Richard Armitage “Paper” Dolls?

This one’s for you, Angie.

November Bride and I were talking about how much fun it was to play with paper dolls. My favorite was Betsy McCall, and not being satisfied with the monthly outfits, I made my own out of whatever fabric or paper or magazine photos I could find. Endless hours were spent doing this, and even though I’m a gadget freak, I’m hard pressed to think I had more fun with a set of Walkie Talkies as I had with those scraps of paper. There are still some creations in a keepsake box in the basement, but about a week ago, I had a little regression therapy on the ASOS Fashion Finder site.

These aren’t exactly paper dolls but so much fun!

Click on the image to see more:

I’ve been a fan of ASOS since Beth of Richard Armitage checked me out fame turned me onto it. Thank you, Beth! ASOS has some great looks and some great prices especially their sales, and they have free shipping. Yea! Just note that the Fashion Finder site is actually an off-shoot of ASOS and some items are not sold by them.

edit: If you click on the outfits at the Fashion Finder site, it will generate a list of the items and where they can be purchased.

Also, Beth no longer has her blog, but I’ve updated the linked post with a link to her picture. She’s a pretty woman, and I could see RA actually checking her out. :)


  1. LOL!! These are great. Thank you. You know, I think I had my happiest moments of playtime with the simplest things. Coupled with my imagination, oh, the adventures I had. My mother got the old pattern books from the fabric sections of the stores we frequented and I would also use those for paper dolls. The clothes didn’t fit quite right sometimes, but I still had fun. ;)

  2. They really did tap the imagination! I still like playing with paper and scissors and glue. But no glitter. I think few are able to like that stuff once they reach 30. :D

  3. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any RA/Thornton paperdolls, but this lady created a Margaret Hale paperdoll (among other):

  4. I love those! And I know Digne! But not as RAFrenzy. :D

  5. Thank you, Jane, for providing the links! Those are delightful and very much the sort of thing i had in mind for Mr. A.

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