In the Nick of Time

For those who don’t know it, I’m participating in Project 365 this year, and for the most part, it’s been fairly easy. But today was a killer. The mistake was not scheduling my post. I knew I was going to be away for most of the day with the possibility of not getting near a computer. I started to blog from my phone, but that’s a pain. I would say it’s a bitch, but that wouldn’t be classy, and this blog does strive to be classy a little bit, and I’m in need of some couth right now.

I’ve spent the day with the middle school girls’ basketball team. I was their bus driver. Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment, but really, it’s because I have a middle school basketball player, and this is an easy way for me to get to her games. Seriously, I do enjoy the kids, and middle school girls love to sing on the bus, which makes it even more interesting. Tonight’s playlist:

I like some of these songs, but four hours of this (two there and two back)? I couldn’t get home fast enough and glad to be here typing. Sorry no Richard Armitage. Maybe tomorrow. :D


  1. There is such a situation as too much of a good thing. Also their singing ability might make a difference. :D MIddle school kids. You are a brave woman . . . ;)

  2. We were the iconic ‘marching band parents’ (oh, the french fries vending and the band competitions I’ve sat through in the cold, pouring rain). Those were good days, but I’m so glad they are behind us. I notice Richard Armitage got “Honorable Mention”

  3. Aww frenz, middle school, basketball games, the team singing, “hey bus driver” on the school bus. Brings me back. My mom had to work and could not make my games. How wonderful it is to have mom bus the team. Memories that will last forever.

  4. You’re a saint.

  5. I really do enjoy it, but I was tired last night, and if they had sung one more round of Tik Tok, they might not have made it home. : D


    You are singing my tune. For me it football, softball, track, and dance recitals. Part of me is glad it’s over, and part of me is sad. SO and I were at a restaurant for lunch the other day, and a family of five came in. The three kids were under five, and I got choked. SO couldn’t help but talk to them and advise, “Enjoy it! Gone in a heartbeat!”

  6. “tick tock on the clock”?-I admire you , Frenzy!.:D

  7. Wow, I actually had heard a couple of those songs. Note I didn’t say they’re in my Top 10…

    Times have changed huh. When hubs was coaching Jr. High and Sr. High, bus trips ended and began with “I know a weiny man”..with Queen’s “We are the Champions”. “There’s a Frog” was high on their list too. I hate that song.

    Earplugs is the only thing I can think of. Of course, bus drivers aren’t supposed to wear those are they? Hubs was usually the driver and he was usually the song leader. No wonder we aged early. Makes me tired thinking about it…. ;)

  8. Unfortunately, earplugs are against the law. I’ve led some songs myself, but at night in near whiteout conditions and the road being slicker than snot, I can’t quite do it.

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