You Are Missing Out

If you are not on Twitter, you are missing some fun and some friends. I swear it won’t make your IQ go down. Can I get a show of hands of those who agree?! And it’s a helpful tool for business as well as being a blast although I will admit I do not use my RAFrenzy id for business. Oh no.

I actually have four Twitter id’s. One as my real self, one for business, one I’ve reserved for possible use later, and of course the Frenz id. Although I’ve said this before, it merits a repeat. You would be amazed at the people I’ve conversed with as a result of Twitter. Got some work out of it too! :D

So all of you who follow my blog and aren’t on Twitter, I hope you will consider joining, and if you are unsure how to proceed, I will be happy to help you out. It can be a little intimidating when you first begin. But if you know just a few basics, that’s quickly dispelled. So will you think about it?

And if you do join, please follow the Fanstravaganza id. Maybe we’ll get something good:


  1. Twitter transformed my life so I agree…folks should go for it!

  2. Definitely a life changing experience. I love it! and not just for the RA stuff. I do not exaggerate about access to people. Amazing.

  3. God bless Twitter and Richard Armitage for bring me all of you! Oh Yeah! *giggles*

    Is everybody ready for the party? ;-)

  4. I remain ambivalent about it as it’s another time suck but (a) it has increased blog readership; (b) it’s definitely something that my students use, so interesting on that level and (c) I will agree that I have not lost any IQ points as a result of using it that weren’t already gone anyway :)

  5. I’m ready, Antonia! :D


    When I was stuck during one of the worst snow storms in NYC in probably 100 years, Twitter was the most reliable source of information about what was going on and where to go and how to go safely. I already liked it before that. After that, I’m pretty hardcore about it. The RA stuff is just icing! :D

  6. Do I need another post on how to navigate Twitter?

  7. I don’t have a smart phone, which lessens my capacity for searching for up to the minute information :) I stay in during snowstorms if I can, and would probably die accidentally otherwise. It’s okay. I don’t mind.

  8. But don’t you need “followers”? How does one get followers? And how do we know who to follow? Everyone I know is on facebook but not many are on twitter.

  9. Servetus, as you know, I don’t normally stay in during snow storms, but I would have during that one!! LOL! I had no choice.

    Gracie, There are probably more on Twitter than you realized, and you don’t need followers but it’s nice to have them. If for no other reason than your tweets show up in what’s called their home timeline without them seeking out your id. You can also send them private messages if they follow you; otherwise, no can do on that.

    I would start bringing up twitter clients for running twitter, but one thing at a time. LOL!

    Or maybe starting with a twitter client is more helpful? I don’t know since I’ve had one almost from the beginning. What say others on Twitter?

  10. Adding Fanstravaganza now!

  11. I can’t remember why I started, I think judiang talked me into it, and I did it for about five months without the twitter client, mostly to disseminate blog updates. I have to say I didn’t really “get” twitter, though, until I installed hootsuite, which was your recommendation. I also like that hootsuite works crossplatform to facebook so I only have to say it once. The biggest problem for me with unmediated twitter was that I would say I got maybe 20% of the tweets at me in my gmail. The rest simply never arrived. Hootsuite makes sure I see them all, and it also arranges them in conversations so they’re easier to understand. If you don’t do that you end up having to be on email or your phone all the time, which would be a downer for me.

    Something else that can’t be true, or at least I can’t see why it would be true — before hootsuite the twitter stream on my blog didn’t work correctly. It dropped a lot of my tweets. So who knows — maybe I thought I was tweeting but wasn’t doing so successfully?

  12. Yes I’ve grown to love Twitter. It’s hard to explain that to non-users though.

  13. Never thought I would enjoy it so much. Like others have said, I couldn’t quite “get it” before I started using Twitter. After all why would others be interested in what I had to say? But, after I registered and sought out other Richard Armitage fans to follow, a whole new world opened up to me, and not just RA related. I’ve never looked back. The RA fan community is fabulous. Like Mr Hale in North and South. I felt like I had come home.

  14. I found a lot of RA girls on Twitter thank goodness, which lead me to adding them on Facebook. It was a sad life when no one knew who he was, or didn’t fancy him (yet). At least now people know I’m not alone :D

  15. I love twitter, I’m so glad I discovered it and of course most of you !!

  16. @Gracie, mention you like RA or any of his characters, I assure you followers will find you. The fact I’ve enjoyed the most is being able to post on blogs like this one using my twitter id. FB is for family/games, twitter is strictly RA.

