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As some of you know, there is a fan made quilt of Richard Armitage being auctioned for charity on ebay. I hope lots of money is generated for the cause. As a general rule, I adore supporting charities, and at the time of this posting, the bidding is up to £410.00, which is approx $650 USD. Not a bad sum, and I’m sure it will get higher with two days to go, and especially when I consider its very smart display:

[Click for the auction]

I thought about bidding and immediately had another thought. What would I do with this thing if I actually won it? (If that’s not a question for some who have thought about bidding, I’ll kiss my elbow). No way it would hang in my living room or any public room of the house. I would be laughed out of town. And I couldn’t put it in a private room either. My bedroom? SO would never let that happen. Our bathroom, which guests never enter? Too crass, and somehow I don’t think SO would like being so intimate with Richard Armitage. My lingerie drawer? No, that would accord it some sort of importance it would never have for me.

Sorry, Richard. This isn’t about you. You’re great. Love ya. But so far I’ve contained my love to this blog. That’s where I’d like to keep it. :D

All of this had me wondering if this might truly keep some others from bidding. That’s when I realized exactly where this quilt should go! It’s so obvious it made me laugh. Yet who would never be laughed at for having something like this in their living room? Who could point to this with pride and say, “Yes, he’s mine!” Could be a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, but we don’t know of any of those people, so how could this be sent to them? If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll be surprised. Yep, it’s Mum. This quilt is begging to be hung in Mrs. Armitage’s house, and my gut says she would really love it if she knew it was made for a charitable cause, and it seems to have the added perk of no pictures from ‘Between the Sheets.’ :D

Now I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do, but for some of you who want to support charity and have a husband like mine, you might want to think about getting the address of Margaret Armitage.

You may think this is snark, but I’m serious. If you feel funny about getting her address, send it to her in care of RA’s agent.

edit: the auction is over and the quilt sold for £650 or $1,031 USD.


  1. What a great idea! I hope the quilt fetches a hefty sum for the charity. Fingers crossed :)

  2. That’s a really cute idea!!

  3. What a great idea, Frenz!

    NOW, if I were in a position to bid for this quilt, I WOULD be able to hang it in my bedroom! I’m single and in absolutely no danger of becoming otherwise….as I’m so ancient!

    Actually, I’d have to hang it in my bedroom so visitors to my house would be spared the necessity of looking at it and commenting about my obsession with a much younger man!!!!!

  4. I hope it’s a good idea! But knowing how some people think, I’m sure there will be someone offended at the notion. LOL!

    Yep, you have that luxury, Kathryn. :D

  5. Perfect place for it. Thank you for sharing a truly lovely idea. If I won it, it would go in the trunk I have filled with remembrances of much younger days, right beside all of my autographed 8×10 photos of each member of the band, Journey! Steve Perry has since been replaced with Mr. Armitage!:)

  6. Wonderful idea! I love that idea, as I have a father, who hangs up and frames every picture or advertisement (!) of mine at home ;o) so I really can see, that his mother would love that.

  7. Yes, even my very understanding spouse would not be keen on cuddling beneath a quilt emblazoned with RA–or looking at him on the wall. ;) I think this is a great idea, Frenz and one that might very well encourage more people to participate.

    LOL over the lack of photos from Between the Sheets! ;)

    I suspect Richard would sport a very sweet smile over this suggestion.

  8. I think that’s a fine suggestion. Something else I’d suggest: since Project Linus seeks to help traumatized children, gift it to a traumatized *fan*. I know of at least four people right now who are really suffering, and an Armitage quilt might be a big hug that keeps on giving.

  9. As a quilter, I find the entire project fascinating. As I squint at my computer screen, I’m trying to figure out if the names of RA’s characters are quilted into the white squares between the black and white nine patches. I want a closer look at the stitching, etc.

    And no, I couldn’t hang it up in my house, either. :)

  10. It’s a great idea to auction it, but as is the case with most fan memorabilia, I wouldn’t know what to do with it, once I had it.

  11. I would, Kap! But it’s just gone above my price range — which is great news. I’m sure whoever wins it will use it worthily.

  12. I’m single so I could also hang it up in my bedroom (I could always hide it in the unlikely event another gentleman should be visiting), but alas way beyond my price range. That’s a good thing for the charity by the way.

    I think sending to his mother is a fun idea – plus look at all the work she must do as his personal fan mail assistant!

  13. I wonder if the quilter would also make a “Richard’s brother” quilt. If I were a parent of more than one child, I’d be hesitant to display something like that, probably because I know exactly how my brother would react if my mother were in any kind of comparable situation.

  14. I’m with the others here, it’s a lovely idea. I too thought of what I would do with it if I won it, snuggling up on the couch with RA watching RA certainly has its appeal! My husband has a wall of sports memorabilia in our house, so turnabout is fair play *grin* but somehow I think he would balk at such an over the top display of my affection for another man!

  15. Alas, the quilt is out of my price range as well. Too bad that a lot of us can’t kick in a small amount to win the auction and then as a group give the quilt to RA’s mom. We could all share the joy but not empty the bank.

  16. Cool quilt! :)

  17. It’s up to almost 500 GBP now! That’s a really cool gift to Project Linus.

  18. Cindy, I like that idea, but how could it practically be achieved? Thinking…..

  19. Darn it, Frenz, you had me at the Spike Lee title.

  20. Actually, inspired idea to have it somehow come back to Mr. Armitage’s mum eventually! Yes, servetus’ caution is also a point. There are two there.

  21. I have another concern, which I am sure you have thought of, which is how you would obtain the address to send the quilt to. It would seem to me like an invasion of privacy to ask for the address to give it to the charity. You’d have to have the quilt sent to United Agents, I suppose, or find another way to put a shield between you and that address.

  22. I would send it to his fan mail address, which if memory serves is c/o United Agents.

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