What the Heck is in Nutella?

Before I get back to Richard Armitage and while I’m still on food, I’ve got to say something about this, and no, it’s not pronounced Nut-ella but New-tella. Yeah, it definitely makes people tella, and tella, and it just seems like they’re high on something. I think it’s a narcotic or maybe just enough chocolate to make it subject to being a controlled substance. Something’s going on. What else to explain the behavior of those who unabashedly consume it and become rabid pushers of it. I did have the thought that this might be RA in food form. These people bear a striking resemblance to some of us. :D

This is one of countless people who gorge themselves on Nutella:

And they don’t just eat it alone. How about some cat hair with your Nutella:

And the cooks are all over it. A little cleavage with your Nutella (this one’s for the guys who read my foolishness):

A Twitter buddy who heightened my awareness of this stuff is to thank for this post:

Or a jar of Nutella, and speaking of which, my friend and others are not satisfied with reveling in the goodness of this stuff. They’re going for world domination. And you thought it was just Super Bowl Sunday. :D

I’m holding out though. Still haven’t tried Nutella. I may do it later today when everyone has their heads in the tv. That way I won’t be self-conscious if I suddenly down a jar.

edit: you’re going to love this.


  1. It’s expensive but it is amazing stuff. Never tried it till I moved to Germany where everyone’s crazy for it. But don’t look at the fat content — hazelnuts and cocoa. Actually, that’s probably what makes it so fantastic.

  2. Check out my edit. I forgot to save this before I posted, so just fixed. ARgggh!

  3. My mother used to make her own dark or milk version without the nuts though so that still beats Nutella in my opinion :) we had it on sandwiches though! Sacrilege to eat it by the spoonful :) I’ve got the handwritten recipe somewhere if U want to try

  4. Nutella + Graham Crackers = Love

  5. :)

  6. LOL!

    IZ, lay it on me! :D

  7. My son is a Nutella fan but not me, as I don’t like hazelnuts. I also don’t like Ferrero Rocher chocolates so there you go. I am very happy that there are actually some types of chocolate I don’t like. It’s a relief to be able to resist SOMEthing!

  8. I love the fact that in my neck of the woods it is targeted as a healthy option for kids. All that cocoa and milk mmmmm. They advertise it as a great option for kids for breakfast, spread over white bread :) I like to eat it with a spoon straight from the jar!

  9. Have to say Nutella is gorgeous but I prefer Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread – no nuts. And you say “it’s not pronounced Nut-ella but New-tella” – it’s only ever called Nut-ella in the UK or at least I’ve never met anyone who pronounced it any other way.

  10. Maybe it’s just pronounced that way by the USA faction: http://www.nutellausa.com/faqs.htm

  11. This is funny! Haven’t bought Nutella in many years. It is kind of good just right off the spoon or on a banana or in desserts. Giada De Laurentiis loves it & has many recipes utilizing it. Thankfully, I’ve never been an addict(only recently starting to like hazelnuts). Fat content should scare no one away if the fat is coming from nuts/seeds/avocados, etc as the fat is “heart healthy”. Our bodies and metabolism need fat, just not the saturated kind. As long as ppl watch their calories, you can eat healthy fats. That said, it drives me crazy that in commercials now this is being touted as a health food for breakfast. The 1st ingredient is sugar and 2nd palm oil, so the health benefits of hazelnuts is low here because there is more bad stuff than hazelnuts. Cocoa powder w/o the sugar is also good for you. It would definitely be a nice treat every once in a while, but as we see it becomes an addiction- haha. Hope you enjoy it, but also hope you won’t have to change your blog name to Nutella Frenzy! Food & Richard- my only interests in life! :D

  12. In Germany it’s New-tella. Emphatically not a health food when eaten in huge quantities. Really a spoonful spread on a breakfast roll is enough for me.

  13. Ooh I love Nutella – I pronounce it Nut-ella also, never heard of it being called New-tella LOL. I love to eat it spread on white sliced bread – I can eat loads of it!! As a consequence I rarely buy it since it gets eaten so quickly especially as my son is also an addict.

