Do I Dare?

I said I was recapturing my childhood, and now November Bride has come with a post about Barbies, and the recent talk of Lord of the Rings Lego set has me in a dither. Purchasing Little Guy action figures should have been enough, and it’s true the Thorin Lego isn’t out yet, but…. look at those eyes:

I’m really thinking about ordering a set. I could skip this and wait until “The Hobbit” version is out, but my OCD tendencies demand I have LOTR as well. And how can I pass up being conned into availing myself of this fun?

Just please someone stop me if I start talking about buying the Pez set.

In the meantime, there are some sets by Lego fans. Like this one (three guesses which is Thorin):

This is a set by a kid named Michael Kringe. Michael has been busy, and the kid in me who had an erector set could very easily be sucked down into this. In fact, I do have a set of K’NEX in my possession. My son left them when he went to college, and my 11 year old and I have been playing with them. Maybe we can make a home for Thorin. I’ll keep you posted on my progress unless I decide blogging is too grown up and never return. Off to spend time with my sweet girl.