I’m Having a Blast

The banner makes each post into a goal of making you forget it’s there or forcing you to look at it and wonder about yourself or me or both of us. And I’m loving that challenge.

Dropping the cloak has been a thought in the back of my mind and sometimes in the front, but this is so much fun, it’s better not to mess with what’s working. So in the shadows I’ll remain. Why didn’t I do a blog sooner? Seriously, what was the big fear? Never mind that question. I know what it was, and for a time I regretted how slowly I woke up. Life is short and getting shorter. No times for regrets.


  1. Wow a vote in less than a minute. Hope you’re having fun too.

  2. Life is indeed short and far too short not to laugh, especially at yourself. Too short not to try new things, learn new skills, make new friends.
    Drool over this fantastic British actor. It’s all good.

  3. Wish we could vote on comments. :D

  4. I love your banner (and your blog) Frenz! A dirty and wet GoG – could it be better? ;-)

  5. Thank you! And that is still my favorite Guy picture. :D

  6. There are reasons why Guy seems to often go for a swim/take lots of baths in my fanfics. It is so much fun to get him wet.*giggle*

    If lovin’ Guy is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. ;)

  7. @Angieklong: A bathing Guy *drool* I really like that kind of imagination

  8. If there’s something I would ask of you is that you keep your banner, please, please, please!!! It’s vertiginous and makes me want to drown in those eyes *sigh* (Pull yourself together Ana)
    It’s an excellent photo and drooling over it never felt so right :)

  9. You are right, no time for regrets.
    I love your banner, please do not change it!!!!

    Angie, is it possible to read your fanfic? Do you have a blog or is it a private hobby?

  10. Bather Guy works for me and doing something useful for himself. ;)

  11. Wet and dirty – that’s how I love Guy ;)
    All part of the delight of coming here :-)

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