My Trip to New Zealand

No, I’m not going, but I dream about it. The next few months might be a good time to go since Peter Jackson and company will be back shooting in the next few days:

Peter Jackson Cuts Sundance Short; Returns to New Zealand for ‘Hobbit’
Details here

Wonder if SO would feel funny about me being gone for several weeks to get that bottle of wine.

edit: I got this piece of news via a Tweet from Violet at The Framework Blog. If you have not read that blog, do it. She always makes me laugh, and that’s dear in this ferocious world.


  1. Six years ago I spent 3 month in NZ. I loved it. In spite of the crazy weather (it changes every 5 minutes), it’s a very beautiful country, with a wonderful and diverse nature, one of the most friendly people I have ever met and, of course, great wine! So, if you ever have the opportunity to go, don’t miss it.

  2. I would love to go! and have wanted to do so for at least a dozen years. SO feels the same. He would rather go there and Australia than anywhere else. We even talked about moving to that part of the world at one point.

  3. I went to NZ to do an English course. As I wouldn’t have much free time, I decided to stay only in NZ, so I could explore more the country during the weekends. Fortunately, I traveled a lot and could visit north and south island. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Australia. Maybe in 2014!!

  4. Frenz, if you want a travel buddy, pick me, pick me! I always take my own room and i am the most easy going person to travel. I know people always say that and then they drive you crazy.Honestly, i am easy!!;) need alone time, no problem. Need company, no problem. Need to sight see during a tropical storm, no problem. ANd what happens in NZ, stays in NZ. LOL…..And there is SN, RA and wine. What more can one ask for.

    I don’t need to travel for work, but I wish travel was my work.

  5. I almost labeled this post “What Happens in NZ…” LOL!

    Gracie, You never know; we might end up on a trip together. :D

  6. As a resident of Australia and a long time neighbour and lover of NZ, I can recommend both… as a holiday destination and a permanent home. Yes we are far removed from the rest of the world but as ANZAC’S we have a relaxed nature and a great democracy built on the Westminster system. Not only that, we have the best wine, food, beaches, mountains and coasts you can find and not only that, they’re making this tiny movie south of the equator that you might be interested in!

    Advertisement concludes.

  7. Love the advertisement.

    Two of my children had opportunities to compete in long distance running in Australia, but their competitive schedules did not permit. I hope one day they can realize that goal.

    I’ve heard a little bit about the movie. Might go see it even though there is some relatively unknown British actor in one of the leads.

  8. Hi Gracie, I’m trying to work out who SN is…please enlighten me.

  9. Sam Neill. I talked about him here:

  10. Of course! Sorry, I was trying to place SN in “The Hobbit”!!!! I’ve been a huge Sam Neill fan since his early days. Thanks for the link to his wine.

  11. I’m from New Zealand (and live here) its a really lovely place to be! And the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings seems to have certainly put us a bit more on the map! :)

  12. Prue, you might have an argument from another “colonial”, whose big country has much diversity of landscape. Unfortunately, it’s a bit frigid, covered in snow and ice 6 months of the year. (slight exaggeration). The incredible diversity of the New Zealnd landscape, and it’s much smaller proportions are an irrestible attraction. In some ways, while filmatography must march on, I wonder what a Hobbit in NZ without CGI would be. Still, based on the earier trilogy, it will be magical.

  13. Hi Frenz
    Actually going in April to NZ can’t beleive it and can’t wait. furthest ever been in my life from little old Blighty trip of a lifetime even though hubby still has a quizical look on face Why NZ not Aus! Hoping to do some hobbit haunts and ending in Wellington would love to hear from any other RA supporters in NZ north Island. Although RA not the reason first decided to go how great to coincide with him still being over there and seeing what he sees about NZ that makes it so magical before the release of the film.

  14. Hi Anniey,
    First time I have ever posted on a blog, so here goes! I think you will enjoy your trip Down Under. It made me laugh, actually, that as a born-and-bred kiwi, I’m looking forward to the day when I will get to vist your ‘little old Blighty’. (I have grandparents/great-grandparents who came from there). I love all that our great country has to offer, but it’s that quite common adage that as inhabitants of a certain place never quite appreciate it quite as much as someone who is seeing it for the first time!
    I am an RA supporter who lives in the North Island. At present I live about 1 hour from where they were filming in PioPio (Mangoweka Reserve), and about 1 hour in the other direction to Middle Earth (Matamata). Even so, I can never get enough of the rolling green hills – and I’ve lived here for 15 years! I was, unfortunately, never in the right place/right time when any cast or crew were around the Waitomo village where I work.

  15. Anniey, you lucky duck!! It is a flipping long way from Ontario (though west-coast sister did Sydney last year). But really far from England. Enjoy it, and please try to keep us posted with experience, and send photos! (You don’t have to stalk Richard – the landscape will do, with or without hobbits or dwarves. :D )

  16. Welcome, Zavara, Anniey and Jemma39! And Luciana, I don’t think I ever welcomed you. So welcome! :)

    Jemma, did I read correctly that you have never posted a comment on a blog? I hope you enjoyed doing it and feel free to do it some more. :D

    I guess I’ll just have to continue to fantasize about going to New Zealand and Australia. :D

  17. […] Trip to New York Unlike my fantasy trip to New Zealand, this one I’m taking, and certainly to try to see ‘The Hobbit’ […]

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