I Can’t Keep Up!

Ever feel like all these blogs and forums and websites are too much, oh my?! They probably are, so guess what? Don’t even try to keep up. Read, or listen or watch what you can. You are not obligated to read all of this stuff, and the moment you have that thought, step away from your PC, your Mac, your phone, your iPad, your kid’s DSI…. Go outside and inhale some fresh air. Then come back in and eat something really decadent that is not on your diet. After that, you won’t feel like you’re overdoing the web. You can come back to your system and look up great diet sites that have wonderful tips on how to keep from overeating, which you may never use, but it makes you feel good to read them. See how useful the web can be?

By the way, I had a great piece for yesterday to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday, but I got caught up in reading and watching so much that I never posted it. And posting at 11:55pm didn’t seem it would have the same effect. Maybe next year for that piece. Oh my God! Did I just commit to another year of this?!! Someone slap me.

Oh yeah, I’m putting the Richard Armitage tag on this ’cause he’s an eater like Nigella Lawson. The dude likes food and hasn’t been able to keep that knowledge to himself. Just one more thing to love about him. :D

John Standring savoring a sausage while contemplating Carol’s words:

[click to enlarge]

Screencap courtesy of Richard Armitage Central


  1. hehe… I know what you mean Frenzy. I could quite happily spend all day on the internet, if it wasn’t for RL getting in the way.

    It’s not just the RA stuff either. I have the same problem with illustration and creative writing – it’s so easy to spend all your time looking at and reading other people’s work, being inspired, and not taking enough time putting your own ideas into practice. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of it and I need, as much as want, to be influenced but the trick is to find a balance that allows you to create some stuff of your own as well. Not an easy thing to do.

    Great picture by the way. Don’t feel so guilty about tucking into that lemon fool mousse for lunch now :-)

  2. I hear you! I spend waaaay too much time on the computer, RA sites and others too. I promised myself I was going to teach myself how to use a couple of new(ish) programs over the Christmas break but I never really got around to it… what with that and real life and all.
    I think I need to go on an internet diet!

  3. I certainly need to go on an internet diet. But as with all diets, it is soooo hard.

  4. Turning my laptop on and checking my inbox is one of the first things I do most mornings. I’ve tried to limit the blogs I’ve subscribed to, and stick to four favourite RA websites, otherwise I would be spending a lot more time on the internet than I am now, and I haven’t even got into forums.

  5. *click*..For what I did it,dear God?!Only great romantic feeling to Richard may stop me from comment about his look, in this scene.:)

  6. I was just thinking this the other day, I can’t keep up! :O

  7. Yep Frenz, I know what you mean. Funny when you think about it as we are meant to be in an RA drought. Trouble is I keep finding new & interesting places to visit and then I still want to pop into the old ones – what a dilemma!

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