Serendipity Thy Name is Twitter

That about sums up Twitter, but the pleasure is in the details. Yesterday, I discovered Sam Neill has an account. I have to admit I was not a fangirl of him when I was younger, but then, I wasn’t a fangirl of anyone. Too cool for that sort of thing. I had appearances to keep up, and I kept them up with a vengeance. Blessedly, my daughters were not as uptight as I was, and my oldest will have a conniption when she discovers Sam Neill is following me (and several other RA fan girls) on Twitter.

Now I’m not stupid — at least not this week — and know that Sam Neill is running a business. It’s in his best interest to follow a bunch of mouthy females who will not only talk about him but his wine. I’m happy to report I’ve read his site, and if the wine is even half as good as the write-ups there, I need to buy a bottle quickly! Who knew Sam Neill was so snarky? But then he is from New Zealand. Yes, I know he wasn’t born there, but he’s been there long enough, and he is half Kiwi.

What I’m trying to say and taking seven words where one will do is I think I’m going to buy some wine. And then Twitter is really going to get fun.

In the meantime, I’m putting in my bid for Richard Armitage on the blog.

Note to self: Sam is just one more reason to make a pilgrimage to New Zealand. :D

Note to those who don’t do Twitter: seeeeeeee!

edit: I just remembered I won ‘The Piano’ DVD on one of the giveaways from The Squeee. Must make a trip to the post office today!

second edit: I was wrong. It was the book The Piano (already started reading :D ) and a little surprise I didn’t know about. Thanks, Trax.


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  2. It’s a scream isn’t it, Sam Neil following “normal people” on twitter!
    He has had some great actors contribute to his Top 10, Sir Ian, Richard E Grant and James Nesbitt to name a few.

  3. Yes, he seems to be on a bit of a roll with The Hobbit cast. So why not RA? :D

  4. Oooh, I love me some Sam Neil. Great actor and not painful for the eyes, either. And very canny indeed. ;)

  5. Btw saw him on the “Telly” (i never use that word but it suits this convo:) do a funny bit with his Alcatraz co-stars. The funny bit was them just being themselves which wasn’t funny at all! LOL making the point : see the show. The talent of a PR team which he so cleverly uses for his business is to emulate his “voice”
    Nevertheless I’ve always admired him as an actor and what a great body of work he’s got under his belt!

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