So Where Was I?

Oh yeah, I’ve committed to blogging 365 days this year, and amazingly, I’m still excited about that. What day is this? It’s the 35th day. Never mind. I’ll manage the other 331 posts somehow.

Or since food seems to be such a hot topic for me, I guess I could talk about my trip to Jack in the Box when I was in Denver the other day.

I love their tacos. Here’s one of the babies in all of its greasy glory:

Yep, they’re terrible for you, but if I were stuck somewhere outside the U.S. (oh maybe held as a hostage in a Russian prison), that’s what I would want when I came home. :D

Back on topic tomorrow. A picture until then:

[click to enlarge]

Screencap courtesy of Richard Armitage Central

edit: Wait a minute! That should be 330 posts.


  1. I think he went for good old British fish n’chips didn’t he?
    With vinegar.
    And salt.

  2. They are good! :D

  3. I love fish and chips!

  4. Given a choice of any fast food out there, I will always go for fish and chips. The chips have to be golden and crispy though, can’t stand soggy chips!

  5. Love fish and chips! Must be served in paper that adsorbs the vineger. It’s quite hard to find a good chippy in London nowadays as they have been transformed into kebab shops. Add a serving of mushy peas and that there is one of my favorite tastes of my childhood :)

  6. I really miss Jack In The Box.

  7. Did you get stuck in the blizzard in Denver?

  8. No, I was there on Tuesday, and the weather was fantastic.

  9. I had a brief but frighteningly intense addiction to their sirloin tips sandwich (or whatever it is) on sourdough …

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