Could I Blog About Richard Armitage Everyday?

WordPress is ready for 2012 with their kickoff of Project 365, and it’s had me musing about joining. It would be interesting to try it. Oh, heck yeah, I know how difficult it is to meet deadlines on a blog. Are you kidding me? I’ve now spent almost 21 months at this. It’s just, well, I want to get into really good blogging shape this year, and this is a good way to do it. My subject is certainly worthy, and there is a lot more to discuss. If someone can document “burger art” every day for a year, I think I could manage.

I know there’s not going to be much news about RA until near the end of the year, or will there be? Between you and me, I have yet to see a real drought. Of course I could be wrong, but wouldn’t you have fun watching me squirm to come up with posts? And things might get really silly, or maybe you would take pity and send me something to blog about.

Wonder if WordPress would include me in their line up for 2013 if I made my title ‘RAFrenzy 365’. Somehow I doubt it. But I’m giving this a shot, and really, it’s a public service for the new fans. :D

This will be me at the beginning:

Probably me somewhere in the middle:

and we’ll see what I am at the end.

Of course I will take one day’s respite since 2012 is a leap year, and I’m going to cheat a little ’cause I can’t really talk about Richard Armitage every single day. There will probably be some reblogged posts as well. Just sayin’.

Hang on while I begin flexing my blogging muscles.

Artwork from the EverythingBurger blog, and screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com.


  1. Looking foreward to it ;-) – Wishing you a gReAt year.

  2. GREAT NEWS!!!! If you blog 365 days, I will read 365 days. I can’t wait to see/read what you have in store for us. :)

  3. So nice seeing that one of your settled goals for the New Year include some RAndom blogging about a ceRtAin guy whose intelligence, talent, kindness and generosity didn’t prevent him from being the Tall Dark and Handsome Hunky of the year!!

    Go Frenz!

  4. LOL! A very worthy goal (and 10X better than burger art, WTF?) I say go for it!

    I know how hard blogging and finding new ideas/angles can be so I got some suggestions for you. feel free to ignore them.

    You can run polls when you’re running out of ideas, anything from favourite RA character to favourite line, favourite costume/hairstyle, best performance, most squee worthy moment

    You could focus on one character per month (or 2 a month for smaller roles).

    Some days ask readers to suggest their favourite song that says RA or one of his characters to them. Ask them to link to their favourite character or RA pic then run a poll to find the definite Lucas, guy, RA pics etc.

    Have you read the hobbit? If not, read it as a read-along or re-read it focusing on RA as Thorin and what you hope to see on screen. Thats 19 chapters/days right there!

    Highlight some fellow fans of his work and ask what RA means to them. From regular fans who just enjoy him to those who might blog, make vids, write fic etc, or even famous fans, there are a few ‘proper’ authors who have let slip their RA fixation, though they might not want to answer questions about him, (some may i guess)!

    Suggest or ask readers to suggest roles they’d like to see him play.

  5. I’m with Gracie! If you write it, we will read!! And we will like it. :)

  6. Are you familiar with Flickr 365 photo sets? They’re really beautiful slices of life, by turns touching and funny and thought provoking, and I have a feeling that if you take this challenge your blog is going to be the same. Not that it isn’t already. :)

  7. Come on Frenzy! You can do it! We’ll cheer you on & stop you from going mad :-)

  8. Bravo on your lofty goal! I have trouble hitting that publish button more than once a week, so you KNOW I’m impressed!
    I will be back to see what you are up to – and that’s a promise!
    Blog on dear Frenz! :)

  9. —-…wouldn’t you have fun watching me squirm to come up with posts?—-
    *Rubbing hands in anticipation*

    We won’t mind if you cheat once or twice if we still get Richard Armitage, hehehe.

    OML ;o)

  10. Aw hope you are able to do so! I would’ve started but I can barely read up on RA everyday, forget about writing on him.
    All the best!

  11. what OML said!! Go Frenz!!!!

  12. If you blog it they will come…..I’ve confused myself…..wasn’t that about a baseball movie??
    I am looking forward to reading your posts.

  13. I am happy that I found you,please write as often as you can.
    In the New Year I wish you and your family all the best.
    Thank you RAFrenzy!<3

  14. Thank you all for the kind words and the encouragement!

    Catherine, What wonderful suggestions! I will heed, and btw, I have only done one piece on any kind of writing, a fanfiction story. So I’m sadly lacking in that. Have to correct the oversight this year. :D

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