  14. Trader Joe’s makes a version with almonds and no artificial ingredients. A little healthier and still WICKED good, as we say ’round these parts.

  15. Here in Belgium we have had for Christmas a jar of Nutella which weighed five kilos. We pronounce Nuuu-tella (with pure french accent).
    What an horror for me not speaking and writing “pure” english !
    Pfff, I beg for your indulgence. By the way, I appreciate your blog so much.
    Excuse me once more for my bad english

  16. Aaahh!!! I’m a total Nutella (Nut-ella) junkie!!!! I have to say though I don’t gulp it down the way that girl did but it is best when it’s not on anything except a spoon which it travelling in the direction of your mouth :D
    It’s great on pancakes, pretzels, fresh bread and waffles but I love it by itself. I always have a jar next to me when I’m doing an all-nighter, I really get high on it, hehe.

  17. Delicious stuff, Nutella! When I was a little kid we lived in Germany and it was my favorite thing to have on toast. We did a happy dance when our local grocery stores in the U.S. started carrying it years later.

  18. I’ve heard about this stuff but never tried it. Peanut butter section, I assume?

    I’m betting you won’t find here on the Plains. We are a bit behind the times. But will eventually catch up.

    I especially appreciated your last paragraph. Sould I check on you say around 7ish? Don’t want you overdosing….

  19. I can’t believe there are people that didn’t grew up with Nutella! It is the most unhealthy thing in the world – half sugar and half fat! Or nougat chocolate in creamy form. Unfortunately, if I buy it, I cannot contain myself to a slice of toast or half a roll – I consume it with a spoon like the girl in the first video and a jar contains 400g – not good. So I don’t buy it more often than once a year and always regret it. Now you know my dark secret.

  20. I love the stuff – practically lived off it in my days backpacking Europe (cheap and portable!). Now I only rarely buy it since it would be gone far too quickly!

    In Australia, it’s Nut-ella.

  21. As a chocoholic, it’s probably just as well I’ve never tried it. Always been a Vegemite girl myself. If it’s as addicitve as it sounds here, I think I’d best continue to stay away from it!

  22. NovemberBride, just need to add my favourite combination for Nutella. I love to combine peanut butter and Nutella. Absolutely delicious ;o) There need not be an either or ;o)
    How did you all avoid Nutella advertisements for the past 30 years ? Good, I admit, I am from Germany and used to Nutella ;o)

  23. Honey, you have hit Nutella heaven right here! My husband is a consumer of the stuff in MASS quantities. His favorite way to consume it is with a spoon straight out of the jar!! My son and I aren’t charmed by it, so he doesn’t have to keep it under lock and key around here. It is cheaper at Big Lots, so I buy it from there 10 jars at a time! Can’t wait to show my husband the Nutella page!!! This post is priceless!!!!!

  24. Jane just wrote what happens to me, if I dare buy a jar, I will finish it in no time, spoon by spoon so I look the other way at the supermarket.

    Everything in the extreme is unhealthy, so just try to have *a* slice of bread/toast every day and you’ll be fine (as long as you aren’t a chocolate lover).

    OML :) (Is Nu-tella for me too)

  25. Take my advice and stuff your face with Nutella, it’s made by fairies and delivered by house elves. If you stare at the jar long enough (after eating spoonfuls) you can see it says “Made in Hogwarts”. Simple magic :D

  26. If you eat way too much of it once, that might cool your ardor. Of course, “way too much” is hard to define.

  27. @Sheepa…I think you just pulled me over to The Dark Side…getting in my car to drive 60 miles for Nutella. Love fairies, adore elves, would love to visit Hogwarts but you left out DWARVES. What’s up with that?!! :D bwahahahah!

  28. @NovemberBride Muahhahahaha!!! Yes! Come to The Dark Side :D Sorry I forgot the dwarves, I’d say they’re one that would gobble it up in a second, and hobbits would enjoy it for their second breakfast ;)
    Yum yum.

  29. […] story.  Note I said, “Could be”.    And NOW….I know what Nutella is, Frenz.  First […]

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