    I don’t know why people refer to your IQ going down. I think it’s the opposite. I’m a techie numpty so any new technology takes me straight away out of my comfort zone. Expressing thoughts concisely in 140 characters or less. Need to exercise the brain for that quite often. So consider my hand raised :)

  17. You have SO opened up a can of worms! Girls, we have a Twitter Teacher..a Twitter Tutor…yep, that’s the one I like…Frenz, our TwitterTutor. :D

  18. Even the Pope tweets now.

  19. Hi Frenz, when was this NYC snowstorm? I was just mentioning to Servetus my own lovely blizzard in NYC experience (though, they were incredibly fast clearing out Times Square – do you think they just shovel all the snow into the Hudson?)

    Yes, keep on us with the twitter literacy – I do want to move out of Luddite zone, but strangely I have 1) figure out editing software to produce RA fanvid above 2) figure out twitter! :)

  20. After a year on Twitter, I’m beginning to enjoy myself as I met so many RA fans/blogs … but I still feel a bit awkward as I don’t see any reason for people to follow me. Well, except for those trying to sell me things… LOL…

  21. I think the reason that people refer to your IQ going down is that for people who are doing tasks that require long stretches of uninterrupted concentration, twitter tends to have a worse effect on productivity than email does. It interrupts you with the same force that email does but with much less utility and kills your concentration. My very limited usage of twitter already indicates this would be the case. I can’t ignore my email because I’m required to answer it within certain periods of time, but the additional strain from twitter would be way too much if it got severe, and for me it’s never related to work, only to entertainment or politics. Hence, I limit twitter to times when I’m either relaxing or multitasking anyway. I suppose it would be different if I had a tech job, and I don’t know what I would do then.

  22. Well, if I could get my IQ UP to twitter level! (I don’t think my c-phone has the ability – don’t think it can tweet…) Twiitter clearly has a very clear role to play though, in communication. In some areas of communication.

  23. Hi Frenz,

    Can you teach an old lady how to “twitter”, please? I closed my old Facebook account but am thinking of using an alias to start a new one, so maybe I should consider Twitter, too?

    I think you have my email address if you feel you need to instruct me that way.

    Thank you, Kathryn

    BTW. am I using the correct avatar or whatever? To me, it looked a lot like Richard’s face but I could easily be wrong.

  24. Twitter, for me, is way more fun and informative than Facebook. I learn more, can read more, and find out more about each and everyone of you and RA on Twitter than on Facebook. I post stuff on Facebook I find interesting, but I read the messages on Twitter rather than post.

    I absolutely find Twitter more entertaining and certainly more satisfying. Twitter feeds my RA addiction much faster than Facebook. Btw, I’m MchLMills on FB, but on Twitter . . .


  25. Thanks, RRB! I’ve made my dislike of FB known for quite a while, but I do want to make it clear that I understand there is a significant RA community on FB whom I very much appreciate and know they want to use FB and will use it for Fanstravaganza, and I certainly respect it. Just want to make this clear so no one thinks I’m trying to steal thunder from FB. I’m just excited about Twitter and can’t help talking about it.

  26. Kathryn, certainly I will help you I’ll email you.

    Servetus, that is an excellent point, but really that could be made about any social media. I have segregated most of my notificaitons to certain email ids so that I do not have to worry about reacting; otherwise, it might drive me batty.

    Now someone reading this is going to wonder if you need another email address. No, you can customize your notifications or turn them off completely just like you can with FB. It’s under “settings” which is on the drop down menu in the top right corner. I just choose to segregate my communications among a series of email addresses. No, don’t ask how many I have. I would be embarrassed to tell. LOL!

  27. I feel another post coming on. :D

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  29. Hi RAFrenzy!
    I susect that one have to be fluent in English and must have divisible attention,right?

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  31. Joanna, Not at all. There are quite a few non-English or certainly not fluent English speakers on Twitter. As for divisible attention, there are ways to leverage that. :D

  32. BTW, Fanstravaganza is up by 19 followers since that posting two days ago. At that rate, there should be something sweet coming about Saturday. :D

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