Do I Dare?

I said I was recapturing my childhood, and now November Bride has come with a post about Barbies, and the recent talk of Lord of the Rings Lego set has me in a dither. Purchasing Little Guy action figures should have been enough, and it’s true the Thorin Lego isn’t out yet, but…. look at those eyes:

I’m really thinking about ordering a set. I could skip this and wait until “The Hobbit” version is out, but my OCD tendencies demand I have LOTR as well. And how can I pass up being conned into availing myself of this fun?

Just please someone stop me if I start talking about buying the Pez set.

In the meantime, there are some sets by Lego fans. Like this one (three guesses which is Thorin):

This is a set by a kid named Michael Kringe. Michael has been busy, and the kid in me who had an erector set could very easily be sucked down into this. In fact, I do have a set of K’NEX in my possession. My son left them when he went to college, and my 11 year old and I have been playing with them. Maybe we can make a home for Thorin. I’ll keep you posted on my progress unless I decide blogging is too grown up and never return. Off to spend time with my sweet girl.


  1. I saw the Pez set this morning while in the checkout line at W*****. I was amused but not even tempted. However, a Thorin pez … maybe …

  2. ROTFLOL!! And he even has STUBBLE!!!!

    Gotta love the little holes in the tops of their collective heads too, Michael!! That makes them official Lego?!

    Ewwwww, the Pez thing is creepy. The words “I’ll have your head on a stick/pole/platter/stake.” comes to mind. A Thorin Pes?? Ditto on the “maybe”!!

    Oooo, a home for Thorin. That gives me an idea….

  3. I’d love to have a LOTR Lego, but when I was watching pictures of Fellowship figures my sister came into the room and saw what I was watching and yelled: “No way! You won’t buy anything like that till we live in the same flat!” I have to say that I already have Faramir action figure which is quite big, but my sister doesn’t quite like it (what she understands, eh?). But no one would be able to stop me when there will be a Thorin action figure, LOL.

    I liked Pez sweets so much in childhood. But now I don’t even know if they are still on sale.

    P.S.: I daresay, that Thorin is the one in helmet.
    P.P.S.: Good luck with Thorin’s house :)
    P.P.P.S.: Frodo, don’t wear the Ring!

  4. Serv and NB, yeah, the Pez thing is a turnoff, but I could change my mind about Thorin. :D

    Giz, I thought the same, but it’s Gimli, and Thorin has a gray beard and is right behind Bilbo.

  5. Since I live a minimalist existence, it’s doubtful I’ll start collecting toys. The exception is my computer gadgets. :) However, I will enjoy and appreciate any images of the toys! Maybe I’ll start getting into 3D modeling software next.

  6. Don’t get me started on the computer toys. LOL!

  7. I really don’t want a lot toys cluttering up my place, but there is something so attractive about the Lego LOTR set I’ve been considering it myself.

  8. As a Pez collector, may I say: WANT. Thanks for making me aware of it!

  9. My Littel Guy cant wait to be to be joined by Lego Thorin, love the stubble too cute!! Thorin Pez- hell yeah I’m buying it- lol

  10. If that close up is truly of Thorin’s face, I would say whoever designed it must be an RA fan! :)

  11. Ye gods and three little fishes, frenz. Which is RA?? The red-beard (since we suspect the real Mr. A is not black-haired, but possibly a bit ginge/auburn.) Or the fourth from top left? Something about the eyebrows? Not a collector. But it is all very funny! Pez….

  12. Better get it quick. The same one I saw on Amazon for $16 earlier today is now $19 something. I put it in my cart just to track, and I’ll be darn if it didn’t go. LOL!

  13. I must confess; Santa left a LotR Pez set under the tree for me. I am pretty sure that the LotR Lego set will make its way to my house as well. Without a doubt, I *will* have the Thorin Lego as soon as it becomes available. OCD tendencies are killer, I tell ya!!

  14. I should have made it clear that the lego at the top is Aragorn!

  15. Aragon w/stubble. *snort* :D

  16. Didn’t Aragorn have stubble? Aragorn was Viggo Mortenson right? (Servetus can see she’s going to have to get her LOTR game on again soon or drown in the derisive laughter of her peers.)

  17. Yes and no. He does in some pics:

    But the Lego is based on one where he doesn’t:

  18. Thorin will be available as a Pez dispenser later this year

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