I meant to say “when he starts doing interviews and the public sees how…..”

  10. It’s started…this is the result of the trailer. I thought it would take much longer. I suppose he has been in the UK over Christmas and New Year so available for interviews…. anyway – yay!!

  11. Thank you for the great post, Frenz….it has really made my day! Isn’t is just so lovely to see that Richard is starting to get the international recognition he so rightly deserves! I’m soooo proud to say I’ve been following his career for 12 years!

    I hope that the use of !!!!! never gets outlawed……I’d be bloody lost!

    I would have commented much earlier than this but we had a power outtage in my neck-of-the-woods.

  12. @ Fitzg:Absolutely! Amen!:) Now,right now “my precious” flew out,gold-cage is empty;( .

  13. This popped up in my inbox while I was busy on the previous post! I’m waaay behind.

    Wow! “MTV 2012 One to Watch”
    So excited to finally hear Richard’s views on filming, aside from the vblogs of course. Some interesting questions at last, and his responses do not disappoint; intelligent and thoughtful, and the opportunity to show those who aren’t familiar with him the fine calibre of the man and the actor.

  14. The Hobbit is such a wonderful experience for Mr. Armitage – to work with a producer/director such as Peter Jackson; to absorb all the technical and imaginative aspects of production. This is a marvellous interview. Two issues were striking: that Tolkien had sufficient faith in children to present characters and issues, as would probably be frowned on by Disney. (Disney’s Bambi was so horrific to me, that I avoid animal films and books at all times while rather gruesome Edwardian childrens’ novels were simply eaten up :) ) The other point was Armitage’s delight in ensemble work. Just my opinion, but ensemble work is a mark of a potentially exceptional actor…

  15. I love this interview. You get to hear some of his thoughts on putting together an effective performance, from a character creation and movie production perspective. Fantastic.

  16. So we can assume this is something MTV itself decided to do? Because they noticed him in the trailer and think he is someone to watch out for? If that is the case, great! I would think most of the interviews and articles we will get are arranged by the PR machinery behind the Hobbit, if this is different, all the better.

  17. It’s a terrific interview! I tried to comment, but I don’t think it took, for some reason… I love how he is always giving so much credit to everyone else. He is such a team player! :)

  18. So far only a few fans have commented but wait until the trolls march in, that is another thing we need to prepare ourselves for. It has happened a few times in the past and with greater exposure he will not only get more praise from more people but also more hatred from nutters. Just to say, in case it happens here.

  19. @Jane: I can’t wait,!!! potential nutter is my favorite creature.!:D
    I just love when people go cuckoo and behaved like jerk! It will be fun,,I tell you!:D

  20. If this interview was not scheduled by PR, I would be shocked. Oh yeah, this interview was scheduled. I have a cousin (lame as that sounds it’s true), who is in PR. 99% of these things are scheduled. She used to be in PR for the entertainment industry, but now she deals with corporations. You do not know how many times I’ve thought dang! I wish she still handled entertainment!

  21. Jane, I wish you could just enjoy this. I think we’re all adults here, so if someone gets their hopes too high and is later disappointed, they’ll just have to deal with it. And even if this was scheduled, MTV would not list him as someone to watch in 2012 and risk looking like idiots. They know this movie is big even if they don’t know jack about Richard Armitage. That’s what the side panel is about. Yes, it would be great to think it’s about him, but it’s about the franchise, as it were.

  22. As others have mentioned, where is the accompanying video or photoshoot?!! MTV do a print interview? Me hardly thinks that is their strong suit. :)

    I am starting to wonder how personally I will react when there will be 24/7 of new moving images of RA. I wonder if I’ll need to start now in picking out the bunker where I will go in hiding to go on a RA binge, before coming back out and face the world just a bit desensitized to the effect RA has on me. I was watching that episode when Lucas first appeared as “Pete” and my knees buckled even though I was already sitting down. My mind had to remind myself every once in awhile, “breathe woman breathe!” as I watched the Pete scenes.

    Scheduled PR or not, nuttery or not, I just hope that the pieces of RA fandom I like to follow still retain their sense of humor. StickFigureRichard rules. Fake RAfanletters make me chortle. I could go on but my post is too long already.

  23. I appreciate that! I’m not planning on going anywhere. And to my knowledge Stick Figure Richard is definitely going to be around. He does rule! He definitely gives Flat Stanley a run.

    I think quite a few other bloggers are going to be with us as well as we continue to carve out our own little space in RA Universe.

  24. Aw I’m so happy for him!!!! :D

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