Can’t Get Off of This

I have a serious (no, it’s a semi-serious, oh heck, it’s a snark) piece about Lucas North. But I’m saving it for later after I’ve gorged my imagination on Richard Armitage and food. I’m also wondering if all of you have a favorite food you like to eat while watching him — animated or stills. Or perhaps you have a food for him animated and one for him in stills. Bring it on, and yeah, I’m going to tell you mine. :D

Actually, I have a food for each of his characters.

Harry — blackberry cobbler, which is sweet with a zing, and topped with some ice cream.

Monet — some sort of white wine, and does it matter what I eat with it?

Guy — a big chunk of devil’s food cake with lots of hot fudge slathered on top or a steak.

Lucas — blackened red snapper. Fish and chips don’t quite fit him.

John Standring — cheese (any kind) before the transformation and some pudding after.

John Porter — Masgouf and falafel on the side, which I can pop in my mouth as I watch all the episodes in one sitting.

John Thornton — beef stew and later some sort of cream pie (I’m not particular) at the finale.

Ricky — definitely fish and chips, and the greasier the better.

Alex — what else but orangesicles.

John Mulligan — dry toast with nothing on it. Maybe a little butter. And some black coffee.

Heinz — Not sure about this one. No German foods seem to really fit him. I’m at a loss. I did eat nachos and popcorn on my first viewing. Perhaps some German chocolate cake (it’s my favorite cake), or is that too lame?

Yes, I’ve left out a few. Have to think about them some more, but for now I’m thinking about the future:

Thorin — carne asada tacos al carbon. Oh yeah! And something later that’s topped with a chocolate mole. Or I could eat a 1/2 pound cheeseburger in honor of Peter Jackson.

edit: I meant to list one more! Paul — pistachio nuts ’cause they’re salty and a little sweet, and I can’t stop eating them even when I know I should.

Graphic courtesy of Teena via


  1. German chocolate cake isn’t really German, unfortunately. How about Bratkartoffeln? (fried potatoes)? I also had popcorn the first time I saw him.

    My go to food for all Richard Armitage watching used to be bean and cheese tacos, because that was the easiest thing to get on the way home. Unfortunately nowadays really good tacos are harder to come by.

  2. I know it’s not. But I thought it might get a laugh. :D

    Or maybe sauerbraten?

  3. I’d make John Mulligan his “full english” breakfast! lol

  4. That might give new meaning to bubble and squeak. :D

    Love that smiling face of yours!

  5. For me, no matter what role, Richard goes perfect with chocolate and champagne.

  6. You are making me very hungry! I have been sitting on an unfinished food post for over a year. Ughhh! Doesn’t that sound gross? LOL!

  7. Faboramanto, I agree!

    Phylly, you need to come clean! :D

  8. This question required a bit of thought on my part, as the food had to match to feelings the character brings out most in me. Let’s see…
    Harry -MAJOR comfort food, so an All American meal of meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes with lots of butter and sour cream would be in order.( I just gained 5 lbs. typing that!)
    Guy – a Hershey chocolate bar that can be savored section by section when popped in the mouth to suck on until it melts completely, then on to the next section…
    Lucus – Frozen fruit bars (like you get from Sam’s) – the bars have texture due to the pieces of fruit in them, besides, Lucus is a pretty cool customer!
    John Porter – this is what I think of when I think of this character – a splash of Jack Daniels in a Waterford crystal glass -scorching hot and fiery within a gorgeous vessel (I can no longer partake of this firewater due to a near death case of pancreatitus 2 decades ago, but I remember the burn!)
    Well! Now I believe I will go spend the next hour watching a few RA videos made by our friends Bccmee, Angieklong, and others. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  9. Bravo!! :D

  10. This is an obvious conspiracy. You all know I haven’t been to the gym and slacking off on my eating healthy resolution! Now I am craving my mom’s carne asada, chocolate (any kind will do), champagne and cheese with a little side order of RA, JT, LN, JS and JP.

  11. How’s this for a coincidence? I just found this on one of my granddaughter’s FB page!!

    I had to laugh when I saw it! Can someone please translate??? :)

  12. Easy: Nutella goes with them all.

  13. Well Lady, now you’ve done it! I shall have a Pavlov’s dog reaction every time I see the man. As if sticking to a sensible eating plan wasn’t hard enough ;)

  14. @Teuchter: At this time I should think about Guy of Gizborne not about Nutella!! :D

  15. @Teuchter, found this for you. I’m thinking Fudge is THE answer!!! Shall we try it?

  16. PSA….I now am the proud owner of a jar of Nutella, RA world!! Called my local grocer, 11 miles away, population 1,500 and he had it!!! Can you believe it? As soon as I get home tonight, I’m making fudge. But I’m giving it away. To grandkids. For Valentines gifts. I am not lying. Really.

    It IS good! Kinda like eating a can of Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge icing! WooHOOOO! And if THAT doesn’t get you going, nothing in this big wide world will.

  17. @NovemberBride….I believe you when you say you are giving away the Nutella…for the grandkids…yeah, you won’t be licking any spoonfuls or anything! Huh, huh! Of course not. LOL

  18. Thornton: a roast rib cooked rare. Heinz, a slice of sachertorte from Vienna, with a side of arsenic. Porter – pizza, of course. Harry K, trifle, liberally doused in sherry, with choc shavings. Standring, shepherd’s pie. Monet – NOT white wine: a deep rich Burgundy! :D Paul Andrews, cold baked beans on lukewarm toast, served on a rack….

  19. Third time’s a charm? :D

    I started to say burgundy for Monet, but I always think oysters when I see him. LOL!

  20. OK burgundy with your oysters! Why be a slave to the self-professed experts?? :D

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